It was a damp night, the rain not wanting to leave. I was OK, though. I had a brand-new roof to shelter under.   Now, when I say "brand-new. I don't mean newly built. The house I'd purchased was over 100 years old. But it was mine, not rented. That meant the crown moldings under the vaulted ceilings were mine, the rustic brick fireplace in the living room was mine, the drops of water falling onto the floor were mine.   Damn. I grabbed a bucket. The leak was steady but not too bad. "At least I don't have to rely on someone else to fix it. I said.   Independence was worth a leak or two. For the first time since my divorce, I was making progress in my life. I had managed to pick myself off the proverbial floor, broken heart and all. I still had a long way to go but getting a permanent place to live was a crucial first step.   I explored the house while the rain lashed the windows. Most of my stuff was still in boxes, although I did have the couch available for a bed. I lit a candle. I didn't have electricity yet. and opened the basement door. Cold air rushed over me. Inside it was very dark. I suddenly wasn't in the mood to explore anymore, but I needed to check for storm damage. I walked down a dusty staircase, wiping cobwebs out of my path. After a dozen creaky steps, I reached the ground.   There wasn't much down there, just an empty shelf and some old cans of house paint. I checked the pipes; they were good. No leaks anywhere. I looked around and thought about what I could do with the space: Pool table? Big screen TV? There were lots of possibilities. Thinking about the place as MINE made it less scary. Until I saw the hidden door.   A sloppy coat of paint covered it. I grabbed the knob with both hands and twisted it until a crease formed in the paint. With a loud creak, I pried the door open to reveal a small bathroom.   It certainly wasn't the vault of gold medallions I was hoping for. My guess was that the old owner sealed it off because he didn't want to deal with the plumbing. I squeezed inside. There was enough room to squat, stand up, and that was about it. At least there was a mirror for prettying up.   I wiped a layer of gunk off the glass and stared at it. There I was, a handsome, newly single man on his way to success. so what if there were a few new gray hairs. Divorce does that to you. But I'd fall in love again some day. I was reminded of the old "Bloody Mary" chant kids would do in the mirror to see who their future spouse would be. Hey, why not, I thought, and said "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary" to my reflection.   Something in the dark behind me rustled. Just a mouse, of course, but the timing was creepy. I forced a laugh. In the mirror, though, I was perfectly still. My face didn't move at all. Must be the lighting, I thought, but then my face began to change.   It looked like I was sinking into a pool of black water as a formless glob covered my face. It slid away to reveal a noseless old man with shrunken cheeks and black holes for eyes. He was shirtless, his collarbone sticking out like pipes, and nickel-sized sores covered his face and chest. I was too terrified to move.   "Are. are you OK. I finally managed to say. "I'm going to call 911.   "Wear the starry tie. he said in a raspy croak.   "The what. I said, but he said nothing else. Instead he faded away as quickly as he'd appeared. My reflection returned, showing an astonished face. There's no such thing as ghosts, I told myself. He was a trapped construction worker. a hallucination caused by a gas was part of a prank, and this whole thing was being filmed.   I ran upstairs and out of the house. I clutched myself in the rain, closing my eyes and thinking about what I'd seen. No wonder the place was so cheap. It was haunted.   Freezing, I went back inside, dried off, and moved a dozen boxes in front of the basement door. The exertion helped me calm down and put things in perspective. OK, so there was a ghost down there. At least he didn't say he was going to kill me. Far from it. In fact, he just had some fashion advice for me.   I slumped down onto the couch and closed my eyes. I didn't plan on sleeping yet but the next thing I knew my phone's alarm was ringing. Apparently it had been going off for some time; I jumped off the couch and rushed to get ready for work. I dug through the boxes for an outfit and found my star-covered tie. Why not, I thought as I bounded out the door, tightening the knot as I walked.   I arrived at my job and walked into a madhouse. People were running around, yelling at each other, tapping frantically on their laptops. I worked for a software company, and the sales team had a meeting scheduled for a big client. I realized I should have been busy, too. I was part of the sales team.   "Look who showed up. said Caleb, the senior salesperson. He was a tall guy with a surfer's good looks.   "Sorry, man. I said. "I just bought a house and things are crazy.   "Save the excuses. he said, and slapped a manila envelope on my chest. "That's a chart you're gonna hand me as I'm giving the demonstration. Again, I give the demo. You don't say a peep.   "That's one way to do it. But, um, I did a lot of research on this company, and I had something I wanted to say.   "You're peeping, dude! That was a peep! Now get ready, we leave in five. And who dressed you today? Stop shopping at Old Navy if you want to run with the big boys, dude.   We arrived at the prospective client's building a half hour later. In the conference room, Caleb took the lead, smiling and shaking hands. He introduced everyone, making sure to stress the "junior" part of my title, junior salesperson. Afterward we all stood there awkwardly. The CEO, a battleship of a woman in her 60's with short gray hair and a rigid face, finally nodded for us to sit down.   "Well. said Caleb, I'll not waste any of your time.   "Too late for that. said the woman, whose name was Diane Magus. "I'm still wondering how you talked my secretary into an in-person meeting instead of just a phone call. Or email. Or Snapchat.   "Haha. said Caleb, funny that you mentioned Snapchat. Because the, um, we at GloboTech believe that social media is just one part of a successful company's profile. He walked over to the white board and began his presentation. I made sure to hand him the graphic when he asked for it. My work completed, I relaxed.   "You. said Magus a few minutes later, interrupting Caleb's speech.   I seized up, terrified. "Me.   She nodded. The whole room was dead silent. Everyone stared right at me. "Where did you get that tie. she asked.   I looked down at the space-inspired piece of cloth hanging from my neck. "Um. the Space Town gift shop. In.   "Watsonville. she said. "I've been there several times. Are you a 'star nut' Amateur astronomy.   "Very much so. I said, smiling. "Been doing it since I was a kid. Every weekend.   "Did you see Jupiter the other night? It was magnificent.   "Jupiter? What about the Orion Nebula? I'd never seen it so clear.   We chatted across the conference table for almost five minutes, everyone else politely trying to follow what we were saying, until Magus said, Say, do you want to go get lunch? We're through here, right.   Caleb smiled but there was a vein popping out in his forehead and his jaw was clenched. "Of course. he said. "I'll just give you a call tomorrow.   "Call my secretary like everyone else. said Magus before turning to me. "So, did you hear about those solar flares? I'd love to get a filter to watch them.   We headed to lunch, leaving the rest of my team behind. At the end of the meal, almost as an afterthought, she agreed to sign a one-year contract to use GloboTech's services. Without mentioning our product at all, I'd managed to close the biggest deal in our company's history.   And our CEO knew it. He bear-hugged me when I returned to the office, even though I half-expected a scolding for being gone so long. Everyone clapped and cheered, even people who previously had never acknowledged me. Everyone except for Caleb.   I got home that night buzzing from all the excitement. It was raining again, and the roof was still leaking, but I didn't care. I'd have a hefty commission on my next paycheck to take care of it. I loosened my now-lucky tie and hung it on a chair.   I trotted down the basement steps, elated. I wasn't scared anymore. I was too eager for the next bit of advice from the ghost. I opened the bathroom door, stood in front of the mirror, and said, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.   Nothing happened. I stood there for a few minutes, squinting, trying to discern anything forming in the glass, but nobody appeared. I was perplexed. Maybe I really was hallucinating the whole thing? Mirror, mirror, on the wall.   The old man appeared in a flash. He looked mad. "Goddammit boy. he said. "Don't ever say that stupid fairy tale to me.   I laughed. "Sorry. I said. "I didn't know you got movies in there.   The old man grunted. His neck was thicker now and he looked stronger. I noticed something else, too, in his black pit of a mouth. Teeth? No, they weren't teeth. They were fangs. "We get everything in here, boy. Anywhere there's a mirror, we can see. It just takes a special one to see us back.   "Thanks for telling me about the tie. I said. "How did you know.   "Knowing, seeing. So what. They're useless when you're stuck in here. Listen, boy, I've something else to tell you: Order a horsefeather.   "A what? You mean order it online.   The old man grinned, showing off his new row of shiny white fangs, then faded away into nothingness. In his place was my reflection again. Horsefeather? What the hell did he mean by that? As I stared into the glass, I saw a crack in the bathroom wall. Great. Looks like I had another repair to make. I hoped "horsefeather. whatever it meant, would lead to another sale.   The next day was Friday, and after work everyone gathered at a local bar for a celebration. Unlike most post-work parties, I actually received an invitation for this one. I'm glad I went. At the beginning of the night, the CEO called for everyone's attention and presented me with the "Warrior of the Quarter" prize. It meant a framed picture in the office hallway and a 2, 000 prepaid debit card.   I was beaming. During the toast, I thanked the whole team for their effort. As I lifted my glass of champagne, I shot a glance at Caleb. Surprisingly, he smiled at me. After the bubbly, a waitress asked us each what we wanted to drink.   "Horsefeather. I said when she got to me. Perplexed, but perhaps not wanting to question the guest of honor, she wrote the order down and disappeared to the drink station.   As people chatted and milled about, Caleb walked up to me and slapped me on the back. "Good job, dude. We make quite a team, don't we.   "Uh. sure. I said. "Thank you for letting me hand you the chart.   "No probs, dude. Hey. come have a smoke with me.   I didn't smoke, and it was raining on the back patio, but I went with him anyway. Caleb was a jerk, but he was still part of the team, and if I were ever going to be a leader, I'd have to show some magnanimity every now and then.   We walked out the back door and huddled under an awning. The rain was chilly and we were the only people out there. Caleb smiled at me, pulled out his lighter, and just as I was about to say something, he punched me in the stomach.   "Oof. I said and crumpled to the ground.   "That's for showing me up in the meeting. What are you, king cockblock? That sale was mine.   "I. I didn't. I backed up into the rain, wary of another punch. "I didn't know she'd like the tie.   Caleb pulled me back under the awning. "C'mon, dude. Shake it off. You don't wanna bring the rest of the team down when we go back in there, do you? We just had a little business to take care of. Now, one more thing. Give me the debit card.   "The what. Buying a house put a huge dent in my wallet. I needed that 2, 000 prize if I was going to eat more than just mac and cheese until payday came around. "I, um, need "   He grabbed a fold of skin near my ribcage and squeezed. It was surprisingly excruciating. "You're lucky I'm not making you gimme the commission. he said. "You know how much I had to bribe that secretary just to get a meeting? Now hand it over.   Defeated, I reached into my pocket and gave him the debit card. Just as I did that, the door opened and our waitress appeared. "There you are. she said. "Um. is everything OK.   "Everything's awesome, babe. said Caleb. He winked at me. "See you soon. He walked inside, ogling the waitress as he did so.   "The bartender wanted me to ask you what sort of whiskey you wanted. she asked me. I steadied myself and answered her. As I stood there catching my breath, I saw a key on the ground. I knew whose it was.   "Very observant little boy you are. said the old man. It was 2am and I'd just come home from the bar. The key was on the sink in front of the mirror.   "Yeah, well. I said. "I wish you'd warned me to defend myself.   "But then the key wouldn't have flown out of his pocket, now would it. There's always a plan, little boy.   "So I have his key. Big deal. I mean, I guess I get some satisfaction knowing he's probably locked out of his house right now but.   The old man guffawed. He was restless. He paced around his version of the bathroom. I noticed the crack on the wall had gotten longer. "It's not for his house. It's for his office. Look in the medicine cabinet.   I did so, swinging the old man's face briefly by mine as I opened the door. Inside was a thumb drive for a laptop. "You want me to. what, put a virus on his computer? Sneak in his office.   "Not a virus. he said. "His leads. All the names, numbers, email addresses. Time for some payback, right? Grow some balls, little boy. Get your money back with interest.   I shook my head. "You want me to steal? That's your big plan for revenge? Hack his computer and steal his leads? What a joke.   The old man glowered at me. Faint red light glowed deep within his eye sockets. "Do you really think he's going to let a punch in the gut be the end of it. he said. "Caleb has more in store for you, little boy. With that, he disappeared into nothingness.   I put the key and thumb drive into my pocket. I wanted to sleep on it but I knew what I was going to do. The old man was right. Caleb would want more vengeance, whether it was owed to him or not. I had to be proactive.   That Monday, after everyone else had gone to lunch, I doubled back and snuck into Caleb's office. I found his laptop and pushed in the thumb drive, hoping that I wouldn't need a password. I didn't. Within seconds, several giant folders downloaded onto the drive. I took it out, stuck it in my pocket, turned around.   And came face to face with Caleb and the CEO. "Well what do we have here. said Caleb.   "Did you lose something in here. said the CEO.   "Nah, he didn't lose anything. Look at my computer. He was trying to break in it.   Trying to? I looked at the screen. A "Wrong Password, One Attempt Left" message flashed on the screen instead of the "Downloaded Completed" window that I'd last seen on it.   "Can I have my key back. said Caleb as he stuck his palm out. "I watched you open my door with it.   And yet you let me come in here and hang myself anyway, I thought. I looked at the CEO. "I'm really sorry. I said.   He nodded. The rest happened quickly and quietly. The CEO accepted my resignation and Caleb agreed not to press charges. They both claimed they'd tell everyone I had a family emergency but I knew the real story would become juicy gossip in no time. Me, the supposed Wonder Kid, the Warrior of the Quarter, was just a common thief.   And what did I have to show for it? A thumb drive full of now-useless leads. Once I got home, I held it up for the old man to see. "I gotta admit. I said, you're a pretty good hacker. But a shit planner. And now I'm unemployed.   The old man laughed. "My plan worked wonderfully. Who do you think planted the idea to follow you into Caleb's stupid head? He has a mirror at home, too, you know. I didn't show myself to him but some souls are more open to subconscious persuasion than others.   "So. you WANTED me to get fired.   "I knew if you weren't angry at that shit company for abusing you for so long you wouldn't be able to take advantage of what you hold in your little hand. Go get your laptop.   Confused, I jogged upstairs to retrieve the computer. I plugged in the thumb drive and the old man chuckled as a series of diagrams and technical specifications flashed on the screen. "What is this. I said. "These aren't leads.   "This is GloboTech, little boy. Their trade secrets. The entire backbone to your company's software is here. To you, it's probably worthless. But you know who would pay big, big money for it? GloboTech's biggest rival.   I looked at the lines of code. None of it made sense to me, but I did know that the engineering team at work had some of the strictest security in the city. Their work was indeed the backbone of our company. "You want me to sell this.   There was no answer. The old man had left again. I peered into the mirror and once again the crack in the wall caught my eye. I looked closer. the crack wasn't in the wall.   It was in the mirror itself. It was bigger now, too, like a growing spiderweb. If I sold the thumb drive, what would happen? Was it really just a crack in the mirror?   I went upstairs to lay down. I had a lot of thinking to do. on the wall.

