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Abc news close-up : vietnam requiem movie. Abc news close-up : vietnam requiem download. Abc news close-up : vietnam requiem 2016. Abc news close-up : vietnam requiem tv. Aural History Productions Talking History, based at the University at Albany, State University of New York, is a production, distribution, and instructional center for all forms of "aural" history. Our mission is to provide teachers, students, researchers and the general public with as broad and outstanding a collection of audio documentaries, speeches, debates, oral histories, conference sessions, commentaries, archival audio sources, and other aural history resources as is available anywhere. We hope to expand our understanding of history by exploring the audio dimensions of our past, and we hope to enlarge the tools and venues of historical research and publication by promoting production of radio documentaries and other forms of aural history. In addition to our weekly radio program, we are engaged in numerous educational efforts, from running and sponsoring workshops to offering full-semester courses on radio production and oral history. Some of the most talented radio producers and engineers currently working in public and non-commercial radio now contribute to Talking History —both to our programming and to our educational efforts through production workshops. Here, you'll also find digital archives of their enormously creative and captivating works. O ur weekly broadcast/internet radio program, Talking History, focuses on all aspects of history. Follow the link to the left, "The Radio Show, " for more information on the program and to access the live WWW broadcast. Below you will find our latest archived shows; use the drop-down menu to the left to access to our full radio archive. ~ ~ ~ ~ Week of June 21st -- Recommended Aural Programs: FROM OPEN SOURCE: Black Mountain College: 'The Grass-Roots of Democracy. " In 1933, a group of freethinking American educators and academics took a look at their fresh, interwar world — and set about trying to remake it. They set up a campus in idyllic countryside outside Asheville, North Carolina, and Black Mountain College was born. " Week of June 7th -- Recommended Aural Programs: FROM Pacifica Radio's AGAINST THE GRAIN: "Union Opponents and Their Rhetoric": "Anti-union activists of the Progressive Era propagated a number of arguments that still resonate throughout the U. S. today. In his new book Reform or Repression, Chad Pearson describes this influential group of employers, activists, and their allies. The story of one Southern activist, N. F. Thompson, reveals connections between racial violence and anti-union activism. " Week of May 22nd -- Recommended Aural Programs: FROM Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National 's series EARSHOT: "Where the walls have ears: listening in to Anna Akhmatova": Anna Akhmatova (1889-1966) is today regarded as one of the greatest Russian poets of the twentieth century; a commanding figure, known for her striking beauty, regal poise and, above all, her inspirational courage in writing about the victims of the terror that pervaded the USSR during the Stalinist era, with its devastating purges and gulags. Writer and broadcaster Robyn Ravlich visited Akhmatova's apartment in St Petersburg, where the gifted poet secretly wrote her poetic masterpieces, Requiem and Poem Without a Hero -- right under the noses of KGB forces, who kept watch on her 24 hours a day and bugged her apartment. It would take decades for the poems to be published, first abroad in translation, and then at last they appeared in full in Russian in the 1980s, during the last period of the Soviet empire. This personal literary pilgrimage revealed surprising details of the poet's intimate and dramatic life that are not widely known, shedding new light on her poems. The program captures what one of Robyn's specialist guide-companions described as 'trembling moments'. Although long absent, Akhmatova remained a powerful presence in the apartment where she lived for over twenty five years: it is still furnished as it was when she lived there, replete with her memorabilia and treasured artwork. The apartment -- in a former palace that was nationalised after the Russian Revolution -- is now a museum devoted to the enduring legacy of Anna Akhmatova. Music in the program is from the album The Trackless Woods, Iris DeMent. Alena Mankova Specialist guide Irena Kazantseva Guide/interpreter TALKING HISTORY HAS CEASED OVER-THE-AIR BROADCASTING, EFFECTIVE WITH THE CONCLUSION OF OUR MAY 17, 2016 SHOW. From this point forward we will provide: 1) links to especially noteworthy history-related programming currently available on line, and 2) occasional original programming for national and international distribution. May 17, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Watch the Throne ~ America and Royalty (2016) From BackStory Radio: "Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday this June and onlookers around the globe will join the festivities. Despite the Founding Fathers rejecting the crown for a democratic form of government, Americans are still fascinated with royalty. For this episode, the Guys explore the tensions that have arisen as many Americans defined the nation as the opposite of monarchy, while admiring, and sometimes emulating, royal families throughout the world. " For more information and the full list of guests, go to:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: "Queen [Wilhelmina] Returns To Netherlands" {1945) From the National Archives and Records Administration - ARC 39164, LI 208-UN-1047 - "Queen Returns To Netherlands" (1945). This selection from the Motion Picture Films series "United News" Newsreels shows "Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in Belgium and Holland being greeted on her return from exile. " From Wikipedia: "Queen Wilhelmina visited the United States from 24 June to 11 August 1942 as guest of the U. government. She vacationed in Lee, Massachusetts, and visited New York City, Boston, and Albany, New York. In the latter city she attended the 300th anniversary celebration of the First Church in Albany, the city's oldest, established by Dutch settlers in the 17th century. She addressed the U. Congress on 5 August 1942, and was the first queen to do so. " May 10, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: All In ~ A History of Gambling in America ( 2016) From BackStory Radio: " This month, thousands of Americans will bet on the Kentucky Derby, the most heavily-wagered horse race in the U. Gambling is a part of America's DNA -- Native Americans played dice games prior to contact with Europeans and in 1612, English proprietors held a lottery to raise funds for the Virginia Company's settlement of Jamestown. On this episode of BackStory, the Guys explore the history of Gambling in America. We look at how speculators bet on land -- America's most plentiful commodity -- and created the "first" stock market. The Guys also uncover how gambling, once outlawed throughout much of the U. S., has become a major source of revenue for cash-strapped communities. From Native American gaming to the rise of Las Vegas, this episode unpacks how some Americans found opportunity in gambling, while others lost big. " For more information and the full list of guests, see:. Segment 2 | Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Gambler (LibriVox selection, 1866; modern reading) Here is reading of a selection from Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Gambler (1866), translated by Charles James Hogarth (1869 - 1945). Inspired by Dostoyevsky's own addiction to roulette gambling, the short novel "focuses on a young tutor in the employment of a formerly wealthy Russian general.... Dostoevsky completed the novella under a strict deadline so he could pay off gambling debts. " For the full novel, see:. May 3, 2016 Segment 1 | From the Vault: A Night in Chicago ~ The 1968 Democratic Convention ( 1968; 2016) From the Vault revisits "an outstanding documentary titled A Night in Chicago, which was recorded in Chicago on August 27th, 1968, at the turbulent Democratic National Convention. Incorporating field recordings to capture the tension and brutality outside the convention hall, we'll hear Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale at a rally, Dick Gregory at President Lyndon Johnson's 'birthday' party, and comments from Allen Ginsberg and Studs Terkel regarding police brutality at religious prayer vigil. This program was produced by Elsa Knight Thompson, and features news reports by Dale Minor, Phil Watson, and Bob Fass. Democracy Now! 's Amy Goodman introduces A Night in Chicago, and later shares her thoughts on Pacifica's importance in the news business. " See more at:. Segment 2 | Graham Nash's CHICAGO" ( 1971) Graham Nash wrote and released "Chicago" in 1971 -- several years after the events that inspired it: the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the trial of the Chicago Eight. For more information on the song, see:. April 26, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Judaism in America ( 2016) This month, Jewish communities across the country celebrate Passover, a holiday that marks the end of the Israelites’ enslavement by the Egyptians. Only about 2% of the U. population is Jewish, but the influence of American Jews far outweighs their relatively small demographic size. In this episode of BackStory, the Guys explore the history of Judaism in America, from George Washington’s famous letter to the Jewish congregation of Newport, Rhode Island, to efforts to establish a Jewish city of refuge, near Buffalo, New York in the l820’s, and the importance of delis in Jewish American culture. Guests include: Eran Shalev, Historian at Haifa University in Israel, and the author of American Zion: The Old Testament as a Political Text From the Revolution to the Civil War; Dianne Ashton, Professor of religious studies at Rowan University, and the author of Hanukkah in America: A History; Steve Oney, Author of And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank; Jonathan Sarna, Historian at Brandeis University; Ted Merwin, Professor of Judaic studies at Dickinson College and author of Pastrami on Rye: An OverStuffed History of the Jewish Deli. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Isaac Mayer Wise on "The Eternal Light" ( 1945) The Eternal Light, a radio and television program that was aired on the NBC Radio Network, was produced under the auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary and was regularly broadcast from 1944 until 1989. In March of 1946, the series produced this dramatic profile of Isaac Mayer Wise -- the founder of Reform Judaism in America. April 19, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Pass Fail, An American History of Testing ( 2016) From BackStory and the American History Guys: "In this episode of BackStory, we explore the history of testing in America. The Guys go back to the eighteenth-century and look at how elite colleges replaced social status with merit and behavior as a way to grade students. We uncover the links between President James Garfield's 1881 assassination and the civil service test, and look at how officials created the first, "white, " affirmative action program by waiving the test for WWII veterans. The Guys explore the long and troubled history of how Americans have used tests to both exclude and include people from the citizenry. " For more details, see:. Segment 2 | Earshot: Off Limits ( 2016) From a recent American comic film -- the audio track (slightly edited for length) of the "testing" scene from the 1996 film Men in Black. April 12, 2016 Segment 1 | Earshot: Vasa ~ A Brilliant Disaster ( 2015) From ABC/Radio National's Earshot: "The Swedish ship the Vasa, built in 1628, was one of the biggest battleships of its era. Sixty-nine metres long, the ship had three masts and was built to carry over four hundred men. It was to be the symbol of the growing Swedish empire, but ended up becoming a disaster. On its maiden voyage, the Vasa sailed just over one kilometre and then sank in the middle of Stockholm’s harbour. Three hundred years after its disastrous sinking, the ship was discovered. Due to the depth of the sea, and the mud in which the Vasa sank into at the bottom of the harbour, divers found an almost intact ship; the submerged Vasa was described as a marine Pompeii. Journalist Johan Gabrielsson delves into the royal archive and speaks with marine archaeologists and historians to try and discover why the ship sank on her maiden voyage. " From ABC/Radio National's Earshot: "Many years ago Gary Bryson found a cassette tape amongst a box of old recordings that had once belonged to BBC producer Charles Parker. Parker was famous for the highly acclaimed series of Radio Ballads that he made in the 50s and 60s with folk musicians Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. The cassette tape however, was not a radio ballad. It was labelled 'Off Limits #2' and was one of a series of programs produced by Parker along with musicians of what was known as the Critics' Group - a radical leftist folk ensemble led by MacColl. Dated 1970 - the height of the Vietnam war - it features the voices of American draft evaders, discontented soldiers and deserters from the conflict. Today, Off Limits opens a fascinating window onto the politics of protest at one particular moment in British history. It carries with it the echoes of a world at war, but a war that was never simply black and white, country against country, right or wrong; because Charles Parker didn’t make Off Limits for the BBC. He made it for the Vietcong. " April 5, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Little Caesars ~ Local Politics in America (2016) From BackStory and the American History Guys: "As the presidential candidates continue their contentious path to the White House, it's easy to overlook what’s happening at the local level. For this episode of BackStory, the Guys take a break from the race for the White House and examine local power brokers: from big city political bosses and small town sheriffs to some of the social reformers wh'’ve shaped their communities from the ground up. " Guests include: Preston Lauterbach, Preston Lauterbach is the author of Beale Street Dynasty: Sex, Song and the Struggle for the Soul of Memphis; Sarah J. Deutsch, Sarah Deutsch is a historian at Duke University. She is the author of Women and the City: Gender, Space, and Power in Boston, 1870-1940; Adam Cohen, Adam Cohen is a journalist and co-author of American Pharoah: Mayor Richard J Daley: His Battle for Chicago and the Nation; Daniel Joseph Watkins, DJ Watkins is the author of Freak Power: Hunter S. Thompson’s Campaign for Sheriff; Bob Braudis, Bob Braudis served as Pitkin County sheriff for 24 years; Steven Jackson, Steven Jackson is a freelance reporter and producer. For more details, see:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: George W. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall (LibriVox reading; selection) One of the more influential leaders of New York's Democratic political machine, Tammany Hall, George Washington Plunkitt (1842-1924) cultivated the art of "honest graft. " Besides his work as a ward boss in New York's Fifteenth Assembly District., he also served as a state senator and a representative to the New York Assembly. Here is a selection (a LibriVox reading) from William Riordon's William L., Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics (1905) -- in which Plunkitt offers his explanation for honest graft. March 29, 2016 Segment 1 | ABC/Radio National's Earshot: The Sex Workers Revolt From ABC/Radio National's Earshot: "In 1975 hundreds of French sex workers went on strike and occupied Catholic churches across the country. They were protesting police abuse and government closure of their work places. Supported by a handful of Catholic priests, the aggrieved sex workers became the centre of a global media storm. Forty years on, the strike is credited as the spark for present day sex workers rights movements. Producer Eurydice Aroney takes us to the Church in Lyon, France where it all began. She speaks with those who were there, and with the aid of archives, presents an "audio excavation" of a unique story. The voices of the original 1975 strikers and current French sex workers are re-voiced here by Sydney sex workers. The Sex Workers Revolt was originally broadcast as La Revolte des Prostituees a 50 minute French documentary co-commissioned by Radio Belgium (RTBF) and Radio France (RF) with funding for it's research from the University of Technology Sydney. Special thanks to Alexis Caraco, Nicole Gooch, Albert Lecoanet, Elena Jeffries, Tom Morton, Thierry Schaffauser and Lillian Mathieu Original music composed by Stuart Brown. " See:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Emile Zola's NANA (Selection of reading; the full version is available from Learn Out Loud:) French naturalist writer Emile Zola tells the story Nana Coupeau's rise from common streetwalker to high-class prostitute in the 1860s -- during the French Second Empire. For more information about the book, see:. For the full text, in English translation, see:. For the French edition, see:. Segment 3 | ABC/Radio National's Earshot: Mack the Knife (Produced by BBC Radio 4's Soul Music, 2015) From ABC/Radio National's Earshot (originally produced by BBC Radio 4's Soul Music): "The Brecht/Weill song, 'Mack The Knife' first appeared in 'The Threepenny Opera' in Berlin in 1928. Brecht and Weill's 'play with music' was based on John Gay's 'The Beggar's Opera', which was inspired by the real-life English highwayman, Jack Sheppard. 