Love is thicker than water bee gees. Good things come to those who wait, anal sex is no exception. In our fast paced, instant gratification culture, we are used to getting what we want when we want it. We order a pizza, it comes in twenty minutes, we want to watch a movie, we stream it, we want a date, we Swipe Right. One of the few things we can't instantly stream or download are our bodies abilities. We can't lose weight in a day and we can't become a yoga master in a week. Likewise, we can't rush teaching our bodies how to have happy healthy anal sex. Today, the most common way for people to get information about anal sex is porn. While porn can be entertaining, it's media designed for entertainment. It doesn't give an accurate representation of what's really entailed in having healthy anal sex. Think of porn like any other movie you would watch. Be aware that it's edited for your enjoyment. You wouldn't go to see a movie like Mission Impossible and leave the theater thinking you could do all the same stunts. Why then do people watch adult movies and assume the action on the screen translates into real life? Just like mainstream movies, the prep work has been edited out. You don't see an adult film actress sitting with a toy in her bottom for 20 minutes to relax her muscles while she puts on her make up. Usually, films start after the actress is prepped and ready. Don't assume you can comfortably do what's on the screen without proper prep work. The ubiquitous misinformation, antiquated taboos, and myths about anal sex, have combine with the abysmal state of sex education in or society. This has helped perpetuate the assumption that anal sex is painful. While this myth has persisted on and off in different cultures for centuries, anal sex also has a tried-and-true history of delivering fabulous fun filled sex to millions. Let me also say here, everyone is different. Each person has his or her own unique emotional and physical capabilities and comfort zones. You know your body best. Respect what your body tells you. Anal sex should not hurt! The Lay of the Land Most people have a challenge with comfortable anal sex simply because they don't understand how that part of the body works. Fortunately, it's just basic anatomy. The rectum is made up of muscle bands. The outer muscle band is voluntary. This is the one you can clench when you think about it. The inner band, and the one which can be harder to relax, is the involuntary one. This muscle is linked to your autonomic nervous system. Just like your heart beat, breathing, and swallowing, this muscle is working all the time without your conscious effort. This muscle also responds to your stress levels. Meaning, when you're nervous, or when someone is impatiently saying, Just relax. it can have the exact opposite effect. The rectum has one of the largest grouping of nerve ending in the body which makes it extremely sensitive. For many people, that's a win! For other people, that's just too much stimulation. Not to be too technical, but please do refer to the graphics below. Note the angle of the rectum. Many people assume the entry angle to the bottom is the same as the vagina. IT'S NOT! The angle is tilted forward somewhat to the front of the body. When something enters the body at the wrong angle, it can be very painful. Anal Sex is Like Yoga for Your Bum I like to equate anal sex to yoga. Which, if you think about it, is quite reasonable. Very simply, the rectum is just muscles. Let's imagine you've never done yoga before. You have never stretched, or worked out. One day, you decide to get off the couch and go to yoga. Instead of taking the beginners class, you jump right into the advanced yoga class. You try to do everything the teacher does. Surprise! You pulled a muscle in your leg. It hurts. Now imagine, that muscle has many times more nerves than your leg. The rectum is exceedingly more sensitive than your leg. That's why it hurts so much when you pull those muscles. How to Get Comfortable Anal sex shouldn't hurt! Just like any other part of the body, patience is required to get your body used to stretching in the way you want it to. This process can take longer for some than others, each body is different. For many beginners, using a toy specifically designed for the bottom is a great way to start stretching those muscles. Find a small, beginner's friendly toy and work up from there. If it hurts, stop, come back to in a while. If you are finding this whole process is taking longer than you would like, or you're nervous about trying anal sex, practice with a toy at home alone can be helpful. Have you ever done yoga at home just so you could keep up with the class the next day? It's the same thing. When you do your home work, class is so much easier. Feeling confident about your bodies capabilities will also help you relax when it comes time to be with a partner. Position can make a significant difference. It's hard to relax one specified muscle when you're tensing many others in the same area. Therefore, positions like Doggy Style, or any other position where you have to tense your muscles may not be the way to go. Cowgirl, AKA Woman on Top, and Spooning can be an easier way to start. In these positions the receiving party has a bit more control over the angle of entry. If there needs to be course corrections, the receiver will be able to move and adjust freely. The giver cannot feel what the receiver is feeling so communication is key. Touching base with someone about what they're into before hand can be tricky. You may not want to lean over the dinner table and ask, How do you feel about booty love. Or, maybe you do. In any event, knowing what's on and off your partners menu is pretty key in avoiding any awkward moments. Chat about it, it could bring you closer. Use lube, it's good sex etiquette. Unlike the vagina, the rectum does not make it's own lubricant. Even if you don't regularly use lube, now's the time to start. The vagina is designed to stretch. The delicate tissues of the rectum and colon, not so much. Which is why I recommend generous amounts of lubricant. When you think you have enough lube, perhaps, just a bit more. Do NOT source your lube from around the house. Most things around your house which are slippery are entirely unsuitable for use inside your body. This is the time to splurge and buy yourself a bottle of sex lubricant. The thicker the better. Thicker lubricant stays in place better and gives more cushioning than thinner lubricants. Which is just what we want for happy anal sex. There are thousands of lubricants on the market today. When in doubt, a thick water based lubricant should do the trick. Avoid lubricants with Sorbitol. Sorbitol is a food additive which can also be found in many flavored lubricants. It may make your lube taste great, but it is also linked to bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. Introducing Sorbitol directly into the rectum or colon could cut your evening short. Health & Hygiene. Here's the question everyone wants answered, but nobody wants to ask in front of their friends. "Is it messy. No. And, maybe yes. For the most part, we don't store poop in the rectum. We keep it higher up, in the colon. When our bodies move the waste down into the rectum, we then get the sensation of having to use the restroom. Unless you actively have to go to the bathroom, there isn't a lot being stored in the rectum. Yes, there can be some vestigial fecal fragments hiding out. As unappealing as that may sound, it's usually unnoticed, and if it is, a quick shower and condoms make for easy freshening up. For most people this isn't a big deal. If the Ick Factor is completely turning you off, you can always use an anal douche. You don't need any floral scented washes, just clean warm water will suffice. After douching, give your body about 20 minutes to rebuild it's natural mucus lining before commencing play time. The rectum is the last place in the body which absorbs water. Which means, anything we introduce here gets quickly absorbed. This is why sexually transmitted infections can be easily shared, and why unprotected anal sex is considered high risk behavior. Using a condom during anal sex can not only protect you and your partner, it can reduce the Ick Factor, and make for quicker, easier clean up. Sometimes, we get so focused on the goal we forget to enjoy the whole process should be fun, feel good, and hopefully bring you closer together.


YouTube. Love is thicker than water wiki. Como essr homem era lindo e que. Voz. He was so young. Devastating for his family and daughter. The Gibb's were so talented and gave us the most memorable music. Love is thicker than water trailer. ( 5) 5. 6 1h 45min 2018 Arthur is a Welsh working class bike courier, Vida is an affluent cellist. Together, theyre an inseparable pair of lovers. Yet when the fates of their two families converge, their cultural and class differences push the relationship past its breaking point. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon Digital UK Limited., 5 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. 10 March 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I came across Johnny Flynn via his song 'Detectorists. so am more a fan of his music than of his acting. having said that, this is a sweet, rather likeable film, though not entirely original. The quest for true love across the social divide has been investigated a hundred times before and no doubt will be questioned a hundred times again, and this is a typical British story that most people will recognise. The acting is natural and easy, and I suspect not too much of a stretch for its leads, but I was particularly impressed by Henry Goodman and Sharon Morgan as parents trying to come to terms with the events that ruled their lives, prior to this mismatched couples love affair. I hovered between a 3 and 4 star review, but the honest and optimistic ending - and the quirky and wonderful sound track. cemented the 4 star review. I rented this film, and may not bother buying it - but if the soundtrack had been available, than I would have been sorely tempted. 13 April 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Quite liked this film - I was keen to see how Johnny Flynn acted as I am very impressed by his music (theme tune to The Detectorists) and I found him engaging in this part, though I wanted to murder the girlfriend! Classic tale of working class lad and posh London princess type - but the families of the lovers and how they interacted with each other across the class divide, made for a nice tale. 6 April 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Deeply charming, heart warming, funny and full of pathos simultaneously. I would recommend this film. 24 July 2018 Format: Prime Video Beautiful, very sensitively produced movie depicting romance in a deliciously honest and frank way, with an entirely believable story. 2 March 2018 Format: DVD This is a fake dvd how I now because I ordered it and my account got locked so your risk if ordering it Would you like to see more reviews about this item.