'Mack the knife' was a top ten hit for Bobby Darin in 1959. Ella Fitzgerald famously forgot the words when performing in Berlin in 1960 but her improvised version won a Grammy. Suzi Quatro recalls that as a child, she performed it with her father, playing the bongos in her first-ever stage appearance. Lenny Kaye recalls how he and Patti Smith did a version at their first performance together at St Marks Church in New York on 10th February 1971, for Brecht's birthday. Then there's the story of its first public performer, Kurt Gerron who carried the song with him to the darkest part of Nazi Germany. " See:. March 22, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Well-Regulated Militias ~ A History of Armed Resistance (2016) From BackStory and the American History Guys: "Earlier this year, tensions with Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, a group of armed protesters who’d occupied a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, ended in bloodshed. Federal agents shot one of the protesters, and soon after the rest surrendered to the FBI. In this episode of BackStory, the Guys consider different groups who have taken up arms – from Revolutionary War veterans protesting taxes, to the birth of the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War, and violent labor protests in the 20th century. " Guests include: * Steve Beda -- Steve Beda is a historian at the University of Oregon. He is the author of “‘More Than a Tea Party’: The IWA’s Women’s Auxiliary in the Pacific Northwest, 1937-1948. ” * Woody Holton -- Woody Holton teaches graduate seminars on Colonial America and on the American Revolution. At the undergraduate level, he teaches the first half of the U. history survey and upper-level classes on Early American Women, the American Revolution, and Early African Americans. In the near future he will teach seminars on slave rebellions and on the history of capitalism in North America. Holton’s 2009 book, Abigail Adams, which he wrote on a Guggenheim fellowship, won the Bancroft Prize. Holton is the author of Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution (2007), a finalist for the George Washington Book Prize and the National Book Award. His first book, Forced Founders: Indians, Debtors, Slaves and the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia (1999), won the Organization of American Historians’ Merle Curti award. * Elaine Frantz Parsons -- Elaine Frantz Parsons is a historian of manhood, race, and violence in the nineteenth-century United States. Her latest book, Ku-Klux: The Birth of the Klan in the Reconstruction-Era United States (University of North Carolina Press, 2016), argues that the post-war Klan was produced by northern and southern interests and media alike, and that its victims struggled not only against the Klan itself but against widespread skepticism of reports of Klan violence, and widespread white sympathy for its goals. * Lou Martin -- Lou Martin is a board member at the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum and an associate professor of history at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. He is the author of Smokestacks in the Hills: Rural-Industrial Workers in West Virginia, which will be published by the University of Illinois Press this fall. * Lucia Duncan -- Lucia is a freelance radio producer-reporter, filmmaker, and teacher based in Boston. Her radio stories have aired on NPR stations KUT and KPCC, Free Speech Radio News, and National Native News. Her films have screened at festivals worldwide and have received awards from the Angelus Student Film Festival, International Documentary Association, CINE, and the International Labor Communications Association. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has worked in Mexico and Brazil. As a Fulbright Fellow in northeast Brazil, Lucia taught video production to indigenous youth for Video in the Villages. She has a BA in Development Studies and Portuguese/Brazilian Studies from Brown University and an MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas at Austin. For more information on this segment, go to:, Segment 2 | From the Archives: Sam Adams on Militias and Revolution (August 1, 1776 Speech reading; YouTube) President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a series of fireside chats on various issues of policy; this is a selection from one of them from 1935 -- focusing on unemployment relief and social security. For the source recording, go totalk, go to: March 15, 2016 NO SHOW THIS WEEK. Explore our archived shows. March 8, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Hard Times ~ A History of Unemployment (2016) From BackStory an the American History Guys: " President Barack Obama claims that the country's low unemployment rate shows that we've rebounded from the Great Recession. But presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders say the "real" unemployment rate is much higher. During this episode of BackStory, the Guys will look at the invention of the official unemployment rate, discuss the struggle among Baltimore's working classes in the early 19th century to find and keep work, and uncover the hidden history of unemployment in the U. Guests include: * Alexander Keyssar:, Alexander Keyssar is the Matthew W. Stirling Jr. Professor of History and Social Policy. An historian by training, he has specialized in the explanation of issues that have contemporary policy implications. His book, The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States (2000), was named the best book in U. history by both the American Historical Association and the Historical Society; it was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Los Angeles Times Book Award. A significantly revised and updated edition of The Right to Vote was published in 2009. His 1986 book, Out of Work: The First Century of Unemployment in Massachusetts, was awarded three scholarly prizes. Keyssar is coauthor of The Way of the Ship: America's Maritime History Reenvisioned, 1600-2000 (2008), and of Inventing America, a text integrating the history of technology and science into the mainstream of American history. In addition, he is coeditor of a series on Comparative and International Working-Class History. In 2004/5, Keyssar chaired the Social Science Research Council's National Research Commission on Voting and Elections, and writes frequently for the popular press about American politics and history. Keyssar's current research interests include election reform, the history of democracies, and the history of poverty. * Seth Rockman: Seth Rockman is a specialist in nineteenth-century United States history, with a focus on the relationship of slavery and capitalism in American economic and social development. His 2009 book Scraping By: Wage Labor, Slavery, and Survival in Early Baltimore won the Merle Curti Prize from the Organization of American Historians, the Philip Taft Labor History Book Award, and the H. L. Mitchell Prize from the Southern Historical Association. Rockman is currently writing a book about shoes, shovels, hats, and hoes manufactured in the North for use on Southern slave plantations. He and Sven Beckert are co-editing S lavery's Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development. A preview of this work appeared on the Bloomberg News Echoes blog in January 2012. Rockman has a Ph. D. in history from the University of California-Davis and a B. A. in history from Columbia University. * Scott Sandage: Scott Sandage is a cultural historian who specializes in the nineteenth-century United States and in the changing aspects of American identity. He is the author of Born Losers: A History of Failure in America (Harvard University Press, 2005), on which playwright Arthur Miller commented, “I found Born Losers a confirmation of an old belief that in American history there is a crash in every generation sufficient to mark us with a kind of congenital fear of failure. This is a bright light on a buried strain in the evolution of the United States. " Francisco Balderrama: Francisco Balderrama is emeritus professor at California State University, Los Angeles. He is the co-author of Decade of Betrayal: Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s. The 20th century history of the Mexican in the United States, Mexican immigration and the American Southwest are among Professor Balderrama's areas of expertise. He was presented an award by the Gustavus Myers Center for the study of Human Rights in North America for his book and has received several research grants and professional awards, including the Senior Fulbright Lectureship in American Immigration at the University of Rome. * Christine Valenciana: Dr. Valenciana, Associate Professor Emeritus, received the Ph. in Curriculum and Instruction (Literacy) from the University of California, Riverside. Her research interests include: educational/linguistic impact on Mexican American children who were unconstitutionally deported during the 1930s, Latina/o teacher education, and the literacy of U. Mexican children with publications in Urban Review, Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, Action in Teacher Education, Multicultural Education, Equity and Excellence in Education and The Social Studies. * Felicia Kornbluh: Felicia Kornbluh is an Associate Professor of History and Director of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Kornbluh's book, The Battle for Welfare Rights, (University of Penn. Press 2007), is a study of the social movement for welfare rights, and its interactions with mainstream political and legal institutions, in New York City and nationally. It is now available in paperback and is used widely. She is now writing a monograph on the New York City World's Fair of 1964-1965, and on the political movements that made that fair a failure. She is also in the middle of a long-term project on disability, gender and social welfare, which focuses on the activist and constitutional law scholar Jacobus tenBroek. " For more information on this segment, go to:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: FDR on Unemployment Relief (1935) President Franklin D. For the entire talk, go to:. March 1, 2016 Segment 1 | From the Vault: The Confessions of Nat Turner (1968; 2016) From From the Vault, with special guest host Joanne Griffith presents "a 1968 conversation between Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Styron, actor Ossie Davis and writer James Baldwin on Styron’s attempt to make his novel The Confessions of Nat Turner into a film. Written in 1967 after years of research, The Confessions of Nat Turner weaves fiction into the life Nat Turner, an African American who led a rebellion against slave owners in August of 1831. The novel would immediately draw criticism from Black writers and intelligentsia for Styron’s lack of understanding of the slave experience and misrepresenting one of the heroes of the slave era. Despite this outrage, the book would go on to win the 1968 Pulitzer Prize. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb (LibriVox) We present a selection from a reading of one of the most famous 19th century slave narrative, the Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb. From LibriVox: "Henry Walton Bibb was born a slave. His father was white although his identity was not positively known. Bibb was separated from his mother at a very young age and hired out to other slave owners for most of his childhood. Always yearning for his freedom, he made his first escape from slavery in 1842. He was recaptured and escaped, recaptured and escaped over and over; but he never gave up on his desire to be a man in control of his own destiny. Bibb eventually escaped the bondage of servitude for good and dedicated his life to speaking out against the institution of slavery. In the process he helped others obtain their freedom. He published Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, and American Slave in 1849 telling the story of his daily life as a slave, as a runaway and as a free man. He also illustrated the depravity of that “man-destroying system” and the “idea of utter helplessness in perpetual bondage. ” Bibb stated in his Author's Preface that there were other very popular slave narratives published before his own; nevertheless, the uniqueness of his story is in the details of his experiences which, like the others, shine a glaringly truthful beam of light on the sins of this nation. Ultimately Bibb made his way to Canada where in 1851 he published the first black newspaper of that Country, Voice of the Fugitive. He died in 1854 at the age of 39. (Introduction by James K. White). " For the full audio and links to the full text, go to: /. February 23, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Real to Reel ~ History at the Oscars (2016) As in previous years we visit the Oscars. Once again BackStory and the American History guys -- Peter, Ed, and Brian -- "go to the movies and consider how history made its mark on the silver screen this year in Oscar-nominated films" like The Revenant, Bridge of Spies, Birth of a Nation, and Trumbo. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Here is a short sound track selection from one of the earliest historical films to win a "Best Picture" oscar -- in 1935, Although not always historicallly, accurate, it was one of the best film translations of the actual 1789 mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty. Here is a summary of the famous tale (from 1935 New York Times review of the film): "In 1787 H. M. Bounty, commanded by the able but intolerably savage Lieutenant Bligh, left England bound for Tahiti. The spirit of revolt grew among both officers and men during the voyage as Bligh's mania for discipline increased in fury. Discharging her cargo at Tahiti, the Bounty was sailing for home when Christian, the second in command, led the mutinous sailors and seized the ship. Bligh and eighteen loyal men were set adrift with the ship's launch in mid-Pacific, while the triumphant mutineers put back to Tahiti. Miraculously Bligh took his open boat 3, 600 miles across the ocean to the Dutch East Indies, a feat that is almost unparalleled for skill and courage in nautical annals. In the photoplay, though not in fact, Bligh commands the second British ship which pursues the mutineers and is wrecked in the futile search. Midshipman Byam and several other loyal seamen who were forced to accompany the rebels were returned to England for trial. Condemned with the rest, Byam, in the film, is pardoned after an eloquent speech in which he informs the court-martial of the conditions which drove Christian and the crew to mutiny. " For the rest of the review, see: New York Times, February 27, 2016. February 16, 2016 Segment 1 | Against the Grain: The Culture of the Cuban Revolution (2016) From Pacifica Radio's Against the Grain, we explore the cultural side of the Cuban Revolution: "What happened in Cuba after 1959 wasn't only Fidel Castro's rise and the political maneuverings of a revolutionary government. There was also a fundamental transformation in culture and cultural production. Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt describes how cultural work was harnessed to the project of building a new society. " Nesbit is the author of To Defend the Revolution is to Defend Culture: The Cultural Policy of the Cuban Revolution (PM Press, 2015). Segment 2 | From the Archives: Revolutionary Songs of Cuba ~ Hasta Siempre Comandante (Carlos Puebla, 1965) "Hasta Siempre, Comandante" -- a popular tribute to Che Guevara written by Cuban composer and musician Carlos Puebla -- recounts and celebrates the significant contributions that Guevera made to the Cuban Revolution. For the complete lyrics of the song, see:. The song has been performed by scores of singers in various versions. Here is a link to a traditional interpretation of the song:. February 9, 2016 Segment 1 | Ginger Strand on the Brothers Vonnegut (2015) On Feb 9th, we broadcast a talk by nonfiction writer Ginger Strand. She spoke about her new nonfiction book, The Brothers Vonnegut (2015), a biography of major American author Kurt Vonnegut and his brother Bernard Vonnegut, a research scientist at the General Electric laboratory in Schenectady and a professor of Atmospheric Science at the University at Albany. Strand delivered the keynote lecture of the Researching New York Conference on Thursday, November 19, 2015 in the Clark Auditorium of the NYS Museum, Cultural Education Center (Albany, NY). Strand is also the author of Killer on the Road: Violence and the American Interstate (2012), Inventing Niagara: Beauty, Power, and Lies (2008), and Flight: A Novel (2005). Segment 2 | From the Archives: Kurt Vonnegut at NYU (1970) From the Pacifica Radio Archives: here is a selection from a recording of a Kurt Vonnegut talk, delivered in an NYU classroom. Vonnegut, the author of Player Piano (1952), The Sirens of Titan (1959), Cat's Cradle (1963), Slaughterhouse Five (1969), and many other works, discusses his work and life. Vonnegut was introduced by Ronald Gross, class instructor, but the introduction is not included in this excerpt. For the full audio, go to:. To obain a copy of the recording from the Pacifica Archives, go to:. February 2, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Court of Public Opinion ~ Trial Watching in America (2016) In this episode of BackStory, the American History Guys "explore our fascination with courtroom drama. What makes for a compelling case and why have some landmark proceedings received little attention? We'll consider why so many Americans followed the trial of a young clerk accused of murdering a New York City prostitute in 1836, and why we're still talking about Sacco and Vanzetti nearly a century after they were sentenced to death. From public hanging in Puritan Massachusetts, to the murder trial of Black Panther leader Huey Newton in the late 1960's, the Guys will reveal the deep-seated issues beneath American trial-watching. " For more information on this segment, go to:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Orson Welles as Clarence Darrow in Compulsion (1959) In this selection fom the 1959 film Compulsion, Orson Welles delivers a stirring plea for the lives of his two young clients, accused if kidnapping and murder, The film, based on the fictionalized account written in 1956 by Meyer Levin, focuses on two wealthy Chicago teenagers, Judd Steiner and Artie Straus, who kidnap and murder a young boy. The final summation by their attorney, played by Welles, is taken directly from the transcript of the real trial. For more information about the film and the trial it was based on, see: and. January 26, 2016 Segment 1 | Richard Norton Smith on Nelson Rockefeller (Researching NY Conference ~ 11-20-2014) Presidential and political historian Richard Norton Smith presented the keynote lecture for the 2014 Researching New York conferenc, focusing on his new biography of the former New York State governor and U. vice president Nelson Rockefeller, On His Own Terms: A Life of Nelson Rockefeller (2014). Fourteen years in the writing, the book has been widely hailed as"the definitive biography of the New York governor and U. vice president who championed the arts and education, transformed Albany’s architectural landscape, and defined the moderate Republican brand. " Smith's other books include the 1982 biography, Thomas E. Dewey and His Times; The Colonel (2003), about Chicago Tribune publisher Robert McCormick; The Harvard Century: The Making of a University to a Nation (1998); Patriarch: George Washington and the New American Nation (1993); and An Uncommon Man: The Triumph of Herbert Hoover (1984). Segment 2 | From the Archives: Nelson Rockefeller's First State of the State Address (1-7-1959) Here is an excerpt from Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s first State of the State address, delivered on 1-7-1959. It comest to us from the New York State Archives -- more specifically from "Series 13700-83, Audio and video tapes, 1951-1986, New York (State) Governor. " The full recording is available from the Archives (contact or (518) 474-8955 for more information. This selection is available on line at:. In his address, Rockefeller " talks about New York's need for leadership that can achieve advances such as the Erie Canal, the Thruway, the St. Lawrence Seaway, etc., and about addressing emerging issues before they become problems, to better shape tomorrow. " January 19, 2016 Segment 1 | BackStory: Color Lines ~ Racial Passing in America (2016). "On this episode of BackStory, the Guys will consider how and why Americans throughout the centuries have crossed the lines of racial identity, and find out what the history of passing has to say about race, identity, and privilege in America. We'll look at stories of African-Americans who passed as white to escape slavery or Jim Crow and find out how the "one-drop rule" enabled one blonde-haired, blue-eyed American to live a double life without ever arousing suspicion. We'll also explore the story of an African-American musician who pioneered a genre of exotic music with a bejeweled turban and an invented biography, and examine the hidden costs of crossing over. " For more information, go to:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Literary "Passing" - George Eliot We expand our discussion of the notion of "passing" by looking at women who used masculine pen names. Mary Ann Evans is now far better recognized by her pen name, George Eliot, as she is by her birth name. One of the leading English writers of the Victorian era, she chose a masculine pen name to be taken seriously -- to escape the automatic association of women writers with romantic and light-hearted plots. Here we offer a selection from chapter 1 of one of her most famous novels, Middlemarch (1871-72). For more infromation about George and her works, see:. January 12, 2016 Segment 1 | From the Vault: Dalton Trumbo (2015). From one of Pacifica Radio's flagship programs, From the Vault, we present this profile of blacklisted Hollwood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, now the subject of a major Hollywood film: "This week on From the Vault we salute one of America's greatest screenwriters and novelists, Dalton Trumbo, who is known as much for his Academy Award-winning scripts as he is for being one of the infamous "Hollywood Ten, " a group of Hollywood film industry professionals blacklisted for publicly denouncing the tactics of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in the late 1940's. In 1971, Trumbo sat down for an interview with Pacifica's Larry Bensky to discuss the film adaptation of his award-winning 1939 novel Johnny Got His Gun. Dalton also explores his thoughts on the Attica Prison uprising, and reminisces on the days of McCarthyism and blacklisting in America. We'll also hear archival recordings from our collection of Trumbo’s contemporaries who knew him best, including Ring Lardner Jr. (a fellow member of the Hollywood Ten), communist activist Dorothy Healy, and actor Kirk Douglass. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Salt of the Earth (1954). Here is an excerpt from a film produced during the 1950s directed by blacklisted director Herbert Biberman and produced by a number of other blacklisted Hollywood cast and crew members (including Paul Jarrico) -- though many of the actors came from the local community in which the film was made. The film, based on actual events, focuses on Mexican workers at a Zinc mine who call a strike -- and ultimately triumph as they build a solidarity among themselves. The film is especially unique, not only in the way it was made, but also in its feminist message. The success of the workers was heavily dependent on the trasnformation of the male workers in the film, one that took place as they learned to rely on -- and respet -- the strength and support of their wives, mothers and daughters. For more infromation on the film, see:. January 5, 2016 Segment 1 | With Good Reason: Reading the Founding Fathers' Mail (2015). From the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities' With Good Reason: "More than 30 people who spent the last three years immersed in thousands of letters written by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Abigail Adams, and James Madison, are experiencing a sense of loss and sorrow now that the massive project to proofread the letters and make them available online has come to a close. Join us as Bill Kissell, Donna Carty, and Dena Radley share favorite letters that reveal the fascinating inner lives of the founders. Also: Project Director Sue Perdue (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities) and Kathleen Williams (National Historical Publications and Records Commission at the National Archives) describe the scope of this remarkable project of the National Archives called Founders Online (produced in collaboration with the University of Virginia Press). " For more information, including links to online feaures, see:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: City Water Tunnel #3 (Marty Pottenger). Here are some edited audio selections from performer, writer, and director Marty Pottenger "performing" several of the individuals whom she interviewed while collecting the material for her Obie-winning play City Water Tunner #3. The Multi-media play is about the building of one of the largest non-defense public works project in the Western Hemisphere. The tunnel's construction began in 1970 and is scheduled for final completion in 2025. For information about the play, see:. You can also follow a link there to the entire performance, now available on YouTube. Segment 3 | Rear Vision (ABC Radio): A History of Drinking Water (2015; 2016). This segment of our show comes to us from ABC's Radio National's weekly program, Rear Vision: "Most people in the big cities of the developed world don’t think twice about their water supply—unless perhaps, water restrictions are applied during a drought. Rear Vision tracks the remarkable advances in water engineering that make that assumption possible, beginning with the great gravity fed water system of ancient Rome. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, advances in water engineering not only allowed urban centres safe drinking water but found ways to manage waste water contamination as well. Now, in the twenty first century, will recycling and desalination plants answer the challenge of future drought and climate change? " For transcript and more information, see:. December 29, 2015 NO SHOW THIS WEEK. CHECK OUT OUR PREVIOUS PROGRAMS. December 15, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: American Prophets ~ Religions Born in the U. (2015). BackStory and the American History Guys look at the history of U. relgions this week: "History textbooks often argue that the United States was founded on the principle of religious freedom, beginning with the Pilgrims who sought refuge from the Church of England. But the America of centuries past was more than a safe haven for religious dissenters. It was also fertile ground for many new religious faiths. In this hour of BackStory, the History Guys will consider religions that originated or transformed in America, from Christian Science to Scientology. They'll find out how the threat of colonization briefly united 18th-century Native Americans under a single deity, and how the Nation of Islam found converts among African-Americans in the civil rights era. What makes a religion "American"? Why do so many new faiths sprout from American soil? And what role will 21st century America play in the history of religious innovation? " This week's guests include: Estrelda Alexander, William Seymour College; Adam Jortner, Auburn University; John Turner, George Mason University; David Holland, Harvard Divinity School; Hugh Urban, The Ohio State University; Zaheer Ali, Brooklyn Historical Society. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Music from the Shakers: Simple Gifts (1848; modern performance from YouTube). Here is a recent performance (audio only) of a classic Shaker dance song written and composed in 1848 by Shaker elder Joseph Brackett. For the video of the perfomance -- from Cibertracker Imperium -- go to:. For background information on the song, see: and. December 8, 2015 Segment 1 | Against the Grain: The Moynihan Report of 1965 (2015). This segment comes to us from Against the Grain []: "When the Moynihan Report was released fifty years ago, it sparked an explosive debate as well as a long-running controversy, one that persists to the present day. What did the document say about African American life, and why did William F. Buckley, Dr. King, and Michael Harrington all praise its message? Daniel Geary describes the report's impact on the way people think and talk about race and inequality in the US. " For more information on the Mouynihan Report, see: Daniel Geary, Beyond Civil Rights: The Moynihan Report and Its Legacy (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015). Segment 2 | From the Archives: "Theodore" (1907 song). Theodore Roosevelt's achievements are lauded in this song, released in 1907 as an Edison Gold Moulded Record cylinder recording. The song was composed by Vincent Bryan and sung here by Edward M. Favor. For more details, go to this UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive Web site:. December 1, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: Contested Landscape ~ Confederate Symbols in America (2015). Brom BackStory and the American History Guys: "In July of this year, the murder of nine African-American parishioners at the Emanuel A. E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina reignited a longstanding debate about the Confederate flag. Soon after the shooting, South Carolina lawmakers voted to remove the flag from the State House building, and many other states followed suit. But while some Americans applaud the decision as a victory against racism and hatred, others argue that the flag's removal dishonors the memory of those who died defending the South. On this episode of BackStory, we're looking at how memories of the Confederacy have shaped the nation's landscape, from the rebel flag to the silver screen. The Guys will hear what symbols of the Confederacy mean to African Americans, explore Hollywood's love affair with Confederate heroes, and find out why one Civil War re-enactor changed his mind about his heritage. How have generations of Americans revered and renounced the Confederacy since its defeat 150 years ago? " This week's guests include: John Coski, American Civil War Museum; Maurie McInnis, University of Virginia; Brenda Stevenson, UCLA; Logan Jaffe, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio; Michael Paul Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Eileen Jones, UC Berkeley; Waverly Adcock, Former Civil War Re-enactor. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Maryland, My Maryland (written 1861; official state song 1939). Maryland, My Maryland is the official state song of Maryland; it's based on a poem written by James Ryder Randall in 1861. Filled with clearly anti-Northern and anti-Lincoln stanzas, the song was nonetheless adoped as Maryland's official state song on April 29, 1939, by Maryland's General Assembly. For more information about the history of the song, see:. November 24, 2015 Segment 1 | Open Source: America's First Dance with the Devil (2015). From Open Source and Christopher Lydon: "John Winthrop, Massachusetts' first governor, first came to our shores, he gave the famous address, 'A Modell of Christian Charity. ' When Winthrop declared, 'we shall be as a city upon a hill — the eyes of all people will be upon us, ' he may well have been thinking of Salem, a pious little place perched on the north shore of Massachusetts Bay, older and richer than the future capital of Boston. Just before that, Winthrop predicted that a new kind of covenant would govern the people of Salem, Boston, Plymouth and York -- a religious fellowship, a peaceful neighborliness: We must uphold a familiar commerce together in all meekness, gentleness, patience and liberality. We must delight in each other; make others’ conditions our own; rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together, always having before our eyes our commission and community in the work, as members of the same body. So shall we keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace… So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause Him to withdraw His present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world. By the century was out, Salem, a city named for peace, would break out into an unholy war of all against all: a fever of recrimination and betrayal directed at witches in high places and low. Accusers named almost 200 people in places high and low -- from slave women and homeless widows to the governor’s wife -- as their stabbing spectral oppressors. A fiery court went to work in Salem's main street, extracting confessions. By the time the fever had broken, twenty martyrs -- those women and men who refused to pose as witches in order to save their own lives -- had been killed. (Five more had died in prison, including an infant. ) The witch-trial mania of 1692 represented the gravest disappointment of Winthrop's Christian charity yet seen on these shores -- and the shame of it pervades everything. So, led by Stacy Schiff, author of a controversial new thriller-history of that year, we're looking at the Salem trials again as a whole: not just as a memory or a metaphor for McCarthyism, not as a Halloween jolt of adrenaline, but the ghostly after-image and lingering shame in our neck of the woods. Historians and writers in town will bring us home: Emerson 'Tad' Baker pitches Salem as a pivotal moment in American history, Marilynne Roach acquaints us with victims of the hysteria, and novelist Katherine Howe finds the clearest soundings of the story in the Gothic 'romances' of Nathaniel Hawthorne and in the gray surround of her home turf in Essex County, Mass. " John Coski, American Civil War Museum; Maurie McInnis, University of Virginia; Brenda Stevenson, UCLA; Logan Jaffe, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio; Michael Paul Williams, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Eileen Jones, UC Berkeley; Waverly Adcock, Former Civil War Re-enactor. For more details, go to:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: The Three Witches in Macbeth (1968). An interesting interpretation from Shakespeare's famous scene with the three witches in Macbeth (written in 1606) -- from Act IV, Scene 1. Source: Renee LaTulippe,. November 17, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: Body Politics ~ Disability in America (2015). BackStory and the American History Guys look back at the history of disability in America []: "The impact of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act is visible in parking lots, bathrooms, and public buildings across the country. But for centuries before the ramps and signs were erected, disabled people had to find their own ways to navigate American society. This week on BackStory, we’re exploring the history of disability in America, from the “ugly laws” that barred the disabled from public spaces to the grassroots activism that set the stage for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Guys will consider how the inventor of the telephone tried to stamp out American sign language, and how enslaved people found ways to exploit white fears of physical disability. How have people with disabilities shaped 21st century America? And how have American attitudes towards disability changed? " Guests this week include: Jenifer Barclay, Washington State University; Mat Fraser, Actor and disability advocate; Douglas Baynton, University of Iowa; Brian Greenwald, Gallaudet University; I. King Jordan, Gallaudet University; Dea H. Boster, Columbus State Community College; and Emily Smith-Beitiks, Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Jose Felliciano (1968). Jose Montserrate Feliciano Garcia -- Jose Feliciano -- was born in Lares, Puerto Rico, on September 10, 1945. He was left permanently blind at birth as a result of congenital glaucoma, "One of eleven boys, his love affair with music began at the age of three when he first accompanied his uncle on a tin cracker can. When he was five, his family immigrated to New York City. Young Jose learned to play the concertina at age six, using a handful of records as his teacher. At eight, he entertained his classmates at PS 57, and at nine, performed at The Puerto Rican Theater in the Bronx. Venturing beyond the accordion, he taught himself to play the guitar with undaunted determination and again, with nothing but records as his teacher, practicing for as many as 14 hours a day. Exposed to the Rock'n'Roll of the 50's, Jose was then inspired to sing.... " For more on Feliciano, see his biography here:. Here we feature one of his better known musical renditions of the Doors' song Light My Fire, first released on his album Feliciano! in 1968. November 10, 2015 Segment 1 | Rear Vision (ABC-Radio National): A History of Zoos (2015). Here's a piece that comes to us from ABC's Radio National's weekly program, Rear Vision: "People have collected and kept animals for thousands of years. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, what had been called menageries—often royal collections—gave way to zoos, where live specimens were collected for study. Although some zoos—like the London Zoo—were established specifically for scientific research, ultimately the widespread human desire to look at live animals turned zoos into popular public places of entertainment. During the twentieth century, zoo design evolved and concrete cages with bars were replaced by moats and more naturalistic settings. The role of zoos also changed and although entertainment certainly still tops the list for most visitors, education and conservation have been added to the reasons for keeping and displaying captive animals. Rear Vision looks at the history of zoos and how they have adapted to the concerns of animal welfare advocates and the existential threat to animals in the wild. " For the transcript and more, see:. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Dorothy Day interview (1960). In this episode of Pacifica Radio's From the Vault, " we feature a rare recording of journalist, activist, and Catholic Worker Movement co-founder Dorothy Day. In 1927, thirty years after her birth, Day converted to Catholicism, and a few years later started The Catholic Worker, a popular newspaper promoting Catholic teachings. Leaning on the success of this publication, Day created the Catholic Worker Movement, which to this day addresses a wide range of social justice issues, guided by Catholic principles. Today, four decades after her passing in 1980, Day remains a revered figure in the modern Catholic Church, widely regarded as one of the most influential and important figures in the American Catholicism; indeed, Pope Francis himself highlighted the legacy of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement in his 2015 address to the United States Congress. " For the full From the Vault broadcast, which includes a commentary by Blase Bonpane, host of the radio show World Focus (KPFK) and director of the Los Angeles-based Office of the Americas, more information about this segment -- go to:. November 3, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: People's Choice ~ A History of Populism (2015). Here's another contribution from BackStory and the American History Guys []: "Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have packed the stadiums as they make their case for the 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential nomination. Many pundits have labeled them 21st century “populists. ” But invoking the “voice of the people” is a tradition as old as the country itself. On this episode of BackStory, the Guys trace populism’s influence on American politics—from mob justice in colonial Massachusetts to the White House’s first outsider, Andrew Jackson. BackStory will explore how farmers built a mass movement around monetary reform in the late 19th century and how politicians have capitalized on the tradition of riling up the masses. How have populist movements inspired—and sometimes frightened—the electorate? And how does populism impact our politics today? " This week's guests include: Omar Ali, University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Jamelle Bouie, Slate Magazine; Ranjit Dighe, State University of New York Oswego; Paul Gilje, University of Oklahoma; Jason Opal, McGill University; Harry Watson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Segment 2 | From the Archives: Georgia Watson Craven interview (Tom Watson's granddaughter) by David Moltke Hansen (short selection; 1990). Here is a short audio selection from an Interview with Georgia Watson Craven, conducted by David Moltke-Hansen in 1990. Craven is the granddaughter of Georgia populist Thomas E. Watson, who served as a congressman and later senator from Georgia. Watson was one of the founders of Georgia's Populist Party and ran for the Vice Presidency in 1896 on the Populist Party ticket, headed by William Jennings Bryan. For the full interview, go to:. For a short biography of Watson, see:. October 27, 2015 Segment 1 | Against the Grain: Industrialized Agriculture in the Soviet Union (2015). From Against the Grain: "A griculture in the Soviet Union had some colossal disasters -- not the least of which was the near-destruction of the Aral Sea -- and some significant successes as well. But most of the analysis of that experience has been through a Cold War lens. Historian Jenny Leigh Smith has taken a second look at Soviet agriculture. She argues that it compares decently to other mid-century industrialized agricultural systems, including that of the United States -- which may not be saying much" For more information, see: Jenny Leigh Smith, Works in Progress: Plans and Realities on Soviet Farms, 1930-1963 (New Haven: Yale U. Press, 2014). Segment 2 | From the Archives; Harvest of Shame (Documentary film audio track -- selection; 1960). Here is a short audio track selection from a classic television documentary, focusing on the plight of American migrant agricultural workers. Produced as an installment of the TV documentary series CBS Reports and broadcast on November 25, 1960 -- the day after Thanksgiving -- the segment was directed by Fred W. Friendly and hosted by Edward R. Murrow. The documentary marked Murrow's last appearance on "CBS Reports;" he had accepted John F. Kennedy's offer to head the United States Information Agency. For the full broadcast of Harvest of Shame, see:. For a retrospective account of Harvest of Shame and its impact (from National Public Radio), go to:. October 20, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: "They Might Be Giants ~ China and the US (2015). From BackStory and the American History Guys: "Americans have traded with China since the earliest days of the Republic. During the colonial era and for early Americans, China was a source of luxury goods like tea, porcelain, and silk. For some of their descendants, it was the destination for an illicit and lucrative trade in opium. Later, Chinese immigrants helped to build the American West. But the relationship between the two countries has often been fraught, with each side fearing that the other is seeking the upper hand. In this episode, Brian, Ed and Peter explore the long and often turbulent history between the two countries, now the top economies in the world. How does our past history with China color our present relationship? " Guests this week include: Gordon Chang, Stanford University; Nicholas Griffin, author of 'Ping Pong Diplomacy: The Secret History Behind the Game that Changed the World'; John Haddad, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg; Madeline Hsu, University of Texas at Austin; Lisa Moorehouse, reporter and producer; Joe Orser, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. See for more information. Segment 2 | LibriVox Reading: The Book of Ser Marco Polo (c. 1300). Perhaps more than any other person, Marco Polo helped initiate centuries of contact and trade between the West and China. Here is a selection from The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian, concerning the kingdoms and marvels of the East, volume 1, translated by Henry Yule (1820 - 1889). He we offer a reading from the book, from LibriVox: "Books of the Marvels of the World" or "Description of the World" (Divisament dou monde), also nicknamed "Il Milione" ("The Million") or "Oriente Poliano", but commonly called "The Travels of Marco Polo", is a 13th-century travelogue written down by Rustichello da Pisa from stories told by Marco Polo, describing the travels of the latter through Asia, Persia, China, and Indonesia between 1271 and 's been a very famous and popular book since the 14th century, creating the image of Marco Polo as the icon of the bold traveller. Presenting Marco Polo as an important figure at the court of the Mongol leader Kublai Khan, the book was written in Old French by Rustichello da Pisa, a romance author of the time, who was reportedly working from accounts which he had heard from Marco Polo when they were imprisoned in Genoa, having been captured while on a ship. This audiobook in two volumes uses the 1903 third edition of Sir Henry Yule's translation, revised by Henri Cordier. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by Leni). " For the full reading, see;. October 13, 2015 No broadcast this week. Check out our archive for past broadcasts. October 6, 2015 Segment 1 | BackStory: "Banned ~ A History of Censorship" (2015). From BackStory and the American History Guys: "September 27 marks the beginning of Banned Books Week, an annual event celebrating literature and the freedom to read, by highlighting and exploring efforts around the country to remove or restrict access to certain books. Indeed, Americans have sought to censor all kinds of things: music, radio, TV, and film have also run up against assumed limits on what is acceptable to say or portray. In this episode, Peter, Ed, and Brian offer an uncut account of censorship in American politics, media, and culture—from rules designed to prevent the discussion of controversial subjects ranging from slavery to sex via the mail, to Hollywood's production code and censorship today. Recalling materials and individuals that have been suppressed or once incurred a censor’s wrath, BackStory’s hosts explore how the line between free speech and censorship has changed over time. " Guests this week include: Sherman Alexie, author, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian;" Richard Bernstein, City College of New York; Thomas Doherty, Brandeis University; John Fialka, Gulf War Correspondent; Joanne Freeman, Yale University; Joe Galloway, War correspondent; Daniel Hallin, University of California, San Diego; RIchard John, Columbia University; Craig LaMay, Northwestern University; Leigh Schmidt, Washington University in St. Louis. Segment 2 | From the Archives: "Louie, Louis. " (1963). In keeping with the theme of this week, censorship, we offer a song that was banned by several radio stations in 1964 around the nation. Here is one account of why, from Dwight Rounds' The Year The Music Died, 1964-1972: " The words to 'Louie Louie' are almost impossible to understand, and are rumored to be obscene. No question that this added significantly to the sales of the single. There was probably a leak somewhere that the lyrics were obscene; otherwise no one would have realized it. This was the most ingenious marketing scheme ever. The FBI tried to track down Richard Berry, The Kingsmen, and various record company executives. They were never able to determine the actual lyrics used. To this day, the Kingsmen insist they said nothing lewd, despite the obvious mistake at the end of the instrumental, where Jack Ely started to sing the last verse one bar too soon, and can be heard yelling something in the background. Ely also said that he sung far away from the microphone, which caused the fuzzy sound, and that the notoriety was initiated by the record company. " NPR actually ran a feature on the story behind the Kingsmen's version of Richard Berry's Louie, Louie [Go here to listen:. For the actual FBI report on its investigation of the song, see:. September 29, 2015 Segment 1 | Open Source: "The Fate of the Union (with Steve Fraser)" (2015). Producer Chrisopher Lydon begins a three-part series, "produced in partnership with The Nation, on the state of work in America today with a little history. It's a contradictory story of a century marked by incredible change, of a great boom and then a slow bust of labor power that brings the story current and into the presidential campaign of roughout the 20th century, organized labor was a central feature of American life. Our guide, the historian Steve Fraser, asks what happened—between Roosevelt and Reagan, between the UAW and Uber? " A full summary of the program can be found at. Segment 2 | From the Archives: "Jimmy Hoffa's Last Interview? " (Selection, 1975). Here is a short selection from the purported "last" interview with Jimmy Hoffa: "In the summer of 1975 Jimmy Hoffa sat down and gave his most frank and direct interview ever with eight men who questioned Hoffa on a wide range of subjects including a vendetta with Bobby Kennedy, mob ties to the teamsters union, Hoffa's threats to break a reporter's back, pay-offs, and much more. This astonishingly open dialogue from Hoffa lasted over two hours and, when Hoffa disappeared some weeks later on July 30th, 1975, unexpectedly became the last interview Jimmy Hoffa ever gave. Hidden for over thirty years. " See the following for the video and information on obtaining the full interview:. For information on Hoffa's life, along with a comprehensive bibliography, see:. Copyright © 1997-2016 Talking History.

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Abc news close-up : vietnam requiem videos

The footage industry's talking shop and the first with its news FootageInfo. com News and Information for the Stock and Archival Footage Industry. FOOTAGE INDUSTRY NEWS BRIEFING:, 2020 Edited by John Flewin, contact: CHANGES AT THE TOP & MORE REVENUE AT SHUTTERSTOCK Feb 14, 2020 Royalty-free house Shutterstock has appointed Stan Pavlovsky, currently President and Chief Operating Officer, as Chief Executive. Jon Oringer, currently Chief Executive Officer, becomes Executive Chairman of the Board. The company also reported fourth quarter 2019 revenue of $166. 4 million, an increase of 3% compared the same period of 2018 — up from $157. 42 million in the previous quarter. Total image and video downloads for the fourth quarter were up to 47. 7 million compared to 46. 