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Love is thicker than water andy gibb

Oh, I, baby what a fool I am First a boy and then a man, am I And you, you're the heart of it all You're the things I say and do Am I wasting my time, hangin' around You would be gone But I can't help it Ev'ry moment that I think about you Ev'ry day and ev'ry night without you I can't survive Love, take away the lonely days gone by Make it ev'ry day for you and I Givin' me the chance to go on believin' Girl, you gotta go on believin' Boy) you gotta go on believin' You, baby you're the breath I take Coming for a heart in love, am I And you, you're the heart of it all You're the things I say and do Am I wasting my time, hangin' around You would be gone But I can't help it Ev'ry moment that I think about you Ev'ry day and ev'ry night without you I can't survive Love, take away the lonely days gone by Make it ev'ry day for you and I Givin' me the chance to go on believin' Girl, you gotta go on believin' Boy) you gotta go on believin' break) la. I can't help it Ev'ry moment that I think about you Ev'ry day and ev'ry night, I can't survive Love, take away the lonely days gone by Make it ev'ry day for you and I Giving me a chance to, help it, help it Ev'ry moment that I think about you Ev'ry day and night I can't survive Love, take away the lonely days gone by.

Sorry these are coming so much more frequently now: 4283. (Can't think of a title. )Do you remember children who drink soda having a greater risk of becoming obese? 4284. )Do you remember cracking your knuckles giving you arthritis? 4285. )Do you remember it being good for you to starve yourself when you have a fever, but feed yourself when you have a cold? 4286. )Do you remember green snot meaning a bacterial infection and yellow snot meaning a viral one instead of the color not mattering? 4287. )Do you remember a juice cleanse being able to detoxify you after an eating binge? 4288. )Do you remember people with Tourette's syndrome being known to yell swear words? Do the letters in the article look off. 4289. )Do you remember being cold or having wet hair being able to give you a cold? 4290. )Do you remember being able to raise your blood pressure from having too much stress? 4291. )Do you remember being able to eat food off the ground after 5 or 10 seconds? 4292. )Do you remember Starbucks strawberry drinks still being made with cochineal bugs? 4293. )Do you remember Twinkies and McDonald's hamburgers being able to last for a really long time? 4294. (Company Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Don Pancho not being connected? Do any of the letters look off. Do the letters in the subtexts look off. 4295. )Do you remember the letters in Dynasty not being connected? Do any of the letters in the subtext look off. 4296. )Do you remember the R in Herdez having a closed line? 4297. )Do you remember the dot in the I in Homekist being normal? Do any of the other letters look off. Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Wite-Out not being connected? Do any of the letters look off. Add-On: Do you remember the letters in Skechers not being connected? Do any of the letters look off. 4298. )Do you remember It from 1990 only having red balloons instead of other colors as well? 4299. (Anatomy change. )Do you remember the heart giving blood to the body differently than it does now? Does the heart look off in any way. 4300. (Phantom quote. )Do you remember Jesse Pinkman saying "Yeah, science bitch. in Breaking Bad? 4301. (Product Logo change. )Do you remember the E and P in Fresh Cup having closed lines? 4302. )Do you remember the V in Vigoro being normal? Do any of the letters in the subtexts look off. Anything else off. 4303. (Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in Rotten Tomatoes being normal? Were they more aligned properly. Anything else off. 4304. (Celebrity cause of death change. )Do you remember Brittany Murphy dying from a drug overdose instead of pneumonia? 4305. )Do you remember one gene in your body equaling one protein? 4306. )Do you remember it being said that it was popular belief in the Middle Ages that the Earth was flat instead of round? Was it not more popular in the 1940s. 4307. )Do you remember the origin of AIDS being that a guy had sex with a monkey? 4308. (T. V. Channel Logo change. )Do you remember the letters in JTV not being connected? Does the dot in the J look off. Add-On: Do you remember there not being a hole near where the Twin Towers fell during 9/11? 4309. (Music Lyrics change. It's time to light the lights. It's time to light the light. Does the logo look off. 4310. )Do you remember there being certain police cars used in the UK in the 60s, 70s and 80s? Do they look off now. Are they different makes and models now. Anything else off. 4311. )Do you remember the letters in Timberland not touching? Do any of the letters look off. 4312. )Do you remember the pupils of a cat being less rounded than they are now? Were there not cats that had rounded pupils and cats that had pupils with a slit. 4313. (Pronunciation change. )Do you remember "ye olde" being pronounced differently? 4314. (Website Logo change. )Do you remember the curve on the Y in Zulily not being cut? Do any of the other letters look off. 4315. )Do you remember the & in H&R Block being normal? 4316. (Insurance Company Logo change. )Do you remember the As in the American Automobile Association logo not being connected? Were the As not connected to the circle. 4317. (Mattress Company Logo change. )Do you remember the U and L in Purple not being cut off? Do any of the other letters look off. 4318. )Do you remember Mike Tyson biting a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear off instead of just biting his ear? 4319. (Movie Scene change. )Do you remember the biker scene in Pee-wee's Big Adventure being different? 4320. )Do you remember the graveyard scene in Beetlejuice being different? 4321. )Do you remember Mike Tyson doing an uppercut on Peter McNeeley that made him come off the ground? 4322. )Do you remember walking starfish not being a thing? 4323. (App Logo change. )Do you remember the E in StoryFire not being slanted? Do any of the other letters look off. 4324. If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know. If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar tell me so. If you really need me just reach out and touch me come on honey let me know. If you really need me just reach out and touch me come on honey tell me so. Do you remember the name of the song being spelled differently. Was it Rod Steward. 4325. (Movie name change. )Through A Scanner Darkly/A Scanner Darkly (film) 4326. (Movie Quote change. Put the lotion in the fucking basket. Put the fucking lotion in the basket. 4327. (Celebrity death that didn't happen. )Do you remember Bob Barker dying this year? Another year. Was he older than 93 years old. 4328. Like tears in the rain. Like tears in rain. Do any of the logos look off. 4329. )Do you remember the T in "To" in Tide To Go not having the left side cut off? Do any of the other letters look off. 4330. )Do you remember the A and N in Kikkoman not being connected? Do any of the letters look off. Anything else off. Any of their products look off. 4331. )Do you remember the letters in Wacoal being normal? 4332. )Do you remember the letters in Kagome being normal? 4333. (Video Game Logo change. )Do you remember the A in Soul Calibur ll being normal? Do any of the other letters look off. Any of the other logos look off. 4334. )Do you remember the letters in Chaps not being connected? Anything else off. Any of the other logos look off. 4335. )Do you remember the A in Ladders being normal? 4336. )Do you remember the letters being normal in the NBC logos? Anything else off. 4337. (Chocolate Company Logo change. )Do you remember the W in Whitman's not having a loop? Any of the other letters look off. Anything else off. 4338. )Do you remember the letters in Quaker Popped not being connected? Were the letters more aligned. Were the letters normal. 4339. (Plant name change. )Corriander/Coriander 4340. (Painting change. )Do you remember the Whistler's Mother being different? 4341. (Song Title change. )Who could it be now? Who can it be now? 4342. It's been a ruin. It's been the ruin. 4343. (Company name change. )Krupps/Krups 4344. (Video Game Quote change. Someone set us up the bomb. Someone set up us the bomb. 4345. Of all my fruitless searches. Of all the fruitless searches. 4346. (Famous Martial Artist name change. )Billy Banks/Billy Blanks 4347. You know he ain't gonna die. You know we ain't gonna die. Were they both used. 4348. Hell of a night. Heavenly night. He ought to feel right at home. He ought to be right at home. 4349. Pick up the receiver. Picked up the receiver. 4350. Hold on tight to your dreams. Hold on tight to your dream. 4351. When you try. When you've tried. 4352. Take a look to the sky just before you die it's the last time you will. Take a look to the sky just before you die it's the last time he will. 4353. Take a walk on the wild side. Take a ride on the wild side. 4354. Don't go out tonight. Don't go 'round tonight. 4355. Cause she walks around town with a suitcase in her hand. Cause she walks downtown with a suitcase in her hand. 4356. And this bird you cannot change. And a bird you cannot change. And this bird you cannot chain. And a bird you cannot chain. 4357. In the desert you can't remember your name. In the desert you can remember your name. Cause there ain't no one for to give you blame. Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain. 4358. I was born and raised a coal miner's daughter. I was born a coal miner's daughter. I was born'd and raised a coal miner's daughter. I was born'd a coal miner's daughter. 4359. Everything I can remember. Everything I can't remember. 4360. Wasting away again in Margaritaville. Wastin' away again in Margaritaville. Wasted away again in Margaritaville. 4361. A white sports coat. A white sport coat. 4362. Maybe I didn't hold you all those lonely lonely nights. Maybe I didn't hold you all those lonely lonely times. 4363. Ain't that a kick in the head. Ain't love a kick in the head. 4364. )Big, Bad Leroy Brown/Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 4365. I need you baby to warm the lonely nights. I need you baby to warm a lonely night. I need you baby to warm the lonely night. Was the song title "Too Good To Be True" instead of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You. 4366. )Do you remember Drawing Hands being different? 4367. When you don't believe a word I'm saying. When you don't believe a word I say. Anything else off. 4368. I think I've had enough. I think I'm cracking up. 4369. When masturbation's lost its fun, you're fucking lazy. When masturbation's lost its fun, you're fucking lonely. 4370. Summer has come and passed, the innocence can never last. Summer has come and passed, the innocent can ever last. 4371. (Fictional Character name change. )Spaghett/Spagett 4372. When I shake hands with you. When I shakes hands with you. 4373. Throw that stone away. Roll that stone away. 4374. (Famous Singer name change. )Allison Krauss/Alison Krauss( Down to the river. Down in the river. 4375. I thought I saw you cry. I thought I saw you try. Try, cry, why. Fly, try. Anything else off. 4376. It's the cream of the fight. It's the thrill of the fight. Risin' up to our challenge of our rivals. Risin' up to our challenge of our rival. And he's watching us all in the eye. And he's watching us all with the eye. 4377. Kitty on my foot. Kitty at my foot. 4378. You make a, you make a believer. You made a, you made a believer. 4379. )Do you remember quantum teleportation still not being achieved yet instead of being achieved in 2014? 4380. )Do you remember water not existing along the equator of Mars? 4381. She has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin. She has the blood of reptile just underneath the skin. Other lyrics. Anything else off. 4382. Here's what Captain Planet has to say. Here what Captain Planet has to say. 4383. )Do you remember bananas growing on trees instead of being herbs? 4384. )Do you remember urine helping a jellyfish sting? 4385. )Do you remember bulls getting angry at the color red instead of being colorblind? 4386. )Do you remember dogs having cleaner mouths than humans? 4387. )Do you remember black holes sucking up everything in their path? 4388. )Do you remember humans being able to swallow spiders in their sleep? 4389. )Do you remember Napoleon being short instead of tall? 4390. )Do you remember Danish pastries being from Denmark instead of Austria? 4391. )Do you remember meteorites being hot when they hit Earth? 4392. )Do you remember toilet water spinning in different directions depending on which side of the hemisphere it's on? Bathtubs. 4393. )Do you remember duck quacks not being able to echo? 4394. )Do you remember Hitler being an atheist? 4395. (Phrase change. Just desserts. Just deserts. 4396. )Do you remember George Washington having wooden teeth? 4397. )Do you remember Benito Mussolini getting trains to run on time in Britain? 4398. )Do you remember Albert Einstein failing math? Does the website and newspaper logo look off. Did Albert Einstein actually say these quotes or any other ones. Link below. 4399. )Do you remember 420 being the LA penal code for marijuana use instead of the time people met to smoke? 4400. )Do you remember the genetic code for people with red hair going extinct or becoming less common? 4401. )Do you remember it actually being true that men think about sex every 7-10 seconds? Does the website logo look off. 4402. )Do you remember being able to drink more beer to cure a hangover? 4403. )Do you remember the Y and T in Raytheon not being connected? Add-On: Do you remember the J in T. J. Maxx not dipping below the other letters? Was the M capital. Were the A and first X not connected. Does the K look off in their other name. 4404. )Do you remember the H in Hendrick? Does the E look off. Does the N look off. Does the D look off. Does the R look off. Anything else off. 4405. (New species. )Have you heard of the Tribolonotus Gracilis? 4406. (Movie Logo change. )Do you remember the last two Os not being connected in Cocoon? 4407. (Famous Actor name change. )Arnold Schwartzenegger/Arnold Schwarzenegger(Other spellings. 4408. )Do you remember the letters in Education Connection not being connected? Do any of the logos from the other companies look off. 4409. )Do you remember the F in Lifehacker not having the left side cut off? 4410. )Do you remember there not being new Northern Lights discovered near the old ones known as "Steve" 4411. )Genuwine/Ginuwine 4412. (Famous Guitarist name change. )Ritchie Sambora/Richie Sambora 4413. )David Duchovney/David Duchovny(Other spellings. 4414. )Edward Scissorshands/Edward Scissorhands(Any of the logos look off. 4415. (Geography change. )Do you remember Norway not bordering Russia? 4416. )Do you remember a cop having to tell you he's a cop if you ask? Does the website logo look off. 4417. )Do you remember the Immaculate Conception being about Jesus' birth instead of Mary's? Was it about virgin birth instead of original sin. 4418. )Do you remember the black belt being the highest ranking belt in martial arts? martial_arts) 4419. )Do you remember Xmas being a disrespectful and modern term instead of coming from Greek origin? 4420. )Do you remember Roman Vomitoriums being special rooms for Romans to vomit in instead of being entrances and exits in stadiums and theaters? 4421. )Do you remember glass windows and other things being thinner at the top than at the bottom because of glass being able to flow? Does the website logo look off. 4422. )Do you remember moisture being retained in meat by searing it instead of losing moisture? Was it Thekitchen instead of Thekitchn. 4423. )Do you remember a standard cup of coffee not having more caffeine in it than a shot of espresso? 4424. )Do you remember metal being placed in a microwave damaging its electronics? 4425. )Do you remember the functional principle of a microwave being resonance frequencies of water instead of dielectric heating? Did it not operate at multiple frequencies. 4426. )Do you remember a person actually claiming that Twinkies made them commit a crime? 4427. )Do you remember Edelweiss being the Austrian national anthem instead of Land Der Berge, Land Am Strome? song) 4428. )Do you remember Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart writing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star when he was 5 years old? 4429. )Do you remember Dr. Evil placing his finger to the corner of his mouth when he says "1 million dollars" instead of to the middle of his mouth? Did he use his other hand. 4430. )Do you remember the letters in Taxi Driver not being connected? Anything else off. 4431. Show Logo change. )Do you remember the A in Taxi being normal? 4432. )Do you remember the letters in Taxi not being connected? 4433. )Do you remember the letters in Zoolander not being connected? 4434. )Do you remember any of these misconceptions being true instead of false or only partly true? Historically, Buddha not being fat, Buddha not being a god, forbidden fruit isn't an apple, Jesus wasn't born on December 25, three magi didn't come to visit Jesus, They weren't kings, didn't ride on camels, and their names weren't Casper, Melchior, and Balthazar. )Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute, Paul the Apostle's name wasn't changed from Saul, Roman Catholic dogma doesn't really say the Pope is sinless or always infallible, Mormons no longer practice polygamy, fatwā doesn't mean death sentence, jihad doesn't mean holy war, the Quran doesn't promise martyrs 72 virgins in Heaven, Abner Doubleday didn't invent baseball, Non-standard, slang or colloquial terms can actually become real words if used for long enough, Irregardless, conversate, funnest, mentee, impactful, thusly. )fuck didn't originate from being an acronym for "Fornication Under Consent of King" or "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" or a corruption of "pluck yew" fornication and consent didn't exist words until the late 12th century, crap did not originate as a back-formation of British plumber Thomas Crapper, rule of thumb" did not come from a law allowing a man to beat his wife with a sticker no thicker than his thumb, Golf didn't originally come from an acronym of "Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden" gringo didn't originate as a word during the Mexican–American War, the Venezuelan War Of Independence, the Mexican Revolution, the American Old West or as a corruption of "Green go home. the pronunciation of coronal fricatives in Spanish did not come from an imitation of a lisping king, the Chevrolet Nova didn't have to be renamed in Latin American markets for it translating to "Doesn't go" sign language isn't the same worldwide, the Library Of Alexandria was not destroyed by the Muslim Army during the capture of the city in 641, people in the Middle Ages didn't only live up until the age of 30, They could live up to their 60s. )vikings didn't drink out of the skulls of vanquished enemies, king Canute didn't command the tide to reverse in a fit of delusional arrogance, iron maidens weren't invented in the Middle Ages or used for torture at the time, the plate armor of European soldiers didn't immobilize them or require a crane to get them on a saddle, chastity belts being invented in medieval times is disputed, Christopher Columbus did not fear he would fall off the edge of the world and he never reached any land that now forms part of the mainland United States Of America, Marco Polo didn't import pasta from China, early settlers of Plymouth County did not wear all black, the Declaration Of Independence wasn't signed July 4, 1776, Benjamin Franklin never proposed the wild turkey to be the symbol of the United States instead of the bald eagle, there wasn't a bill to make German the official language of the United States that was shot down by one vote in the House Of Representatives, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day, cowboy hats were not popular in the Western American Frontier, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was not caused by Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicking over a lantern, Frederic Remington never telegraphed William Randolph Hearst saying "There will be no war. I wish to return. and Hearst responded with "Please remain. You furnish the pictures, and I'll furnish the war. Immigrants' last names were not made American, the image of Santa Claus as jolly fat man in a red suit wasn't made by The Coca-Cola Company, There was never a widespread panic in response to Orson Welles' 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, the Polish Calvary mounting a brave but futile charge against German tanks using lances and sabres didn't happen, king Christian X of Denmark never wore a yellow star to trick Nazis into thinking he was a Jew, Ronald Reagan was never considered for the role as Rick Blaine in Casablanca, George Smathers never called Claude Pepper an "extrovert. who sister was a "thespian. John F. Kennedy's last words "Ich bin ein Berliner. means "I am a Berliner. not "I am a jelly donut. W. E. B. Du Bois didn't renounce his citizenship in the U. S. shortly before he died, Kitty Genovese didn't get murdered as 37 people stood by and watched, the Rolling Stones did not perform Sympathy For The Devil after Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by a Hells Angels member, They were performing Under My Thumb. )the Pruitt–Igoe housing project never won any awards, the Moscow-Washington hotline was never a telephone line, meteors and spacecrafts don't heat up when entering the atmosphere because of friction, elephants that are near death don't wander into "elephant graveyards" dogs don't sweat by salivating, frogs die immediately when cast into boiling water, They don't leap out. )sharks do not mistake humans for pinnipeds, there is no "alpha" in a wolf pack, only certain earthworms become two separate ones when cut in half, houseflies can live up to 20-30 days vs. 24 hours, daddy longlegs spiders are not the most venomous spiders in the world, bumblebee flight mechanics are well understood vs. the belief that they shouldn't be able to fly scientifically, earwigs are not known to intentionally climb in human ears, scientific theories such as the "theory of evolution" don't propose an idea that it's just a theory, evolution doesn't explain the origin of life, evolution is not a progression from inferior to superior organisms, evolution doesn't "plan" to improve an organism's fitness, humans and dinosaurs did not coexist, mammals didn't evolve from any group of reptiles. Add-On: Do you remember any of these misconceptions being true? Computers running macOS and Linux are not immune to trojan horses and computer viruses, waking sleepwalkers isn't harmful, exposure to the vacuum of space will not cause the body to explode, infants can feel pain, all types of taste can be detected on all areas of the tongue, Also, there is now a fifth taste known as umami. For savory and meaty tastes. )water-induced wrinkles aren't caused by the skin absorbing water and swelling, You don't get better at picking up wet objects either. )hair products can't actually "repair" split ends, diets don't help with detoxification of the body, alcohol does not warm the body, vegetarians and vegans can have sufficient amounts of protein, obesity related to slower resting metabolism has no evidence to support that it's true, having sex in the days leading up to a sporting event or contest doesn't harm performance, sex between first cousins doesn't carry risk of birth defects, there is no evidence that people have different learning styles, milk and other dairy products don't increase mucus production, exercising in good health doesn't cause arthritis, eating popcorn, nuts or seeds doesn't increase of diverticulitis, It may protect against it. )bathing doesn't dry the skin of people with eczema, It helps. )there has never been a program that provides access to dialysis machines in exchange for pull tabs, rhinoceros horn in powdered form is not used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac, rust doesn't cause tetanus, These inventions weren't invented by who you think; George Washington Carver didn't invent peanut butter, Thomas Crapper didn't invent the flush toilet, Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb, Henry Ford didn't invent the automobile or assembly line, Guglielmo Marconi didn't invent the radio, Al Gore never said he "invented" the internet, James Watt didn't invent the steam engine. )there's no evidence that the ancient Greeks designed to the Parthenon to match the golden ratio, air doesn't equally travel below and above an aircraft's wing, blowing over a piece of paper doesn't demonstrate Bernoulli's principle, gyroscopic forces or geometric trail aren't requirements for a bicycle balancing with a rider, a furnace doesn't have to "work harder" if the building is cooled, dyslexia is not a cognitive disorder caused by the reversal of letters or words and minor writing, schizophrenia isn't the same disorder as dissociative identity disorder, toilet waste is never intentionally dropped out of a plane, batteries stored on a concrete floor actually discharge just as fast as on any other surface, people don't normally notice when you are drowning. (You can't really wave your arms either. 4435. Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free, at night I lock the doors so no one else can see. Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free, at night I lock the doors where no one else can see. 4436. (Phantom geography. )Do you remember the Sargasso Sea not being a thing? 4437. (Radio Show Logo change. )Do you remember the F and O, and R and S not being connected in Infowars? Were the W and A not curved. Did the R have a closed line. 4438. )Do you remember the letters in Guardians Of The Galaxy having closed lines? Were the letters not connected. 4439. (Phantom celebrity death. )Do you remember Neil Armstrong still being alive and not dying on August 25, 2012? 4440. )Do you remember Bill Paxton still being alive and not dying on February 25, 2017? 4441. )Have you heard of the Giant African Land Snail? 4442. (Stream Service Logo change. )Do you remember the T in Android TV not having the left side cut off? 4443. (Spelling change. )High School/Highschool/High-School(The last two weren't acceptable...