8 million a year earlier. At year-end Shutterstock was offering 17 million video clips and over 314 million images.. Web: ACSIL BECOMES PART OF DMLA Jan 9, 2020 Industry trade association for moving-image licensors, ACSIL (Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors) is joining forces with the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA), founded as a picture agency association and now representing all media licensors. A joint press release says the new set-up will seek to “to lead advocacy, education and community building for licensors, their partners and the creators they represent”. DMLA membership is said to include industry leaders Shutterstock, Getty Images, Alamy, Pond5, Stocksy, Adobe Stock as well as many smaller and midsize companies and will now list more than 90% of North American image, video and media licensing in its membership. Alison Smith, Head of Stock Licensing at WGBH, the PBS flagship station, is joining the DMLA Executive Board. Charter members of ACSIL included BBC Motion Gallery, CNN ImageSource, NBC News Archive, ABC VideoSource, National Geographic, Global ImageWorks, Discovery Networks, WGBH Boston and several other footage houses. Since its launch in 2003, ACSIL has grown to include twenty-five leading stock and archival footage companies. DMLA is planning a web portal upgrade to recognise the expanded organisation. BRIDGEMAN GETS NEW CHIEF EXEC Nov 28, 2019 Dirk Hendrickx, who joined UK-headquartered Bridgeman Images in June and is currently Global Head of Sales and Marketing, is to succeed Victoria Bridgeman as the company’s CEO in January. She is stepping down after 16 years running Bridgeman. The company’s business was built on its arts, history and cultural image collection, much of it in liaison with museums and arts institutions, and now boast a footage collection from the same sectors. SUBMISSIONS INVITED FOR 2020 FOCAL AWARDS Oct 22, 2019 Trade organisation FOCAL International is newly inviting submissions for its 2020 Awards, designed to reward excellence in the use of archive and stock footage, and for best-in-class activities of those in the footage services community. The entry window is open until February 7 and early bird entries are now invited. For this, the 17th annual industry awards, there are 11 categories associated with programme production, two for the restoration and preservations sector, and three for industry personnel. The annual lifetime award is in the gift of the committee of FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries. Awards will be presented at a ceremony in London in May. FRAMEPOOL UPGRADES ON THE WEB Oct 18, 2019 German-headquartered footage house Framepool has a brand new web presence, a site replacing one launched at the company’s inception in 2001. It marks its evolution from a boutique filmmaker’s archive to a company representing more than 1200 filmmakers and media companies worldwide, making its offering one of the largest global portfolios of quality rights-managed footage. Framepool now also offers research, copyright and clearance assessment services. Its new site gives search access to over one million on-line video clips. Framepool is headquartered in Munich and has service offices in New York, Los Angeles, Saragossa (Spain), London, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney RARE NYC FILM LANDS AT HISTORIC FILMS Sep 24, 2019 Archive specialist house Historic Films says it has acquired a reel of nitrate film shot in 1907 containing previously unseen material from the so-called Gilded Age in Manhattan. The reel includes some of the earliest moving images of Macy’s Department store on 5th Avenue and unique footage of the legendary Reisenweber’s Cafe, where historically, in 1917 the Jazz Age began. The material exists on what is perhaps the last surviving asset of a long forgotten motion picture company, Spitz & Orth. The reel, which runs for five minutes, was purchased from them in 1932 by Meyer David Strong and has come to Historic Films from his great grandson Henry Strong. It is said to be in excellent condition, and had been digitised in 4K “BIGGEST” AIRRBORNE INVASION FILM NEWLY DIGITISZED Sep 4, 2019 London’s Imperial War Museum film division has newly digitised and made available for licensing remarkable film of the biggest airborne invasion in military history, an operation that involved British and American airborne divisions, and polish parachute brigades. In all, the invasion into German-held Holland in September 1944, known as “Operation Market”, involved more than 1, 700 aircraft, each packed with equipment and parachutists, with each towing a glider containing troops. The air operation delivered some 14, 589 troops by glider and 20, 011 by parachute. The aim to cross the Rhine into northern Germany was never achieved, but the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Nijmegen and many towns were liberated. In all, 1, 485 British and Polish airborne troops were killed or died of wounds and 6, 525 more became prisoners of war. The IWM’s film record of the operation, the work of British Army Film and Photographic Unit, is newly available at the IWM’s web portal. HISTORIC ACQUIRES LATE 20th CENTURY ARCHIVE Aug 12, 2019 Archive specialist house Historic Films has acquired the footage library of Best Shot, an independent archive that operated in Florida until 2016 holding material from the late 1980s. It was founded as a company in Tampa  around 1990, the holding being organized and owned by founder Peter Klein. It focussed on then "contemporary" footage, representing several shooters and kept its focus  primarily  on the USA  -  American locations, life styles  and pop culture. Klein sold the company around 2008 and Historic acquired it through its current owner, Ron Ceyrolles who remains with the library and will reorganize the Florida office and act as Historic’s library manager. Historic Films’ CEO Joe Lauro says the acquisition is “in keeping with our mission to try to keep twenty years behind the times. ” The library is currently being reorganized and brought online with material due to become available to stream and download for licensing through Historic Films beginning from the fall. REELIN’ TEAMS WITH WHITE HORSE PICTURES Aug 7, 2019 Two California-based companies, footage house Reelin’ in the Years and production company White Horse Pictures, have signed up for what they call “a far reaching multi-picture partnership to develop and produce documentary feature film and television projects. ” Plans involve developing archive-based event documentary projects that draw on Reelin’s catalogue that includes over 30, 000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years Web: and REVENUES UP, INCOME DOWN AT SHUTTERSTOCK Aug 7, 2019 Royalty-free house Shutterstock reports that although revenues in the second quarter of this year at $161. 7 million showed an increase of three percent, as compared to the second quarter of 2018, total income from operations dropped some 45 percent to $3. 1m. The company says the fall is due to increased operating expenses “attributable to general and administrative expenses, which include increases in compensation, one-time severance costs, and depreciation and amortization. ” The company has lowered its full-year financial outlook forecast to predict an annual income from operations at between $18m and $32m. Shutterstock, which markets images and footage, says its offering has grown to 280 images and 15 million video clips, each sector having increased by some 37 percent year-on-year. BRITISH PATHÉ LANDS MAJOR YOUTUBE AWARD July 4, 2019 UK newsreel footage house British Pathé has been awarded a prestigious Gold Creator Award by YouTube after the number of subscribers to its YouTube channel surpassed one million. The entire historical newsreel archive of 82, 000 films was the largest single upload in the platform’s history and now averages 800, 000 video streams a day. POND5 INTROS ROYALTY-FREE EDITORIAL FOOTAGE June 25, 2019 Pond5 has introduced a royalty-free editorial footage offering with material from news agency Reuters, entertainment specialists Cover Video, and user-generated content platform Newsflare. Announcing the move, the company says with the “new royalty-free collection, Pond5 is reinventing an industry largely known for a strict rights-managed approach. ” Clip prices starts at $79, while a slow motion clip of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle retails at £169 ($216). SCREENOCEAN TAKES FOCAL INDUSTRY AWARD June 25, 2019 UK footage house ScreenOcean that markets a host of collections and and archive brands took the award for Footage Company of the Year at the the 2019 FOCAL Awards, announced at a ceremony in London. The winner in this category is voted for by members of the trade organisation. The award for Footage Person of the Year, which aims to recognise the efforts of outstanding individuals within the Archive sector who have worked to create positive change within both their own organisations and the industry at large, was presented to the Imperial War Museum’s Jane Fish, Senior Curator for the institute’s Film, Media Sales and Licensing. For FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries, it was the 16th year it has staged the awards process. In addition to personal and company awards, 14 others were awarded for productions making “bold and compelling” use of archival footage. British Pathe is honoured for its newly-relaunched  British Pathé TV SVOD service. Full results: HISTORIC REPS JERRY LEWIS COLLECTION June 18, 2019 Historic Films is newly exclusively representing the archived tv shows the Jerry Lewis Show which ran from 1957 to 69, the Martin & Lewis Show, 1950-55, and several of Lewis’ groundbreaking early feature films. His career spanned 70 years, and he is remembered as one of America's finest and most beloved comedians. LOLA ADDS GIANT POPULAR MUSIC ARCHIVE May 5, 2019 Footage house Lola Clips has a new deal to represent what is claimed to be the biggest High Definition archive of popular music moving imagery around, that of London-based Eagle Vision, a producer and distributor of music-based documentaries and high end live concerts. Its holding covers all genres of music-related footage through jazz, blues and soul to pop and rock. Lola, with offices in London and Los Angeles, already represents a growing stable of archive collections, including 50 years of outtakes from Europe’s largest movie studio, StudioCanal, and, for North American clients, clips from the 250, 000-hour catalogue of programmes and feature films, from the studios of UK’s ITV. VICTORIAN FILMS ON-LINE FOR FREE May 5, 2019 Britain’s national film repository, the BFI is celebrating 200 years since the birth of Queen Victoria with the on-line launch of its entire collection of British victorian film made between 1895 and 1901. The material is to be available for free on BFI Player from May 13. Held and preserved by the BFI National Archive, the collection has more than 500 films newly digitised from the best quality source materials after a £36, 700 grant from the UK’s National Lottery Heritage Fund. With existing Victorian era titles filmed by early pioneer picture makers Mitchell and Kenyon the offering gives access to over 700 films. FOCAL AWARDS NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCED May 3, 2019 Trade organisation FOCAL International has announced its line-up of nominations for its annual awards. In the categories directly related to footage companies, the four libraries nominated for the award for Footage Company of the Year are: the Associated Press (AP) Archive, Footage Farm, Kinolibrary and Screenocean. They are all London based. Nominations for Footage Person of the Year are: Jane Fish, Senior Curator, Imperial War Museum; Obi Adumekwe, Sales Manager UK & Eire, AP Archive; Louise Pankhurst, Account Manager UK Southern Europe and Russia, AP Archive; and Rosie Wilson, Media Manager, BAFTA. FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries, will announce the winner in all categories at its annual award ceremony in London in June. Details: FOOTAGEMARKETPLACE CHALKS UP TEN YEARS May 3, 2019 The annual event for footage buyers and visual content controllers footageMarketplace, staged as a joint partnership with, is marking its tenth anniversary with an updated website and details of the five seminars being staged during its London event on May 15. SHUTTERSTOCK SEES VIDEO REVENUE RISE Apri 25, 2019 Increased revenues from video sales helped boost royalty-free house Shutterstock’s revenues in the first quarter of the year. Up from $9. 9m in the same quarter of 2018, the latest three month’s report shows video revenues at over $14m, contributing considerably to the company’s overall revenue rise in the same quarter of $10m. LATEST ACSIL SURVEY SEES FOOTAGE REVENUES INCREASING April 25, 2019 The financial size of the footage industry is newly estimated at $570 million, three percent higher than a 2015 estimate. Both estimates were made in the The ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies, the latest in the newly released fourth version was, like its predecessors, the work of trade body ACSIL and the footage consultancy Thriving Archives. The work is based on an anonymous 47-question survey completed by a group of 84 stock footage companies. It was carried out in the latter part of last year among 20% of the estimated 415 footage companies in operation currently. It reports the footage industry is “in solid shape. ” The 191-page report is available for purchase. NATO’S ARCHIVE FILM NEWLY AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING Apri 25, 2019 Following an extensive digitisation project commissioned by NATO, over 2000 titles of official footage are newly available for licensing via IWM Film, the footage licensing division of Britain’s Imperial War Museum. The project is part of an exclusive global licensing distribution partnership between IWM and NATO, marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of NATO, the world’s strongest political-military alliance, on 4 April 2019. The NATO film collection comprises approximately 350 hours of film material taken in the late 1940s through to the 1990s, including documentaries, newsreel, and record footage in both colour and black and white film. PATHE ADDS TO ON-LINE TV OFFERING April 25, 2019 Available for the first time since its original run on the UK’s BBC 4, the nostalgic and funny three-part series British Passions on Film has been released via the online streaming service at British Pathé TV. The series utilises colour vintage footage from the British Pathé archive as well as specially-filmed interviews reminiscing about British passions of a bygone era. PATHE APPOINTS LICENSING EXEC February 24 2019 British Pathé has appointed Punch Magazine exec Andre Gailani to oversee its licensing service for producers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Gailani, who has a long history in licensing archival content, will additionally oversee business with a portion of Pathé’s UK production company clients. FOCAL 2019 LIFETIME AWARD ANNOUNCED February 13, 2019 Footage industry body FOCAL International says the recipient of its 2019 FOCAL Lifetime Achievement Award will be the 65-year-old film director Julien Temple. His filmography traverses fiction works, documentaries and music videos and, according to FOCAL, “demonstrate his fascination with the lives of creative pioneers as well as the multi-layered histories of people and places, ” His works include The Filth and the Fury; The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson; Requiem for Detroit; and London: A Modern Babylon. Again according to FOCAL, “Julien's work with archival content has been constantly pushing the barriers of creativity for many years. ” The award will be presented at a Gala ceremony in London in June. SHUTTERSTOCK ADDS PREMIUM VIDEO CONTENT December 6, 2018 Royalty free house Shutterstock has introed a premium tier of curated royalty-free video content offering a diverse collection of clips that includes exclusive content with everything from everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes captured by industry professionals using cinema-grade cameras, some shooting in 4K. Licence fees are mainly $179 for 4K clips, $79 for HD and $65 for SD. In total, Shutterstock says it has more than 12 million video clips available via its portal. NOMINATIONS INVITED FOR FOCAL AWARDS December 5, 2018 The entry window has opened for submission for the various categories in the 16th annual industry awards staged by FOCAL International. Entries in the production, restoration/preservation and personnel categories are open to consideration by an international jury drawn from the archive, footage and wider creative industries.  Nominations close on February 4 and shortlisted nominees will be notified in April. A separate jury will examine nominations for awards for Footage Person of the Year, Footage Company of the Year and The Jane Mercer Researcher of the Year Award. Presentations to award winners will be at a gala event in London in June. FOCAL is the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Archives and is headquartered in London. AP ARCHIVE UPS ITS OFFERING November 29, 2018 AP Archive, the film and video archive of The Associated Press, has a deal to newly represent two independent collections — Storm Chasing Video with a holding containing the work of a network of over 50 professional storm chasers, and Stringr, which says its collection comes from “video sourced from tens of thousands of amateur and professional videographers. ” The AP Archive, with a total holding of over 1. 7 million global news and entertainment video and films dating from1895, says it has digitised an additional 25, 000 videos from AP-owned material, giving better access to top news stories from the 1980s, including the Shuttle Challenger disaster and Reagan's presidency. It has additional newly digitised some 15, 000 entertainment videos from its AP partner, CelebrityFootage. GETTY LANDS A $500m INVESTMENT November 28, 2018 Getty Images has a new investor, Koch Equity Development LLC, the investment arm of Koch Industries, which is placing a $500 million non-controlling preferred equity investment in the company. The Getty family acquired a controlling interest in the company that bears its name from the Carlyle Group earlier this year. With offices in Wichita and London, KochEquity focuses its efforts on strategic acquisitions, although in this case Getty says the investor will have “no input into Getty Images content or editorial coverage. ” SHUTTERSTOCK TEAMS WITH RIGHTS CLEARANCE AGENCY November 28, 2018 Royalty-free house Shutterstock has a new partnership with rights and clearance agency, Greenlight, part of Branded Entertainment Network. Greenlight clears content with rights holders for use in commercial advertising and corporate campaigns and also represents the rights for some of the biggest icons, including Albert Einstein, Steve McQueen, Whitney Houston, Sophia Loren and Thomas Edison. Shutterstock says the rights clearance agreement enables its customers, including ad agencies, brands and creatives, to license image and video content that would otherwise only be available for editorial purposes FOCAL CHAIR STEPS DOWN October 20, 2018 FOCAL International Chair Sue Malden is stepping down from the role after more than 13 years. During her period in office the organisation’s annual awards and accompanying presentation ceremonies, founded under previous Chair Jane Mercer, have developed into an industry institution. Malden is a former BBC archives executive who these days acts as an independent consultant and researcher. FOCAL (the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Archives) has not named a replacement Chair. She will will continue as a member of its Events and Exhibition and Training committees. The organisation says Madeline Bates, Director of Outreach, and Mary Egan, Director of Operations. will continue to “manage and develop FOCAL going forward”. HUNTLEY ARCHIVE UPDATES WEB PRESENCE October 15, 2018 The UK’s Huntley Film Archive has a new web presence making available thousands of films ready to download in HD broadcast quality, with more being added daily, plus over 18, 000 screeners available for instant free download. It also offers the ability to create real-time clips of the seconds needed for orders, a facility that uses what the archive team describes as a unique time-slicing technology, and a secure online purchase function. The archive was founded over 50 years ago and remains independent, having a holding of vintage material, mostly documentary-based, with the addition of behind the scenes Hollywood and Bollywood footage and a special collection of pioneer film makers. With much digitised, the archive holds the original film of its collection. DEATH OF ARCHIVE PROGRAMMING PRODUCER JERRY KUEHL September 20, 2018 Archive producer and researcher Jerome (Jerry) Kuehl has died aged 86. Born in the US in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he worked mainly in the UK producing TV series in the 1960s and 70s featuring histories of both world wars. As researcher and associate, he played a major role in the production of the 21-part 1974 tv series The World at War, and the 26-episode 1964 tv series The Great War. He was executive producer of 70s and 80s productions including Today’s History, Hitler’s Germany, and The Final Solution. In 2004, he was winner of the FOCAL International Award for Lifetime Achievement in the industry. GETTY FAMILY RETAKES CONTROL, DAWN AIREY STEPS DOWN September 6, 2018 The Getty family has retaken full control of Getty Images Inc from long time investors The Carlyle Group. Through the transaction, family members are acquiring all of Carlyle’s equity interests for cash, plus units that provide Carlyle with an ongoing financial interest in the future growth of the Company. The transaction is expected to close shortly. Subject to closing of the transaction, Getty Images is to implement a series of leadership changes that will come into effect at the end of the year. Getty Images’ CEO Dawn Airey will become a Non-Executive Director, and Chief Operating Officer Craig Peters will assume the role of CEO. FOURTH INDUSTRY SURVEY UNDERWAY July 15, 2018 A fourth edition of the Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies prepared by the industry body ACSIL and business development agency Thriving Archives has opened for participation. The 47-question survey is being conducted online with footage companies worldwide being invited to participate. ACSIL, the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors, and Thriving Archives have worked together to publish the three previous AGS reports, the first in 2007, the second in 2011 and the third in 2015, achieving strong industry support and participation in each effort. The survey is open through August 13. Survey: NEW FOOTAGE INDUSTRY EVENT PLANNED July 14, 2018 Two trade associations, FOCAL International and AMCUP, are launching a new industry event, FootageFest - an happening they describe as a unique series of events and sessions designed to bring together buyers and sellers from both sides of the Atlantic. The two-day festival will give delegates insights into working with footage in both the UK and USA. FootageFest is scheduled in several of North Hollywood’s diverse andy venues: El Portal Theatre, Lumination Space, HaHa Comedy Club, Laemmle NoHo Theatres and the Raven Playhouse, on September 22 and 23. Web:, and ITV CLIPS SALES NAMED LIBRARY OF YEAR June 17, 2018 At the annual footage awards in London, the clips sales team at the ITV Archive was the recipient of the Library of the Year award, quite an achievement since the business has been trading for just six months. Previously ITV clip sales were handled by ITN Source until its dissolution. Library employee of the year award went to Kieran O’Leary, Access and Digital Collections Developer, the Irish Film Archive, and the Researcher of the Year award went to the team of Mike Welt, Ho Dang Hoa and David P. Schmidt for their work in Florentine Films’ production The Vietnam War. The annual awards, founded in 2004, are under the auspices of FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries. Full details: FOCAL MOVES FROM PRINT TO THE DIGITAL WORLD June 12, 2018 Industry trade association the Federation of Commercial Audio-Visual Libraries International has ceased publication of its quarterly journal Archive Zones, first produced in 1988. The final edition, just out, charts the progress of the journal through “the formative years FOCAL”. Looking ahead, Federation General Manager for Outreach, Madeline Bates, says a “dynamic and engaging platform” that “embraces the digital world” is at the planning stage. BRITISH PATHÉ ADDS HISTORIC REUTERS TV & NEWSREELS Apr 26, 2018 British Pathé has signed a deal to represent Reuters’ historic footage filmed before 1980, a collection that includes the newsreels of British Paramount, Gaumont Graphic, Empire News and Gaumont British as well as tv news coverage from Visnews, a London-based international news agency that began as the British Commonwealth International Newsfilm Agency. It operated from 1957 to 1979 and in the UK was closely tied with the BBC, while its opposition tv news agency UPITN served independent television in Britain. Pathé says the deal with Reuters more than doubles the size of its offering. The deal is non-exclusive. ScreenOcean, which represents Reuter TV’s contemporary archive, also has access to the historic material SCREENOCEAN LANDS POP MUSIC FOOTAGE DEAL Apr 26, 2018 Screenocean has added a new collection, the music collection of The Video Pool, to its offering. The Video Pool operates as a source for urban and top 40 music videos for professional DJs and VJs holds an extensive assortment of music videos spanning more than 30 years, including 1980s pop and 1990s hip-hop, containing classic hits as well as lesser-known material. FOCAL ANNOUNCES 2018 LIFETIME AWARD RECIPIENT Apr 22, 2018 At the age of 89, a pioneer of the footage industry, British cinematographer Gerry Weinbren has been awarded the FOCAL International Lifetime Achievement Award. An independent film maker, he founded Index Film & Television Library in the early 1970s to preserve production elements, and to license footage from them, at a time when few such resources were available. He has remained at the forefront of the sector anticipating what were then future trends such as HD and 4K. A champion of 35mm film, he has eulogised the value of a format the he says is ideally suited to a library, one capable of matching ever higher resolution demands of present and evolving technology. The lifetime ward is gifted annually by the executive board of FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial AudioVisual Libraries International, to an individual who has contributed to and supported the footage archive industry within their career and through the body of their work. The award is to be presented at FOCALS annual awards evening in London in June. GETTY TO REP NEW ZEALAND TV FOOTAGE Apr 22, 2018 New Zealand ’s three-channel commercial television channel, TVNZ has signed an exclusive partnership deal with Getty Images to license and distribute its video clips. HISTORIC NEWLY OFFERS “LONGEST-EVER” LUTHER KING INTERVIEW Feb 14, 2018 Through the efforts of Jane Klain, Director of Research at the Paley Center for Media’s New York Facility, a lost in-depth 90-minute interview with Martin Luther King Jnr. is newly available for licensing. Producer and host of the groundbreaking interview show Open End, David Susskind conducted the long-form interview with King in 1963 just after the Birmingham March and during the height of the Civil Rights movement. Historic Films, which represents the Susskind archive, says the work is believed to be the longest filmed interview of King in existence. Not seen since its initial broadcast in 1963, the two-inch master tape was discovered by Klain at the University of Wisconsin, where a portion of the Susskind archive is housed. SCREENOCEAN HAS BAFTA ARCHIVE LICENSING DEAL Feb 1, 2018 London footage house ScreenOcean has a new partnership with BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, to represent its archive of prestigious award ceremony events, exclusive lectures with industry insiders, interviews, plus unique red carpet and behind the scenes footage of BAFTA-winners and nominees since 1978. With over 1, 000 clips already available online, material from this year’s awards, to be held on February 18, will be available on the night. ScreenOcean also markets Reuters News Archive, and material from UK tv Channels 4 and 5, Warner Bros Television Productions UK, in addition to the collections of Clips & Footage and Cover Images. BRITISH PATHE RE-RELEASES “TIME TO REMEMBER” Dec 5, 2017 British Pathé has re-scanned its landmark 1950s series Time to Remember in High Definition and re-released all 39 episodes via its online on-demand channel, British Pathé TV. Discovered some years ago in the British Pathé vaults, this series was re-edited by the BBC into a highly-acclaimed abridged version which was screened by the BBC in 2010. The latest release features the original unabridged programming, all 30-minute episodes collectively covering the period 1896 to 1945, from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee to the allied WWII victory in 1945. GETTY SIGNS TECH INDUSTRY VETERAN TO HEAD GLOBAL SALES Nov 15, 2017 Getty Images has announced the appointment of Pamela Woehrle as its new Senior Vice President of Global Sales. A technology sales veteran with more than 25 years’ experience, Woehrle joins after 33-year IBM career, and will head Getty Images’ global sales team, responsible for driving revenues. She joins the company’s Executive Committee, overseeing strategic direction and expansion. NEW IN NORTH AMERICA FOR SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Nov 11, 2017 London-based footage and photo house Science Photo Library has appointed Nan Halperin as its Business Development Manager for North America. Halperin, who has experience with ITN Source and Screen Ocean, has more than 10 years experience in content licensing. KINOLIBRARY PICKS UP REVEL GUEST’S COLLECTION Nov 2, 2017 London-based footage house Kinolibrary is newly representing the archive of filmmaker, journalist and author Revel Guest whose independent and documentary filmmaking in the UK and elsewhere includes footage of iconic personalities and communities within music, theatre, film and art. Her collection, Transatlantic Films, is an HD archive exampled by work with Marc Bolan and Rod Stewart, and travelling the world with Placido Domingo. VIDEOBLOCKS HITS 100 MILLION DOWNLOADS Oct 5, 2017 On-line marketplace VideoBlocks, a subscription-based provider of royalty-free motion stock, says it has reached its 100 millionth download since founding in 2011. The platform includes over four million studio-quality creative assets, including membership libraries of over half a million HD clips, vectors and sound effects. Since launching as a contributor marketplace in 2015, VideoBlocks, based in Fairfax County, Virginia, says it has given back more than $5 million to its creative community by providing 100 percent commission to content creators. ADOBE STOCK TOPS UP TO OVER FOUR MILLION VIDEO ASSETS Sep 14, 2017 Adobe Stock says its customers now have access to over four million HD and 4K video clips directly within creative cloud video workflows available via its editing software Premiere Pro. Additionally, some hundreds of professionally-created motion graphics are to be added. Adobe Stock’s offering has grown to over 90 million assets available, including photos, illustrations and vectors, the company says in publicity around its appearance at the annual IBC industry exhibition in Amsterdam POND5 ADDS ROYALTY FREE ARCHIVAL COLLECTION Sep 14, 2017 Footage marketplace Pond5 has added an archival collection to its royalty-free footage offering saying it is “one of the most comprehensive video libraries of historical moments and everyday life from the past 100 years, including rare footage spanning the 20th century, from major global events to authentic scenes of everyday life. ” Much of the material is from the public domain Universal Newsreel held at the US National Archives, and there is other material sourced from German-based footage house Framepool, home movies and other collections with the majority of the digitized material available in HD format. Pond5 says its total offering of some eight million video clips is based on the work of 60, 000 filmmakers and creators in over 150 countries. Pond5 is a venture-backed company funded by Accel Partners and Stripes Group with offices located in New York, Dublin, and Prague BRIDGEMAN PREVIEWS NEWLY AT Sep 12, 2017 Bridgeman Footage a division of Bridgeman Images, specialist in the distribution of fine art, cultural and historical media for licensing, has made its preview imagery newly available through the search portal. Bridgeman Images represents over 2, 000 image suppliers including museums, galleries, artists, stately homes, photographers, private collections, libraries, universities, auction houses and archives. Founded in the UK over 50 years ago, Bridgeman Images has offices in London, New York, Paris and Berlin. BRIDGEMAN NEWLY REPPING IMAGES OF WAR July 11, 2017 The UK-headquartered Bridgeman Images’ footage division has an exclusive deal with archive company Images of War to represent its footage collection with material dating from 1900 to the end of the Gulf War of 1992. The collection includes over 14 hours of footage from the World War I, including some of the Battle of the Somme, and extensive footage of almost every campaign and theatre of war from the World War II. It also includes footage from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, of the Cold War and of the first Gulf War, Desert Storm. From the periods between years of war, the archive holds hours of social and political footage from the 20th Century including subjects like JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr, and Elvis Presley. Images of War was previously represented by ITN Source. Bridgeman says it will be digitising and cataloging the footage over the coming months. RIGHTSMITH TAKES FRAMEPOOL OUT OF FINANCIAL TURMOIL June 30, 2017 Less than a year after its creation, new footage house Los Angeles-based RightSmith has acquired European stock footage leader Framepool which recently got into financial difficulties. The deal was brokered through insolvency administration law firm Pohlmann Hofmann Insolvenzverwalter Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft which successfully sold Framepool’s business operations and secured all jobs of the company in its Munich headquarters as well as those in its international subsidiaries. Established in 2001, Framepool claims 3, 500 active customers worldwide. RightSmith is led by former T3 Media executive Mica Imamura, with strategy overseen by Jackie Mountain, also a former T3 Media executive, working with former Corbis, BBC, and Getty staffers BRITISH PATHE IN AWARDS LIMELIGHT May 30, 2017 UK newsreel footage house British Pathé has landed FOCAL International’s Footage Library of the Year award, presented at a ceremony in London. Pathé’s recent initiatives cited included the launch of its own on-line on-demand subscription channel British Pathé TV that offers an extensive range of archive-based full-length documentaries, interviews, and classic movies and its collaboration with the Irish Film Institute to restore and preserve key elements of Ireland’s filmed heritage in high definition. Last year Pathé’s YouTube channels generated some 52 million viewings. It was the 14th year of FOCAL’s awards programme and saw a total of sixteen awards handed out recognising achievements in the use, presentation and preservation of archive motion material. GETTY LAUNCHES ITN LICENSING SERVICE May 11, 2017 The deal between the UK’s Independent Television News and Getty Images for the latter to exclusively market ITN’s 60-year archive of worldwide tv news coverage has gone into action with Getty initially adding more than 330, 000 ITN clips to its editorial motion material offering. Searches reveal over 8, 000 clips in a royalty sub-collection, over 7, 500 in a category entitled war and conflict, 28, 000 in entertainment, over 10, 000 in crime and murder, nearly 11, 000 in international news, and over 72, 000 in UK news. A Getty gateway into the ITN collection has been established on its UK web url. SHUTTERSTOCK REVENUES UP May 9, 2017 Visual marketplace Shutterstock that presently offers 132 million images and 6. 