Love Is Thicker Than water park. So many beautiful well crafted songs,unlike what they call music nowadays. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 43% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 7 Coming soon Release date: Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Love Is Thicker Than Water Ratings & Reviews Explanation Love Is Thicker Than Water Videos Photos Movie Info Vida and Arthur come from vastly different backgrounds. Sensitive and touching, sometimes quirky and tragic, always uncompromisingly truthful, a fresh look how conflicting family ties challenge love in a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: On Disc/Streaming: Nov 28, 2017 Runtime: 101 minutes Studio: Cleopatra Entertainment Cast Critic Reviews for Love Is Thicker Than Water Audience Reviews for Love Is Thicker Than Water Love Is Thicker Than Water Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Love Is Thicker Than water quality. 2 only loves. Dada is coming home soon. Love is thicker than water live. Love is thicker than water 2017. Dói meu coração. Não consigo ver vídeos de Andy sem me emocionar. Porquê meu Deus aconteceu isso com ele ? Dói muito. Difícil aceitar. Deus me perdoe por isso. 💔💔💔💔💔🇧🇷. Love Is Thicker Than water. Love Is Thicker Than waterloo.


Love is thicker than water lyrics. Love is thicker than water chords. Love Is Thicker Than water resources. Next Film. Previous Film Genre Romantic, Comedy Duration 105' Country United Kingdom Year of production 2016 Director Emily Harris and Ate de Jong Producer Ate de Jong Cast Lydia Wilson Ellie Kendrick Henry Goodman Juliet Stevenson Johnny Flynn a modern day Romeo and Juliet Opposites attract when Vida, a middle class cellist from London falls in love with Arthur, a working class bike courier from Wales, but their relationship is put to the test when they meet each others families and are forced to confront class and cultural differences. Sensitive, touching, quirky and tragic, Love Is Thicker Than Water is a fresh look at how conflicting family ties challenge love in a modern day Romeo & Juliet. Festivals EastEnd 2016. London) Chicago Int Film Festival 2016. USA premiere) Mill Valley Int Film Festival 2016. California) Dinard Film Festival 2016. France) Sao Paulo Int Film Festival 2016. Brasil.

Love is thicker than water guitar solo. Love is thicker than water movie review. God, he was gorgeous. Director: Emily Harris, Ate de Jong Producer: Matt Barber Cast: Lydia Wilson, Johnny Flynn, Henry Goodman, Juliet Stevenson, Ellie Kendrick Genre: Comedy, Romance Release Date: November 2017 Love is Thicker than Water Vida and Arthur come from vastly different backgrounds. Sensitive and touching, sometimes quirky and tragic, always uncompromisingly truthful, a fresh look how conflicting family ties challenge love in a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. VIDEOS.

Love Is Thicker Than water damage. Love is thicker than water by andy gibb. I have seen a lot of posts on Reddit asking whether they should buy the Apple Watch. This community as well as other Apple-related subreddits have helped me a lot with my various purchases and I wanted to write this review so that people on the fence could decide whether they want to make the Apple Watch purchase. This is my first lengthy review so please excuse any formatting or grammar errors I may make. Design The first thing I want to talk about is the Apple Watch's design. Apple has marketed their watch as a piece of jewelry, not just a piece of technology. Does this watch meet this description? Some argue yes and some argue no. I have seen people describe the watch as thick. In my opinion the Apple Watch isn't that thick. I own a few dumb watches and the Apple Watch is only thicker than some of them. For a watch the thickness is probably just average. I have seen thinner watches and thicker watches. Moreso, the watch is pretty light and after wearing it for a few days it seems to just disappear on your wrist (until you look at it of course. I own a SS and I think the watch is beautiful. The stainless steel glistens in light and the addition of a crown makes it look more like a watch and less like a piece of technology. The screen feels and looks amazing. The bands themselves, while expensive and some may say overpriced, are very comfortable and look amazing. I think Apple did a really good job designing the bands to complement the watch. I own a classic buckle band and a sports band. I mainly use the sports band for everyday use and exercise while I use the classic buckle when I go out and have to dress a little nicer. The ML is also very nice and so are the modern buckle and LL bands. The link band, while very classy, is way overpriced. For 500 I could buy a new iPad. If you want a stainless steel band go with the ML and if you absolutely desire a link band I suggest waiting for cheaper third party options. Now the square display may be a turn off for some but I feel that the unique shape makes the watch kind unique. This has been marketed as a piece of fashion and with fashion you want to stand out, be unique, and have its own character. While I have no doubt that Apple could have went with a circular interface like the Moto 360 I am glad that they went with the square interface. It makes sense considering all our iDevices have squared displays as well. It would be nice later on to see Apple offer the watch in more different materials than SS, Aluminum, and Gold though. It would also be neat to see them offer a circular shaped display option for people who would prefer that look. I think adding more options will further affirm their fashion marketing strategy. Software So now that I have covered some of my opinions about the Apple Watch Design lets talk about the software/user interface. The Apple Watch interface may at first seem confusing. You may do things like mistake the Friends/Apple Pay button is the home button or you may not know that you can force touch to access more settings in different apps. But what you need to know is that the Apple Watch is a new product with a new OS. While the OS reminiscent of iOS it will take some playing around to get used to. This by no means makes it a confusing interface and I think that most people will be able to learn how to use this product in a few hours or less by just playing around with it. Now what can this watch do? I have gotten this question many times while showing others my new watch. First of all note that this is not an iPhone replacement. It's more like an iPhone accessory (further established by the fact that it needs to be paired with your phone for most activities. Instead of describing all the cool things you can do with your watch, I'll detail what I do with the watch on a daily basis. First of all when the day starts I put the watch on and I can check the weather from it. I can check the day's forecast without touching my phone and plan my outfit accordingly. Currently I am a pre-medical student studying for the MCAT so in the mornings I don't even take off my phone from my nightstand anymore. I simply put on the watch and go to the study room. The watch lets me take calls and see all my notifications. Rather than having my phone vibrate or light up all the time I get gentle taps on my wrist to notify me when I get a text or an email. From there I can choose to dismiss the notification or reply to it using automated messages or voice dictation. I found that this feature has greatly enhanced my productivity while studying. Not having my phone next to me but still being able to be connected is an amazing feeling. What's more is that I don't get distracted from apps like Clash of Clans or Safari anymore since my phone is in another room. Others might scoff at my lack of self-control but when you're studying 8+ hours a day you need all the help you can get to stay focused. Voice dictating messages may seem awkward as first but you get used to it. I never used voice dictation on my phone but on the watch it just starts to feel natural using it. When I need to look up equations or anything I can just use "Hey Siri search "X" on Wikipedia for me. I can also look at my calendar to see when my scheduled lab meetings or next study break is for the day or use my music remote from glances to control my music. I can also use my watch as a GPS while walking or driving, easily changing my destination with a simple "Hey Siri. The watch also comes with Apple Pay and you can use it as a credit card at stores with an Apple Pay/NFC enabled pay terminal. Many stores have this installed and using my watch as a credit card definitely is cool and feels like the future. It's not a big deal but it definitely saves you a few seconds from pulling out your card. Fitness is where the watch really shines. The watch tracks your fitness in terms of circle bars. One for standing, one for active calories burned, and one for exercise. Having my fitness information available as bars to complete has definitely motivated me to make sure I complete my goals for the day. The watch even reminds me to stand every hour when I'm studying which definitely has helped me take a small break, get a drink of water, and come back more refreshed. Once you calibrate your watch by gong on runs and walks with your phones you can then go and run without bringing your phone. The watch doesn't have a built in GPS but after calibration it's pretty accurate and as I'm not a fitness junky I don't HAVE to know exactly how much I ran down to the feet. While I'm running I can also use my watch as an iPod too, pairing it with Bluetooth headphones. Now for the best feature of the Apple Watch: telling time. The works like a watch. It tells me the time when I raise my wrist and I can use it as a stopwatch/timer to make sure I'm meeting my goal of 8 hours of studying a day. This is a very basic feature but using the watch I realized the usefulness of having a timepiece on my wrist rather than in my pocket. When I don't have the watch on my wrist I still instinctively raise my wrist to tell time only to embarrassingly go to my pocket for my phone when I realize my empty wrist can't tell the time. I can even use my watch to find my phone using the pinging feature which makes my phone emit a sound that lets me find its general location. Apps While I discussed some ways I personally use the Apple Watch above I figured I would go over third party apps as well, and some of the one's I commonly use. Right now third party apps are slow. Apps aren't native yet which means your watch is pretty much streaming them using your phone as a middle man. With this in mind I don't use many third party apps. I do have MyFitnessPal on my watch to quickly check how many calories I have left for the day before eating a snack. I also use Mint to check how much money I have left to spend for the month to keep under my desired spending. I have apps such as American Airlines and Travel Planner to keep a copy of my intinieries and boarding passes for trips. Yes you can use the watch as a boarding pass. I also have Starbucks downloaded so I can use my watch to pay for my coffee. In PassBook I have various gift cards stored though I have yet to use my watch to utilize these gift cards. I also use FanDago to store my movie tickets for an easy scan when I go to the theater. I also have CalcBot for quick calculations. For media consumption I have Instagram, Twitter, CNN, and Trivia Crack. While I mentioned before that these apps are pretty slow it's still pretty cool to be able to quickly check my feeds or get some quick snip bits of the current events while in a line without having to get out my phone. With watchOS2 allowing third party app developers to make native apps and access more of the Watch's features I would bet my money that we will have much faster apps and a wider variety of apps available in the coming year. Sport vs. Stainless Steel Both models are aesthetically appealing in their own way. The stainless steel looks very classy and it makes me happy when I walk out in the sunlight and see it shine. The aluminum models look very clean and do not look like a toy as some may say (of course this is all subjective. For those concerned with matching bands, the SS will match more bands than the sport models. Bands aside from the LL and SB have connectors made out of SS. There are some people that like the dual metal look and don't care about this though. The metal on the SS does scratch like most SS watches do. I think the scratches add some character and if they get too overwhelming you can always polish them out. The silver aluminum won't show scratches as easy (while the space grey will) but the sport watches overall will be easier to nick and dent and you can't polish them out. The SS comes with a sapphire display that virtually will not scratch (though it can shatter) while the sport comes with an Ion-X glass display that is easier to scratch with daily use but is more shatter resistant (again it still can shatter. My SS has shown no scratches on the screen from daily use yet. My suggestion for people who want an Apple Watch but are on the fence with which model is to buy the sport and exchange it within the 14 day exchange policy for the SS if you fall in love with the watch and can justify the higher price point. Closing Remarks and the Future Overall I think the Apple Watch is a solid product. Don't come in with expectations that it will replace your iPhone use, it won't and at most it will just inhibit your use of the phone. The watch isn't for everybody but for people who want something to guide their productivity or just love technology then you will like the Apple Watch. As a Gen 1 product it is amazing. It's hard to think of anything else I would like this watch to do. It's great for notifications and quick replies, quick media consumption, and fitness. It would be nice if in the future we got more face customization options, more bands and physical customization options, and a longer battery life to enable sleep tracking but as someone who charges their iPhone everyday already it wasn't that hard to get in the habit of charging my watch. I could also see how a built in GPS and greater wi-if capabilities would definitely appeal to people especially the fitness community but as of now I don't really see myself using those features often. While a 3G watch can definitely be useful especially for people who only use their phone for call/text, my phone is never far away and I'm not interested in paying for an extra "phone/watch" plan. Down the road a camera is bound to be does anyone else find this feature kind of creepy? Now as a student interested in medicine and how wearables can change health I would love to see how the watch further plays on its fitness/health features. It would be cool to see the watch go down the road where more sensors such as a blood oxygen or blood glucose or body temperature sensors can be added. We can quickly get an alert when our body temperature is rising and diabetics could get an alert when they should start being concerned about their blood glucose. Doctors can utilize health apps on the watch to remind their patient to take their prescription and for the patient to log whenever they take their medicine to make the patient feel more accountable for their health. What's more physical trainers can use the watch as a way to monitor their client's daily progress to make sure that they are staying on track with their exercise and diet. I would also like for more and more stores to adopt NFC terminals so that I can use my watch more and more as a payment device. This is currently happening and I can definitely imagine a day where I can leave all my gift cards, credit cards, and rewards cards in a safe at home and just bring my watch everywhere to pay for things or use it as a key to my hotel room etc. A walletless world. I'm sorry if this post was lengthy. I hope this review helps people on the fence about the watch, proves entertaining/informative for current watch owners, and who knows maybe inspire some app developers on what direction they can take the watch. Tl;dr: The Apple Watch acts as a great complement to your phone and as an excellent productivity/fitness device.

Love is thicker than water movie. Love is thicker than water 45. He looks so much like hes brother Barry. What an amazing family of singers, miss these days... Andy Gibb fue un ser tan Maravilloso. Conoció a una persona que no lo merecía, y eso en gran parte, le perjudico mucho en su el fue un Ser humano,Maravilloso, Honesto, Generoso, bondadoso,Amoroso, así fue el hermoso ANDY GIBB.

Love Is Thicker Than waterproof. So as of last night, we are finally TTC! I can't believe I'm actually writing this. Rather than a 'so long and thanks for all the fish' kind of post, I wanted to share what I've learned from my year-long WTT journey (I have always felt quite maternal, but the desperate need to have a child didn't kick in until our honeymoon around a year ago. I always love reading the post-baby tips on the BabyBumps sub and wished that people moving into TTC would post their tips here. So here goes! I looked at it from the point of view that I was lucky to have this time to prepare. I have learned so much and can't believe some people only have 9 months to learn some of the stuff I've learned. I've felt like it'll take the stress off so I can just enjoy a pregnancy rather than feel rushed to learn all of the things. Utilise your local library. I've read so many books not only on fertility and pregnancy but also about babies, toddlers and older children. I'm armed with so much knowledge. I feel like I got the most out of: Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Playful Parenting, How to Talk so your Kids will Listen, all the books from Dr Karp and Five Love Languages for Children. I downloaded a lot of docos to watch too. The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block were both great to watch and I also found The Business of Being Born quite interesting. And all of the One Born Every Minute episodes. Build a support network of people who know you're WTT. Girlfriends you can dream with about your future with children. Your parents so you can begin to suss out their views on babysitting etc. Even my colleagues know I'm WTT with a very general TTC timeline. I love that I don't have to hide this part of me from anyone. I did a lot of online research into things that I'll need. The main topics that piqued my interest include baby carriers/wraps and cloth diapers. Knowing all the different types and having a long time to think about the pluses/minuses for different types has made me a lot more confident I'll make the right decision when the time comes. I know which stores I'll use and I've looked at when they have their biggest sales by scrolling through their Facebook pages. I was never really into YouTube (outside of stuff for work) until my year long WTT. I have especially enjoyed vlogging families - the Daily Bumps channel is definitely my favourite (Missy is 41 weeks and I'm watching every day for the birth of her second boy. I'll also watch product review videos, baby wrapping tutorials and cloth diaper stash videos. Come off your BC early, so your body has enough time to sort itself out. My last doc suggested to come off a couple of months before I started trying - this is not enough time (it can take up to 6 months for cycles to regulate. I came off in Feb and I'm only on Cycle 4 (first cycle was 150+ days. Find a doc you absolutely love. I'm a data nerd and have been taking my BBT since I came off the BCP. I have learned so much about how my body works and am already aware that I have a slightly shorter luteal phase which may affect my fertility. Temping will also help confirm a pregnancy later down the track. Of course, the TCOYF book is essential to read to understand this process. Experiment with things like Vitex and Raspberry Leaf Tea if your cycles are out of whack. I am using Google Sheets to collect my BBT data. I'm finding I am understanding a lot more about my specific circumstance than an app which has to cater for everybody. I found looking at averages by cycle and by part of cycle (so Cycle 2 averages vs luteal phase averages across all cycles) very useful. Get your health into order. I started exercising regularly (I play netball twice a week and hike every weekend) and eating better. I researched what levels of what nutrients were required for pregnancy and checked that my prenatals and the foods I eat cover this. Practise being good at life. Always get your bins out the night before collection and bring them in that afternoon. Empty and fill the dishwasher every day. Pick up your clothes off the bedroom floor. Take healthy food to work every day. I'm not perfect at this yet, but I've grown so much this year in terms of improving my habits. Ensure your partner understands that you'll be the designated driver for at least a year after your BFP. It's their turn now, leading up to TTC! I want to enjoy my last late night alcohol-fuelled shenanigans! With prenatals: I wish I had started out just taking folic acid tablets and then switched to the full ones in the month leading up to TTC. We started a little later than I expected and boy they're expensive. If you're finding them hard to take: keep them in the fridge, try using a straw, take in a lot of liquid when you gulp them down, try tilting your head down a little and use something thicker than water (eg orange juice with pulp or milky drinks. I hardly bought any clothes this year so that I could save money for good quality maternity clothes. Work out what style of parenting works for you. My perception of best practice parenting has changed significantly after the research I've done. I'm so into attachment parenting. I'll be baby carrying, likely) cloth diapering, using baby sign language, cosleeping, using discipline rather than punishment. I'm so glad I can picture in my head the type of Mum I'll be. A piece of interesting info: we didn't really talk about the TTC timeline until our honeymoon. I knew he wanted kids, but I never thought that he'd be totally loving the idea as much as me. I found that he started loving the idea as soon as his friends started having kids. If you're finding your SO doesn't seem on board. Give it some time until their mates are going through it. Hopefully they'll inspire your SO! Book your pre-conception checkup and dentist check-up at least a month (possibly two) before your ideal TTC date. I only booked them about two weeks before our chosen date, but then I had some dental issues and needed a referral from my GP to see an Endo about some medication I'm on. Ended up starting a month after we thought we would. Research names and begin a shortlist. I don't know how people can pick one in just 9 months! Finally, use this time to build your relationship with your SO. Even though we rarely argue, I know that with the lack of sleep we're going to experience that things are going to get harder. Practise being patient and kind, surprise them, enjoy going out together or cuddling on the couch watching a movie. Enjoy sleeping in or taking a nap on the weekend together while you still can. If you've gotten this far - thanks for reading! I hope you found some useful information for your WTT journey.

Videos Learn more More Like This Comedy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 3. 8 / 10 X Dan and Toby have to look after their little brother Jamie who doesn't speak since their parents passed away. Stars: Ben Ashenden, Johnny Flynn, Scott Folan Drama, Horror Thriller 5. 7 / 10 Following an incident in her past, Cordelia now lives with her twin sister, Caroline in their late father's basement flat. Director: Adrian Shergold Michael Gambon, Catherine McCormack Two childhood sweethearts return to the rural nowhere of their haunted youth to rebuild their lives before they lose their child forever. Chris New Matti Houghton, David Hayler 5. 1 / 10 A group of young Londoners struggle to find meaning in their lives while masking their discontent with sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Alexandra McGuinness Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Benn Northover History War 4 / 10 In 1940, a struggling poor young man falls for a girl who must pay a terrible price to save her mentally disabled brother by marrying a powerful shrewd businessman. Then Rotterdam Blitz, a devastating German bombardment, begins. Ate de Jong Jan Smit, Roos van Erkel, Mike Weerts Melodrama about a man cursed with immortality, who tries to declare his undying love for a depressed actress. Irène Jacob, Stephen Rea, Marianne Sägebrecht 4. 8 / 10 Three friends get stuck in fog on the way to a holiday. They tell each other stories and confront each other with hidden secrets... Luke Perry, Ben Daniels, Orla Brady Short 5. 8 / 10 Real and imaginary worlds collide when a lonely data entry clerk reaches through his computer screen, in search of a genuine connection. Simon Ryninks Omar Khan, Daniel Ings 5. 6 / 10 A young painter takes up French lessons with an elder lady to ensure he'll get a grant for a French arts institute. That way he meets Anna, a beautiful married woman nursing the lady's old. See full summary  » Monique van de Ven, Peter Jan Rens, Ellen Vogel 8. 1 / 10 After finding out he has an STD, Dylan must get back in touch with every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news. Antonia Thomas, Romance A young woman is forced to reflect on her first relationship when she inadvertently moves into her ex-boyfriend's apartment building. Sophie Brooks Zosia Mamet, Matthew Shear, Deirdre O'Connell When William's famed philosophy professor dies unexpectedly, he seeks out his mentor's grown children to make sense of the man behind the myth. Kate Barker-Froyland Johnny Flynn Edit Storyline Vida and Arthur come from vastly different backgrounds. Sensitive and touching, sometimes quirky and tragic, always uncompromisingly truthful, a fresh look how conflicting family ties challenge love in a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 14 October 2016 (USA) See more  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Quotes George: Engorge voos flus vuse companies. It's french. Levi: Oh yes, it's the French national anthem, it's the La Marseillaise, yeah. Ah! Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes! It's, um. it means the enemy is coming to *slit* the throats of our sons. And our women's. It's a pretty bloody text actually. Well, I only play the music. See more ».