9 million motion clips reports first quarter revenues up 12 per cent to over $130m, with download numbers and revenue per download both increased. ALL CHANGE FOR IMG’S SPORT MEDIA ARCHIVE SERVICE April 26, 2017 Sports, events and talent management company IMG has relaunched its sport media archive service as IMG Replay, and established a new web portal under that name. IMG Replay manages, markets and distributes footage and archive programming from around the world, working with sports federations, governing bodies and events such as ATP Media, European Tour, International Olympic Committee, PGA of America, Premier League, The R&A, Wimbledon and World Rugby. The archive is comprised of more than 400, 000 hours of content dating back more than 100 years, including match footage, interviews, programming, and ISOs, available in 4K, 3D and HD. POND5 TEAMS WITH ADOBE STOCK April 26, 2017 Marketplace Pond 5 has a new partnership with Adobe to supply clips for its Adobe Stock subscription content service available to users of its creative software. Pond 5 says the deal will give its contributors access to “a whole new market of video-production and editing professionals at a premium price”. PATHE MOVES INTO GERMAN DIRECT LICENSING April 25, 2017 British Pathé has launched a new licensing service in the German-speaking world, reclaiming licensing rights in German speaking countries. The collection has previously been represented by German independent documentary company LOOKS TV. The move comes as British Pathe extends its policy of reclaiming direct licensing rights following last year’s return to the North American market. The German market is being handled from Pathe’s London office by archive licensing and production veteran Simon Witter. FRENCH DOCU MAKER LANDS FOCAL LIFTIME AWARD March 7, 2017 FOCAL International, the Federation of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries, has announced that pioneering producer-director Serge Viallet is to receive the annual FOCAL International Award for Lifetime Achievement, to be presented at the fourteenth annual FOCAL International Awards, to be held in London in May. The Award is a gift of the FOCAL International Executive, as "a mark of gratitude for Serge's dedicated and exhaustive support of the footage archive world through his prodigious body of work”. Viallet studied film at the Ecole nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière at Saint-Denis Cedex, north of Paris. Originally shooting fiction films he turned to documentaries in 1985. After working for ten years with Médecins sans frontières, he directed numerous documentary films in East Asia and won FOCAL awards for his work and use of archive material in 2008 and 2009. He has been a lecturer at the University of Paris since 2012. ANNUAL REVENUES RISE AT SHUTTERSTOCK March 2, 2017 Releasing full-year earnings details, image and motion materials marketplace Shutterstock says its revenues increased by 16% to $494. 3 million compared with the previous year, income from operations increased 12% to $45. 8 million and net income increased 67% to $32. 6 million. It reports paid downloads up by 14%, revenue per download up one percent, its image collection grew 63% to over 116 million images and its video collection expanded 68% to over 6 million clips. VIDEOBLOCKS TOPS 100 MILLION DOWNLOADS March 1, 2017 On-line marketplace VideoBlocks, a subscription-based provider of royalty-free stock video, says it has reached its 100 millionth download since its founding in 2011. The stock media platform currently includes over four million studio-quality creative assets, including membership libraries of over half a million HD clips, vectors and sound effects. Since launching as a contributor marketplace in 2015, VideoBlocks, based in Fairfax County, Virginia, says it has given back more than $5 million to its creative community by providing 100 percent commission to content creators. AP IN ROYALS YOUTUBE LAUNCH March 1, 2017 To coincide with the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the British throne, Associated Press has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to archive coverage of both the British royal family and royalty from around the world. Using footage from the recently acquired British Movietone collection, the new channel contains over 3, 000 videos, many exclusive to AP. VINTAGE AIRLINER FOOTAGE PAYS OFF FOR INDEX Febrary 28, 2017 Vintage aircraft footage from the 35mm colour film archives of London footage house Index Stock Shots has been licensed to two period productions set in the nineteen fifties. Warren Beatty’s “Rules Don’t Apply”, pending UK release in March 2017, a story about the later life of billionaire Howard Hughes, features a Lockheed Super Constellation in TWA colours taking off and landing at New York International, now JFK Airport. The shot was scanned to 4K by Pinewood Digital. A Vickers Viscount of BEA at London Airport, scanned to 2K by TKone, appears in Series 1 of Netflix’s “The Crown”, as does period footage of London’s Westminster. SCREENOCEAN NEWLY MARKETING REUTERS TV LIBRARY January 26, 2017 The Reuters Television Library, recently shed from the ITN Source stable, is newly being marketed by Screenocean, the London stock footage house that represents clips from programmes made for UK TV Channels 4 and 5. Screenocean, established in 2009 as an off-shoot of digital asset management company Imagen, had already grown its offering by adding the collections of UK’s Clips and Footage and independent UK production houses. The Reuters collection is one of the world’s major news holdings based on the activities of Visnews, the international tv news agency that had bureaux worldwide through the 1970s and 80s and Reuters own camera coverage since 1993 when it bought out Visnews partner owners, the BBC and NBC. In addition to the contents of both the Visnews and Reuters Television news holdings, the collection includes major 20th century newsreels Gaumont Graphic 1910-1933, Empire News 1926-1930; Gaumont British News 1929-1959, Universal News 1930-1949, British Paramount News 1931-1957 and earlier unbranded footage from 1896 onwards. Screenocean has established dedicated access to the Reuters catalogue through its web portal leveraging the parent company’s video platform to deliver fully automated transactional and fulfilment services. FRAMEPOOL UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP EXPANDS IN CHINA December 9, 2016 Footage and production company Framepool, founded in 2001 by German producers and which has operated under the slogan “operated by filmmakers for filmmakers”, has become a subsidiary of US publicly-traded company Broadside Entertainment, formerly Emaji. Based in Irvine, California, Broadside is headed by media entrepreneur Christopher Petzel whose corporation Broadside Capital is an investment banking, advisory and private equity firm with a focus on the entertainment and media industries. In the short time since the share acquisition, Framepool has entered into an agreement with ImageChina to represent its one-million clip holding in that territory and as a result of the agreement Framepool has launched a Chinese-language version of its website. Framepool's market expansion into China is supported by the program "Export Bavaria 3. 0 – Go International" of the German state of Bavaria, where Framepool remains headquartered. GRINBERG COLLECTION BEING DIGITIZED & ADDED AT Decenber 7, 2016 The Sherman Grinberg Film Library, said to be the oldest and largest privately held film archive with over 40 mostly US newsreel libraries covering the period from 1895 to 1957, is digitizing its collections, held mainly on 35mm film, to 4K, and has signed up with The collection includes the Paramount’s "Eyes of the World" silent newsreels, 1927 - 1929, and the talkies "Eyes and Ears of the World”, 1930 -1957. It also includes the entire American Pathé newsreel library, the oldest US newsreel collection active from 1895 to 1956. Sherman Grinberg is scanning its own film, using an in-house operation to handle its nitrate material at its West Coast offices. Digitised footage is being added to the database available through FOCAL APPOINTS JOB-SHARE GENERAL MANAGERS December 2, 2016 FOCAL International has appointed two execs to job-share the role of General Manager following the retirement of Anne Johnson. Mary Egan, formerly an Executive Board Member of British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies and Sales and Marketing director at the Press Association Images is joined by Madeline Bates, archive associate at Creativeskillset and an experienced film festival planner. ITN SOURCE TO CEASE OPERATIONS AS GETTY TAKES OVER NEWS COLLECTION LICENSING November 10, 2016 ITN Source, the archive licensing division of UK news broadcaster Independent Television News and one of the busiest of news footage houses with a world news collection going back to 1955, is to cease operations from mid next year. It is handing over licensing to Getty Images and dropping third party archive representations, including that of Reuters tv news footage. The thirty staffers in the archive division are, according to ITN, “at risk of redundancy” and “have been informed and a consultation period is underway. ” Getty says it will create specific ITN collections to house the archive, which consists of 400, 000 digitised and ready-to-license video clips and over 600, 000 clips which will be text searchable and supplied on demand via an offline workflow. The collection will be updated daily with current news footage from 24 hours after being first aired. ITN Source’s cutting of its ties with third party content owners leaves those owners with the task of finding a new way to the market for their footage. As well as Reuters Television they include Fox News and Fox Movietone and Britains’s ITV, the largest commercial programme production house in the UK which has operated for fifty years and produces 3, 500 hours of original programming every 12 months. Headquartered in London, ITN has offices in New York and contacts in Paris, Tokyo and Johannesburg. ITN says the change over will happen mid next year and, in the meantime, ITN Source will continue licensing activities. RIGHTSMITH, NEW LICENSOR ON THE BLOCK HITS THE ROAD RUNNING November 9, 2016 Active for the first time, new footage house Los Angeles-based RightSmith has landed representation of stock footage from Universal Studios, offering material at a new licensing portal and is exp[ected to make several new collection announcements soon. While headquartered in California, RightSmith, a private company backed by venture capital, also has operations in London, Tokyo and Sydney and is being launched by a group of industry veterans. Chief Exec is former T3 Media executive Mica Imamura. Strategy and global aggregation is in the hands of Jackie Mountain, also a former T3 Media executive, who has been joined by other former Corbis, BBC and Getty staffers, with industry leaders in advisory roles. The RightSmith team is in on-going talks with other rights holders, and a deal has already been done to market Australian international newsreel Cinesound Movietone. RightsSmith’s licensing operations are backed by digitization, metadata and storage services. The newly acquired Universal footage, shot originally on 35mm film, is offered for licensing on formats up to 4K in AppleProRes 4444 format.  From Tokyo, RightSmith has a deal to market in the Japan-Australia region Shutterstock’s Premier License service and represents the T3 Media stable, now known as Wazee Digital, in the same region. Web: Corporate:; Licensing: PRODUCERS LIBRARY REPS ENTERTAINMENT NEWS COLLECTION November 4, 2016 Los Angeles-based Producers Library newly exclusively represents the footage of London-based entertainment news agency BANG Showbiz, a company that has furnished entertainment and celebrity-themed news footage to media outlets worldwide since 1997. Its material focuses on premieres, press conferences and other celebrity-related events in London and elsewhere. All material was shot in high definition. Web: w FRAMEPOOL ADDS RARE CUBA DRONE FOOTAGE November 1, 2016 Footage house Framepool has an deal involving two cinematographers to exclusively market drone footage shot on Cuba, a country with some of the strictest rules on the use of drones. What usage is allowed has to be sanctioned by the island’s government. Framepool is now marketing more than 220 Cuban drone clips shot in either HD or 4K. SHUTTERSTOCK TEAMS WITH AM STOCK-CAMEO November 1, 2016 Shutterstock has an exclusive three-year agreement with Los Angeles-based AM Stock-Cameo to market more than 60, 000 HD clips from its collection. The AM Stock-Cameo library founded in 1988 to monetize second-unit Hollywood footage broadened its holding when it purchased one of Hollywood's best known independent stock footage libraries of the time, the Cameo Film Library, in the year 2000. Founder Chris Angelich has recently shot footage for over 75 television series, feature films, and commercials shooting on both 35mm film, High Def and 4K, and the work of other cinematographers is now included. REELIN’ LANDS TOP VINTAGE EURO MUSIC SHOW MATERIAL October 31, 2016 Footage house Reelin’ In The Years Productions that specialises in material featuring musical artists, entertainers and history makers, has acquired the rights to the Dutch music program Countdown that was on-the-air for 16 years from 1977 to 1993, and broadcast in 18 European countries, making it what Reelin’s says was “one of the most successful music shows in the history of television”. The archive contains over 3, 000 hours of musical performances, interviews and concert appearances by the greatest rock, R&B, pop, new wave and rap/hip-hop artists of the era, including: Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, U2, Michael Jackson, The Police, David Bowie, Beastie Boys, George Harrison, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Run-DMC, Depeche Mode and Culture Club MAMMOTH DROPS HIGH DEF RF PRICES October 31, 2016 Colarado-based Mammoth HD Footage Library has reduced the price of its royalty-free high def material by an average of 40% with collections now marketed at between $125 and $195, and individual shots at between $25 and $50. Mammoth also licences 4K material and rights-managed clips in both formats. ITN SOURCE ADDS 20 MILLION STILLS ALONGSIDE ITS FOOTAGE OFFERING October 12, 2016 ITN Source has a partnership deal with newly-formed Cover Images, a stills agency whose collections are headed-up by the entertainment and news archives and live feed of WENN, World Entertainment News Network, to offer its clients tailored access to over 20 million still images. WENN has been operating for over a quarter of a century and has a worldwide staff team exceeding 60 and hundreds of freelance photographers and journalists providing a global entertainment news and photos service. The Cover Images collections also contain images and footage from other international collections and agencies that include Mirrorpix and Topfoto, both of which are exclusive to ITN Source via Cover Images. FOCAL CALLS FOR 2017 AWARDS SUBMISSIONS October 4, 2016 Footage industry trade body FOCAL International has opened the submissions phase of its annual awards with a call for creative professionals worldwide to submit work for consideration in one of 15 award categories. Now in its 14th year, the awards showcase the creative use of stock, library and archival footage by producers, directors and production companies worldwide, as well as contributions made to the global production community by archives, film libraries, researchers and technicians, and the work done to restore and preserve historic film and video assets. The deadline for all productions premiered in 2016 is set for December 1, although those involved in productions premiered later in the year can request a late entry. Awards will be presented at a London ceremony on May 25 next year HISTORIC REPS TWO SERIES FROM WNET ARCHIVES October 4, 2016 New York’s Historic Films is newly representing material from two tv series held in the archives of the city’s public television station WNET. Black Journal was a public affairs television program created at WNET in 1968 to address issues facing African-American communities with film crews traveling to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans and Ethiopia. The show won Emmy, Peabody and Russwurm awards. The second is the late 1960s series Sounds of Summer hosted by Steve Allen, which travelled the country filming various summer music festivals encompassing a diverse range of American music genres. PRODUCERS LIBRARY OFFERS MEDIEVAL BATTLE FOOTAGE October 4, 2016 Los Angeles-based Producers Library has recently uncovered second-unit outtakes from Errol Flynn’s last swashbuckler, 1955’s The Dark Avenger, a movie that was released in the US as The Warriors. The Dark Avenger was filmed at Elstree Studios in England, using a castle originally built for MGM’s 1952 production of Ivanhoe. The colourful footage includes knights in battle, establishing shots of the castle, archers, jousting and drunkenness. Producers Library has scanned the 7, 500 feet of 35mm Eastmancolor CinemaScope negative to 4K.. CHARLIE ROSE SHOW GOES ON-LINE October 4, 2016 Video management and licensing services company Wazee Digital has launched a new viewer-facing content portal for the “Charlie Rose” television series, an interview show distributed nationally by PBS since 1993. The new site coincides with the show’s 25th anniversary and material is provided for public viewing AP ACQUIRES BRITISH MOVIETONE NEWSREEL COLLECTION September 27, 2016 The Associated Press has acquired the historic British Movietone film archive collection from its Australian owners Newsreel Archive. For the past five years, AP Archive has partnered with Newsreel Archive to make the Movietone collection available internationally, including providing a freely-accessible YouTube channel. Researchers will continue to be able to access the digitized British Movietone films, the equivalent of 2, 200 hours of footage, through the AP Archive platform. Having completed the sale of the Archive, Newsreel Archive PTY will now act as AP’s exclusive archive distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand, offering their customers both AP and British Movietone footage. AP says around 15 percent of the collection has never been seen before and remains in its original 35 mm format. Documented on thousands of individual record cards, the unseen footage represents either the films that failed to make it onto the bulletins or were restricted by censors during World War II. AP hopes to catalog, digitize and release these films over time. SHUTTERSTOCK PASSES 5M VIDEO CLIP MARK September 14, 2016 As marketplace Shutterstock announced that its still image collection, founded in 2003 with 30, 000 images, has now surpassed 100m images, it details its video collection at more than five million clips. The company says it works with a growing community of over 140, 000 contributors, adding hundreds of thousands of images and video clips each week, and has an annual turnover indicated at $500m in the current year. MICRO STOCK CO-OPERATIVE ADDS MOTION STOCK September 14, 2016 Stocksy United, a British Columbia-based artist-owned co-operative founded in 2012 by microstock industry veterans to offer what it describes as “a unique imagery collection that also paid artists fairly”, has added stock video clips to its offering. The organisation announced in June that it had doubled revenue in 2015 to $7. 