Love is thicker than water 2016. Love Is Thicker Than. Such a handsome & talented guy. The whole family was insanely talented. How sad that Barry is the only one left. They are sorely missed. Love Is Thicker Than water damage restoration. This song in my opinion kind of got ignored when it was out? Too bad they couldn't have cut an entire album together, such like Barry and Barbara did. I been missing these kind of music. the 70's! truly superb music by greatest artists of the decade. Love is thicker than water andy gibb youtube. Love is thicker than water song. Love is thicker than water cast. Love is thicker than water. Love Is Thicker Than watercooling. This makes me you, Andy. I woke up that Saturday morning to an unexpected breeze, cool and pleasant, against my cheek. I kept a fan on myself while I slept during the warmer seasons, but the fan was packed deep in my closet during the heart of winter. I wiped my eyes and looked towards the source of the breeze. A yellow blur blocked some of the blinding light that broke through the sheer curtains. As my vision regained clarity, the yellow blur morphed into a lovely flower with six large, yellow petals. Before college, I would have been terrified of waking up to a strange flower on my chest, but maturity left me more curious than scared. After meeting my best friend, Chelsea, a female sleight-of-hand magician, I had grown more willing to accept the unexpected. The flower was part of some intricate trick she would surprise me with later in the week. It was the only explanation that made sense, therefore I assumed it to be the correct one. I made it through high school without uttering the ‘love word to any of my boyfriends, as my friends were so hasty to brag about doing. When it came to romance, it wasnt something I let take over my life. My reputation around campus as an ice queen wasnt entirely accurate, but it didnt bother me. It helped me avoid the dating scene and keep focus on my G. P. A. My plan was set, and I was the only one responsible for executing it. I was not a prude, but I was a realist. No spontaneous college guy would waste random romantic gestures on the control freak. Even if there was interest, a warm fire or a heated blanket were more romantic than any flower this far north. Winter wasnt for color, it was for comfort. Still, it was a pretty flower. The flower seemed healthy, but I could smell nothing. My nose was ice cold, and a fresh gust of air made me very aware of the liquid that was dripping from it. The breeze was coming from the window, open about an inch. I closed the window and touched my nose. My hands, warm from being tucked under my pillow, recoiled from the touch of my cold nose. It was no wonder I couldnt smell the flower. I set the flower on my nightstand, hoping a long hot shower would clear my head and warm up my nose enough to smell it. I saw a notification for a few unanswered texts from Chelsea, but I needed to wake up first. Chelsea was the sober sorority sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, and my best friend. She had never touched a drop of alcohol in her life and never planned to, though she had a sense of humor about it. “Why? ” was a question she heard often and used as a way to challenge her ability to think quick. She claimed various rules of various religions at first before moving on to secret societies cult tenants forcing her to keep clean for her Master. For the past month, she has used that question as a study aid for her Death and Society class. She would claim that the victims of Insert Serial Killers Name Here were drunk and that she didnt want to make herself an easy target. After recounting some of the more gruesome details from memory, even the most practiced partiers would spend more time eyeing their drinks and fellow party guests with suspicion than imbibing. She was passing the class with flying colors. Chelsea was a sleight-of-hand magician, and Penn and Teller were her idols. Neither had ever taken a drink of alcohol, and neither ever would, for no reason other than they didnt want to. She liked the idea and spent her time practicing sleight-of-hand by herself while other kids her age practiced the handsy stuff on each other. I was the control freak, she was the perfectionist, and both of us avoided deep relationships in lieu of our own personal interests and hobbies. We were best friends a week into English 301. Chelsea was the designated driver, cock blocker and general care taker when the Phi Sigma Six went to parties. She asked for three things as payment: gas money, permission to perform magic tricks for the guys who struck out with us, and allowance to film any embarrassing shit we did (with a clause that none of it ended up on YouTube. I never got drunk enough to go viral, but New Years Eve was the one night of the year I caged the control freak completely. That Saturday was January 1st. I assumed Chelsea was the reason I woke up with a cracked window and a strange flower instead of a cracking headache and a strange frat boy. None of the normal signs of a hangover dragged me down and silently praised Chelsea for whichever of her magic tricks had prevented the normal symptoms. I remembered nothing. The hot shower was fantastic. The hair on my legs was longer than I expected considering I had shaved prior to party the night before. An ex-boyfriend used to swear that his facial hair always seemed to grow in thicker and quicker after a night of heavy drinking. Not caring much about the cause, I recycled the diagnosis and slathered conditioner on my legs. After I washed and conditioned my hair, I turned the shower head to pulse and stood under the water, enjoying the sensation of water massaging the back of my neck while my hair draped over my face like a hot towel. One of the perks of a private dorm room: no roommate, no sharing the hot water. After I brushed my hair and teeth, I returned to my bed to check my missed messages when three loud, rapid knocks pounded at my door. After the third knock, a sheet of paper slid through the gap at the bottom of my door. This was how the sorority passed along warnings about secret dorm inspections or frivolous gossip we didnt trust texting. It was quick and anonymous. No one ever knew who was knocking. For secretive note passing, those three knocks were obnoxious in volume and left a feeling of creeping dread clinging to each and every goose bump that ran up my spine. That cold cape of unease never stayed with me until the end. Much later, I realized what was so unsettling about the situation: One, my door was the only one that had been knocked on. Two, I had heard no footsteps approaching (or leaving, for that matter) even though the floors in our building creaked if somebody so much as coughed. I left the note on the floor, as if to punish it for ruining my calm. I checked that the padlock was in the locked position (a useless, but helpful symbol of safety) before I picked up my phone to check the text messages from Chelsea. The knocking returned most of the pre-shower tension. My subconscious would expect more knocking for hours just to avoid surprise if it happened again. The stress made it impossible to relax. I paced around the room as I checked my phone. First I caught up on e-mails, the last of which was also from Chelsea. It contained an image that failed to download no matter how many times I touched the retry button. I let it be and scrolled through the text messages instead. These were the last few messages on my phone. Me: see u in 5, doll! Dec. 31, 2014 08:29 p. m. Chelsea: Who is that guy? Why is he trying to give you a flower? Can I do a trick on him or does he have potential? Dec. 31, 2014 09:42 p. Me: says his name is ray! never seen him before, but Ana thinks hes cute so no tricks yet! Dec. 31, 2014 09:44 p. Chelsea: Do his eyes look strange to you, or are you too drunk to notice? Dec. 31, 2014 09:45 p. Chelsea: Brit? Where the hell did you go? Dec. 31, 2014 09:59 p. Chelsea: Hello? Are you in the bathroom? You need to practice so you arent puking drunk after one Angry Orchard! Just tell me if you find a ride or not. This party is L-A-M-E! Dec. 31, 2014 10:49 p. Chelsea: Brit, seriously, where are you? I cant find Melody or Sara. Ray keeps looking at me and his eyes are seriously fucked up. Im getting creeped out. (Jan. 01, 2015 01:11 a. Chelsea: Holy fvk BRt I jus foudn melody, shes passd out or smthng. Wher are u. Jan. 01, 2015 01:42 a. Chelsea: BRIT! ANSWR ME. Jan. 01, 2015 01:56 a. Chelsea:sixlovelypetals doesshelovemeordoesshenot sixlovelypetals doesshelovemeordoesshenot sixlovelypetals doesshelovemeordoesshenot sixlovelypetals doesshelovemeordoesshenot sixlovelypetals doesshelovemeordoesshenot (Jan. 01, 2015 4:03 a. By the time I read the last message, the chills in my back had returned ten-fold. My frantic pacing caused my thighs to ache. I made a mental note to call Melody later and make sure she was feeling better, but I needed to see Chelsea. Chelsea didnt just lose her cool. Ever. Getting us safely back to our rooms, passed out or otherwise, was what Chelsea did. She didnt freak out over it, especially not to the point of it silencing her inner grammar Nazi. She had grown used to me shortening a couple of words and not using capital letters, but anything beyond that meant repercussions. More terrifying than those three knocks were the last three text messages. The first, broken and misspelled, like a drunk text sent to an ex booty call. She would have ignored me for a weekend on principle had I sent it to her. The second, all capital letters with exclamation points for emphasis. That would have earned me a public conversation where she yelled at me just so my ears and shame could be uncomfortable as her eyes had been reading it. And the third message. One long string of lower case letters. Gibberish at first, but after reading it back a few times it repeats the same message six times. ‘Six lovely petals. Does she love me or does she not. I had no idea what the fuck that was supposed to mean, or why Chelsea would have sent it. My phone beeped and I had a fear spasm, as if Id run into an invisible wall. A small arrow appeared at the top of my cell phone screen signifying a successful download. I forced myself to stand still and calm down before I opened it. The morning was spiraling into some sort of hell thanks to my inner control freak. I hoped a cricket chirping wouldnt cause me to piss myself at the rate I was going. The download was the image Chelsea had sent me, called NYE15-6Petals. I dont know how long I sat with my thumb hovering over that text, unsure whether or not I had the guts left to open that image. I had to talk myself into thinking that it was some elaborate prank on Chelseas part to get back at me for disappearing on her last night. It took me longer to open it than Im comfortable admitting. The picture proved that Chelsea was not responsible for the flower. It was a picture of the six of us, the Phi Sigma Six. From left to right, we were Melody, Sara, Jolene, Anastasia, Chelsea, and me. All of us had yellow flowers behind our ears, and each one of those yellow bastards had six petals. I glanced at the flower on my night stand for a moment. Perhaps it was the fear, or seeing that all six of us had received one, but it no longer seemed beautiful or special. I sure as hell didnt have the urge to smell it anymore. Unable to keep still, I began pacing again. I glanced at the piece of paper on the floor. I wanted to look at that piece of paper about as much as I wanted to smell the flower, though I knew I would eventually look. I had to look. To take control. I looked back to the picture. Six of us smiling, unsure of the shenanigans the night still held. My eyes moved past our flower framed faces to the mirror behind us. In it, I saw the man who had taken the picture. He held Chelseas phone level with his chin. The flash in the mirror left little of his face recognizable and made his hand look thin, almost skeletal. His eyes, unaffected by the flash, were completely visible. Chelsea had been right about Ray. His eyes were as disturbing as Chelseas texts described. Something was wrong with them. They whole of each eye looked black. Most people would have assumed the man wore contacts, but the blackness looked like deep, empty holes; the irises floated against the blackness like the rims of buckets floating at the bottom of the well. All six of us had red eye from the flash, but Rays eyes were matte. The flash didnt just not touch them, it seemed to actively avoid them. It could have been bad Photoshop. I wish I could say that, at any point, I had believed it was bad Photoshop. Whether it was the growing fear in my gut or a trick from staring at the screen too long, I saw the eyes move, those pale irises staring right at me, and let out a high pitched shriek as I shoved the phone deep within the depths of my pillow pile. I was done with cryptic texts and strange images. I couldnt stop pacing. Again, I wanted to convince myself that Chelsea was trying out a new, albeit disturbing, magic trick on me. She had a tendency to surprise me with small pieces of tricks instead of running me through the patter and show of it all. This was the finale of a good trick. It would explain the black, hollow eyes that light avoided, how the texts set up finding the picture, how the picture seemed to download on its own when I finished the texts. It all made sense if I could accept that Chelsea, as a magician, had secrets that she just couldnt share. Once I saw the trick pieced together, it would all make sense. Any other truth would break me. At some point I had stopped pacing and had picked up the piece of paper. I was staring at the blank back side of it as I left my thoughts. Confused emotions made me dizzy while fear and reason, the angel and a devil on my shoulder, fought for control of my hands; fought for control of that precious, terrifying sheet of paper. The devil on my shoulder cooed that turning it over would reveal the secret and give me the answer Chelsea could not. The angel, meek but loud, screamed that turning it over meant I could never not turn it over. I had always thought that my controlling nature made me a rational person, if a bit distant, but I was learning that fear turns a persons every trait into a weapon. I was as naïve and stupid as any horror movie character I had yelled at over the years, because I could not let myself remain naïve and stupid. I had to know. I turned the piece of paper over. 5 CONFIRMED DEAD, 1 STILL MISSING AFTER SERIAL KILLER STRIKES CAMPUS NEW YEARS EVE PARTY By Neil Palmer January 3rd, 2015 – It has been three days since the Acacia Fraternity New Years Eve Party ended and two more students have been tragically added to the list of deceased. The bodies of Anastasia Higgins and Chelsea Fogg were found in their respective dorm rooms this morning, despite campus being under 24-hour surveillance and closed to all non-police and federal authorities as of January 1st. The rooms of all six sorority sisters have been secured and are under observation. Melody Simmons and Sarah Rowland were found on the morning of January 1st by pledges assigned to aid them after the New Years Eve party. Jolene Roberts body appeared in her bed the next day. There were no signs of forced entry and no reports of suspicious activity from officers on duty. Ms. Higgins and Ms. Fogg each had strange yellow flowers on their chests, as with the previous victims. Two of the petals on Ms. Foggs flower had been removed, leaving four petals. One petal had been removed from of Ms. Higgins, leaving five. Though the flower has not yet been identified, the picture below, pulled this morning off of Ms. Foggs phone, show that each flower has six petals. Authorities suspect that whoever was responsible for the flowers may have information and urge anybody with information to call 911 or the provided anonymous tip line as quickly as possible. (In the middle of the page was the picture that Chelsea had emailed me, displaying the six of us smiling with those fucking flowers behind our ears. I wouldnt let myself look at Rays face again. I forced myself to read on, despite tears blurring my vision. Britney Davidson is the last member of the Phi Sigma Six who remains unaccounted for. If criminal profiler theories that this is the work of a serial killer can be trusted, Ms. Davidson represents one more potential victim. Finding her is paramount to both saving her life and catching the person responsible for the deaths of her five sisters. If anybody has any information regarding the whereabouts of Britney Davidson, please call the aforementioned numbers. A service for the Phi Sigma Six will be held as soon as the campus is re-opened to the staff and students. Until then, free grief counseling and student support is being offered at the local YMCA. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of all six young women and anyone else whose lives they have touched. There was a picture of me on the bottom of the page, and some phone numbers. I let the paper fall to the floor as my breath caught in my chest. My sisters were dead. My best friend was dead. The grief I felt for them, and the fear I should have felt knowing that I was next, both punctuated by the date at the top of the page. It was January 3rd. I had been lost for three days, which meant that I had lost three days. Somehow, I had ended up back in my own bed, the same as my sorority sisters. I hoped nobody had stuffed a piece of paper underneath any of their doors. I hoped that they had gone peacefully in their sleep. I hoped they had been ignorant to the fear coursing through me knowing that I was next. Three knocks, much louder than the first, crumbled my nerves. The chills running up my spine grew hot with adrenaline. Tears streamed down my face. I couldnt help myself from whimpering in short, ugly bursts. I turned towards my bed, ready to leap for the phone under my pillows and call 911. I couldnt take the first step. What I saw stopped the chills, the tears, the whimper, my breathing and time itself, for all I knew. The window was cracked about an inch. The yellow flower with the six pretty petals was no longer on my night table. The yellow flower sat on my chest in a perfect spot to obstruct my vision if I were to open my eyes. Not a single petal had been removed. The room had become claustrophobic and surrealistic in a hurry. I wasnt sure if the version of me, who I thought of as the ‘real me, was asleep or dead. I wasnt sure if I was a ghost, a dream, or having an out of body experience. I had been vulnerable to whatever monster was responsible for the death of my friends the entire time, and I had been ignorant of that until I read that damn article. In trying to grasp control, I had broken the illusion and lost all of it. As vulnerable as the ‘real me lying in bed was, the part of me stuck staring at her would be the part that suffered. I envied her, the ‘real me lying in that bed, relaxed and oblivious. She hadnt spent the morning pacing around her room, slowly losing her mind. She hadnt learned that her best friends had died. She had no idea that she would never be waking up, if she wasnt already dead. The door behind me creaked as it opened. My entire body felt as cold as my nose had been. The adrenaline was gone, no longer warming my limbs. Something more than fear froze me in place. All I felt was cold. I would not move. I could not move. Each shallow exhale turned into a thick cloud of fog in front of my face. My eyes were wide open and drying out in the intense cold. The room itself seemed to turn gray the colder I got. I heard a hiss behind me and a large cloud fog flew past my head, overtaking one of my own small breath clouds. I could not react to whatever was behind me. Rather it was out of fear or something the thing behind me had done to me, I would never know. My bladder let loose to punctuate my lack of body control. The fresh piss felt like ice water as it flowed down my leg. It didnt even take a cricket chirping. A yellow blur slowly crept over my shoulder from my left peripheral. As my vision regained clarity, the yellow blur morphed into an ugly flower with one large, decayed yellow petal. My entire body was ice cold, but this time I could smell it; something like nail polish remover and moldy bread and sweet rot. Holding the stem of the flower was a pale hand that looked thin and skeletal at first. I was wrong. The hand wasnt skeletal; it was a skeletons hand. A voice behind me spoke, a deep whisper louder than any of the knocks. “Six lovely petals. Does she love me or does she not? ” No control. I looked at my body one last time and offered a silent apology. I was going to be the reason we died, and I could do nothing to stop it. I was powerless. Powerless to resist the second skeleton hand as it grabbed my wrist and raised my hand to the flower. Powerless to stop my fingers from pinching that last yellow petal and plucking it off. Powerless to stop myself from saying “I love you not. ” ——- I woke up that Saturday morning to an unexpected breeze, cool and pleasant, against my cheek. Somewhere within the whoosh of the wind blowing through my window, I swear I heard a deep whisper. “Good choice. ”.

He had soulful eyes and a happy grin. sigh

As a child, I always thought andy sang boys do fall in love. Sorry robin. ✌️. " Love Is) Thicker Than Water" Single by Andy Gibb from the album Flowing Rivers B-side " Words and Music. US) Flowing Rivers" UK) Released September 1977 Format 7" Recorded Criteria Studios, Miami, Florida October 1976 Genre Disco, funk, soul Length 3: 18 4: 15 (stereo) Label RSO Songwriter(s) Barry Gibb, Andy Gibb Producer(s) Gibb-Galuten-Richardson Andy Gibb singles chronology " I Just Want to Be Your Everything. 1977) (Love Is) Thicker Than Water. 1977) Shadow Dancing. 1978) (Love Is) Thicker Than Water " is a song performed by Andy Gibb, released in 1977, it was his second single that topped the US Billboard Hot 100. It was mainly written by Barry Gibb, with help from Andy Gibb. The B-side of this song was " Words and Music " in the US, but "Flowing Rivers" in the UK. [1] It became a gold record. Billboard magazine describes the song as "a midtempo ballad that changes pace from a lushly romantic and soft [Andy] Gibb vocal to an uptempo instrumental drive. Plenty of melody and another catchy hook. 2] Writing and recording [ edit] Love Is) Thicker Than Water" was written originally by Barry Gibb in Bermuda alone with Andy Gibb credited as co-writer on the latter. [3] Andy Gibb later revealed writing a song with Barry: “ I did one song with Barry, Thicker Than Water' which I thought was good" Gibb explains, Even though it says on the credits 'B. A. Gibb' it is really Barry's song - it is very hard to write with Barry, but he said, Help me think of a great title. That was a period where Barry was thinking of titles first and seeing how they would inspire him to write a song, we were thinking of titles first and seeing how they would inspire him to write a song, We were thinking of good titles, and I said, How about Thicker Than Water. I did not say 'Love Is' just 'Thicker Than Water' he said 'That's great. and then he came up with 'Love is higher than a mountain' and he just went on from there, but the title was totally my idea. [4] ” " Love Is) Thicker than Water" was recorded in October 1976 at the Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, during the same time as " I Just Want to Be Your Everything. On the two tracks, Joe Walsh of Eagles played guitar. [5] The song was certified Gold in the United States on 16 February 1978 as Robert Stigwood presented Gibb with his first gold record at the Roxy in Los Angeles. [4] Aftermath [ edit] As evidence of the Gibb brothers' U. S. chart domination in 1978, atop the 4 March 1978 Hot 100 the Bee Gees. Stayin' Alive " was displaced by this song, 6] which in turn was displaced two weeks later by the Bee Gees. Night Fever. which in turn was displaced eight weeks later by Yvonne Elliman 's " If I Can't Have You. Since Barry Gibb had a hand in writing all four of these songs, he became the only person in history to write four consecutive US number-one singles, a feat unmatched to this day. The song was released in February 1978 in Netherlands. [7] On 7 October 1977 Andy performed the song, and "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" on The Midnight Special. Chart performance [ edit] References [ edit.

I'll never forget this so like ya Andy forever & ever & always.

Love is thicker than water film

He literally urinates on 'art. It seemed the conflict stemmed from how they faced the pain of their lives; the Jewish generational trauma was either corrected, understood, or experienced through art. The film's thesis was explained via the anecdote relaying the grandmother playing music for the gas chamber victims, and then how the horror in dealing with life passed across generations. the mother gave up music so lives in hell through empty affairs. (She was rather grim, rotted as a consequence of giving up her 'art. br> Art is the great divine redeemer across this, as in so much of cinema. This opposed to the working class head down, drink and deal that the film seems less interested in. This brings Vida's impulse to read him, to know his pain and see it as the therapy in expression. The creative family are all suffering, there is no solution, and they work it out as culture in art (hence its constant fixation on ritual. The film's collage florid pace and staging made it go by nicely. Vida pursuing medicine as opposite her mother she was hiding within the art and needed grounding, answering why she so loved him.
It made me wonder if they concede it's impossible to know another and art is closer than language. Why it puzzles him is why he's drawn to her with both the stoicism and directness of his family, not in any sense living through abstraction. What she may not have realized is she herself is his artistic escape. That she switched from mother to father pursuing medicine with her mother's death, choosing selflessness for others, rather than selfishness in art. and why the lovers so needed each other: both choosing reality externally but each other internally for their own private creative fulfillment. I think they'll make it within their twin fantasy as outside themselves it will always end with attempting to seek the other.
'Life is not perfect but the children. as in this correcting symbol of humanity, the blank slate, another expression of this 'ideal.' The ritual of the dual funerals. All the formalities. 'Do you actually care? Except she needed him to feel a little less to balance and understand her grief. Ellie Kendrick wanting to be a jet pilot is so comically great; the creatives go to the extremes of their imagining. Because it's all or nothing and the imagination conceives the furthest extent. I live through such proclamations. The brother unleashed with his gayness once the mother's repression had lifted brings its symbols home once more.
I found the film truly special, every bit of it reads and the areas of disconnect are the difficulty in knowing another. The Vida performance is so good that I can't imagine it's a performance at all, I can't conceive of this person not being her.

Great photos, perfect song - brought tears to my eyes.  And now Barry is the last man standing. who'd have thought.  Amazing tribute - well done. Love Is Thicker Than water data. That smile is unmistakenable. Gone away too soon. Talent lives forever. Love is thicker than water watch. Love Is Thicker Than watershed. Love is thicker than water imdb. This song reminds me of Southern California back in the year 1976-77. Always love you and miss you Andy ♥️. Love is thicker than water video. Love is thicker than water review.