9M USD, paid out more than $4. 3 million in royalties to artists, and paid its first dividends of $200, 000 to member artists who sold imagery last year. The artist-owned cooperative is currently capped at 1, 000 members. Video is offered at prices ranging from $75 to $750 per clip, depending upon quality and usage. UK REGIONAL ARCHIVE SEEKS NEW DIRECTOR September 14, 2016 MACE, the Media Archive for Central England, is seeking a new Director, tasked with overseeing “the continued strategic development of MACE as an engaged and significant partner in the UK’s cultural audiovisual framework. ” Based in a edu environment at the University of Lincoln, MACE is a registered charity and an independent, publicly-funded, non-profit‌ company. It is the regional film and video archive for the UK’s East and West Midland regions, caring for over 70, 000 moving images. Annual salary is specified as £48, 327 ($63, 800) and the closing date for applications is October 2. US MILITARY VIDEO ADDED TO ON-LINE REPOSITORY September 12, 2016 Wazee Digital (formerly T3 Media), which hosts Images of Freedom, the official media library of the US Department of Defense, has added public-domain video assets to the on-line archive. The searchable repository of military audio, video, and still imagery runs on the Wazee Digital Core platform and offers students and educational institutions, families of military personnel, members of the media, documentarians, and others access to retrieve any of more than a million images and videos captured by the US military dating back to before World War II. BEATLES ARCHIVE MOVIE PREMIERS September 9, 2016 Industry veteran Matthew White’s 13-year project to develop an archive-based feature film with The Beatles organization, Apple Corps Ltd, sees the end product, “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week”, hit the movie theatres shortly with its premier at the Odeon cinema in London’s Leicester Square. White, working with colleagues Stuart Samuels in Toronto and Bruce Higham in London, put out a public call for footage fans shot over the hey-day years of the Beatles, roughly 1960-66, a period that included 166 concerts in 15 countries and 90 cities. The resulting movie, directed by Ron Howard, runs for 106 minutes and is followed by 30 minutes of concert footage from the Beatles at Shea Stadium, which creates a double feature for theaters. It contains some 2, 000 audio, visual and photographic clips in the film from more than 100 sources, including fans, collectors and archive houses. There are more than 150 separate music cues, that necessitated a sophisticated rights clearance operation involving numerous music publishers and other licensors, a task headed up by producer Scott Pascucci and involving the team at Global ImageWorks. Although much of the archive material came from private sources, credits include ABC News Videosource, AP Archive, British Movietone, British Pathe, Framepool, Getty Images (BBC Motion Gallery), ITN Source, Reuters, National Geographic, Reelin’ In the Years, RTE Archives and WPA Film Library. Movie releases in Europe and the US follow the London premier, scheduled for next week. ANNE JOHNSON RETIRES AFTER 26 YEARS WITH FOCAL: September 1, 2016 Ann Johnson, for 26 years at the helm of UK-based industry body FOCAL International, is standing down at the end of next month. Anne joined FOCAL in January 1990, five years after the not-for-profit organisation was founded in London. Working from home, initially as the body’s administrator, the role developed as the organisation itself developed, initially representing a small body of footage and facility houses and researchers. Anne became Commercial Manager as the organisation expanded to its present position with almost 300 members. FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial AudioVisual Libraries, is asking for applications for the role of General Manager at an annual salary of £35, 000 ($46, 000). FRAMEPOOL TO REPRESENT RESTORED GERMAN MOVIE COLLECTION September 1, 2016 The 1950s movie work of German screenwriter and film director Ferdinand Dörfler is newly being represent by Munich-based footage house Framepool. He produced 13 cinema movies, mostly in black and white, between 1940 and 1959. He died in 1965 and his grandchildren are investing in the restoration and partly the colouring of the films from their grandfather’s legacy. All the films are being telecined in 2K and 4K. The films offer an amusing take on life in the 1950s in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. NEWCOMERS & EDU “BOOST” ARCHIVE MARKET August 29, 2016 In an article in the UK’s Televisual magazine, British Pathe’s Alastair White says business is being boosted by new documentary commissioners, including Netflix, Amazon and Sky, adding that “big standout feature docus that can go on all platforms are very much in fashion. ” White adds that hit archive docus such as Netflix’s Making A Murderer have had a ‘transformational effect’ on the industry creating a trend being followed by others. In the same article, Paul Maidment, director of Kite Media Consultancy and former director of BBC Motion Gallery, highlights the education market but adds the proviso that “it is a real slog and very difficult to get to the decision makers in the ministries of education in, for example, the Middle East and Asia, where the real money sits. ” GETTY UPS CONSUMER MARKET TARGETING August 29, 2016 Following the launch of Getty Images’ consumer website earlier this month, new appointee Steve Grimes next week takes up the newly created role of Managing Editor and Senior Vice President of Consumer Media. He will have editorial oversight of the new consumer platform, and is tasked to drive the creation of a new consumer-based business stream creating a new media destination serving up the latest in global news, sport and entertainment, alongside iconic historical content and creative conceptual imagery. He will be based in New York and report to Getty Images CEO Dawn Airey. The company says Grimes’ appointment marks a significant step in its strategy to extend its core B2B licensing business and establish new revenue streams in the consumer market. Grimes comes to Getty Images from Viacom’s Comedy Central, where, in his most recent role as SVP of Multiplatform Programming and Strategy, he led all aspects of non-linear programming, spanning apps, website, social media and video BRITISH PATHE LAUNCHES ON-DEMAND SUBSCRIPTION CHANNEL August 17, 2016 Historic film archive British Pathé has launched an on-demand subscription channel offering a range of full-length documentaries, interviews and classic movies. The company says the new channel has been created as an alternative to the current mainstream broadcast channels and aims to appeal to “specialist audiences, such as history buffs, royal watchers, cinema aficionados and train enthusiasts”. The channel, available via the internet, is powered by Beverly Hills-based company Ownzones that offers customised distribution and programming services plus a proprietary technology platform. Subscribers to the British Pathé channel pay $7. 99 per month, or the equivalent in local currency. They can choose for viewing from a selection covering history and documentaries, classic movies, and railway history, plus what is described as a “Film of the Season, ” the first offering being a British Pathé co-production, Revolution In Colour, a 90-minute full-colour programme designed to coincide with the centenary of the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916. The classic movie section is littered with performances from stars such as Judy Garland, Edward G Robinson, John Barrymore, Hedy Lamar, Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando. British Pathé’s existing newsreel archive remains free-to-view on its separate website and YouTube channels. REVENUES UP AT SHUTTERSTOCK August 8, 2016 Video and photo marketplace Shutterstock reported second quarter revenue of $124. 4 million, an increase of $20. 1 million or 19% over the second quarter of 2015. The company says the rise is primarily due to a 21% increase in the number of paid downloads, many by new customers, and increased activity among its enterprise clients. It says without the impact of foreign currency movements, total company revenue growth would have been approximately 22% in the quarter. UK UNVEILS 100 OLYMPIC FILMS FROM 1900 ONWARDS July 28, 2016 On the eve of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, the UK national archive the BFI has released of a collection on BFI Player of one hundred films that have been newly digitised exploring what is described as the “fascinating and inspiring history of Olympian endeavour" films that run from 1900 to 2012 are drawn from the collections of the BFI National Archive and regional and national archives across the UK. The longest film in the collection is the 90 minutes of the Games in Paris in 1924 that included runners Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, whose story was told in the movie Chariots of Fire. The same film has footage of the first ever Winter Olympics at Chamonix and a brutal rugby final in which Olympic values are described as being “in short supply”, with stars of the French team stretchered off, leaving the field open for a USA victory. FRAMEPOOL HEADS FOR CHINA July 7, 2016 Germany-headquartered footage house Framepool has a deal with China’s largest picture agency, Imagine China, to partner for video content in China. A Chinese-language website is under construction. Imagine China formally partnered with the now defunct Corbis HISTORIC LANDS FOCAL “LIBRARY OF THE YEAR” AWARD May 31, 2016 New York footage house Historic Films has won the Library of the Year Award in the annual awards of trade body FOCAL International, sponsored by the AP Archive. The submission from Historic Films describes how the library is “proud of the infrastructure advancements that we have made” to ensure on-line researcher access to entire films from its vaults, at the same time as facilitating the selection of specific shots, facilities available on all devices without an Ap. Historic has been in business since 1991 and highlights its collection of musical performances and entertainment footage spanning a century and contained in over 50, 000 individual performances from television networks and programs. Jessica Berman-Bogdan of Global ImageWorks took the The Jane Mercer Footage Researcher of the Year Award. INDEX STOCK SHOTS REJECTS GETTY OFFER & UPDATES ON THE WEB May 23, 2016 London’s Index Stock Shots, one of the few remaining privately-owned offerings in the stock footage market place, has launched a new website designed to promote its unique commercial aviation collection, at the same time as illustrating the diversity of its mainly 35mm film holding and, what it calls, its “bespoke research and delivery service”. Previously also represented by the now closed-down Corbis Motion, Index says it has rejected at offer from Getty Images to represent its collection. Links with existing international associate footage houses remain in place. Index has been in business for more than 50 years and offers footage from the 1950s onwards. BFI TO PRESERVE CLEESE TRAINING FILMS May 23, 2016 The UK”s BFI National Archive and Video Arts say what they call “a legendary and extremely influential series of training films and corporate learning content” featuring some of the greatest British comic actors and comedians of the last 40 years is to be preserved and held in the archive. Video Arts was established in 1972 by Antony Jay and John Cleese reportedly instantly revolutionising workplace training film-making films that were “not only effective but also extremely popular. ” FOOTAGE INDUSTRY EVENTS PLANNED May 23, 2016 Two major footage events are being held shortly, one each side of the Atlantic. In London, some 300 delegates have signed up for footageMarketplace, this week’s footage and music production industries event in London. Thirty five footage houses will at the event being held on Wednesday (May 25) at the home of the British Academy of Film and Television Artists. Seminars, including one from YouTube exec Peter Stower that is said to explain “the best out of YouTube as a visual content buyer“. In New York on June 9, Footage Expo 2016 is the second event of its kind being staged by ACSIL, The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors, at historic Prince George Ballroom. Featured will be footage and image suppliers from the US and Europe, from major US news organizations to specialty archives, microstock companies, public television and music footage archive. Details: and w NEW PRESIDENT FOR TRADE BODY ACSIL May 11, 2016 US-based trade body ACSIL, the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors, has announced its newly elected president for 2016 as Edward Whitley, President, North and South America at Bridgeman Images, working out of New York. Previous joint Presidents of ACSIL, Clara Fon-Sing of NBCUniversal Archives and Ben Pfeifer of Shutterstock, stood down last month. Founded in the UK in 1972, Bridgeman Images works with museums, galleries, collections and artists to provide a central resource of fine art imagery and historic, cultural and art-related footage. Web: and w ITN SOURCE TO LICENSE TWOFOUR GROUP CLIPS May 10, 2016 UK-headquartered footage house ITN Source has a deal to license clip footage from the Twofour Group, a family of award-winning production companies that includes Twofour, Boomerang, Mainstreet Pictures and BAFTA/Emmy winners Oxford Scientific Films. Twofour delivers drama, factual, comedy and entertainment programming to broadcasters around the world. The agreement is with Twofour Rights, its in-house distribution arm, representing the Group’s extensive catalogue of global programming within the international marketplace. In this new partnership for clip sales, Twofour's library includes hits, such as TV's 'toughest reality show The Jump made for the UK’s Channel 4, all-star The Indian Dream Hotel aka The Real Marigold Hotel for the BBC, in-depth true crime series Born to Kill? and Impossible Engineering. The deal involves worldwide clip licensing. BRIDGEMAN ADDS 19th CENTURY VISUALS May 10, 2016 The Bridgeman Images offering has added a collection of looping animations from the very early days of visuals, 19th century things known as phenakistoscopes, thaumatropes and zoetropes — original names for processes that brought illustrations to life. All have been digitised, and are offered as footage. The collection is the work of Boston-based Richard Balzer, who for decades has been amassing a huge collection of optical gadgets and their stored visuals. SHUTTERSTOCK VIDEO OFFERING GROWS BY 62% IN A YEAR May 6, 2016 Reporting revenue rises, photo and footage marketplace Shutterstock says it has grown its video holding by 62 per cent in the last year, bringing the total number of clips in its offering to over four million. Shutterstock reported first quarter revenues of $116. 7 million, increased $19. 1 million or 20% as compared to the first quarter of 2015, which it say is “primarily due to a 23% increase in the number of paid downloads, mainly due to new customers, and increased activity by enterprise clients”. Royalties paid to contributors during the quarter were about 29% of total revenue, or approximately $33. 8 million. “WHICKER’S WORLD” PAPER ARCHIVE DONATED TO BFI May 6, 2016 The British Film Institute’s National Archive has received the paper archives of pioneering TV journalist Alan Whicker, a collection that contains meticulous records of one of the most enduring and influential careers in British television history, whose work spanned more than fifty years from the 1950s. The BFI says the archive “of a world renowned broadcaster” includes transcripts of every TV programme he made and gives an insider’s view of some of the key events, social trends and personalities of the 20th century, while fully documenting the changing world of television reportage across more than five decades. Whicker travelled the world at a time when ordinary people didn’t, producing the long-running TV series ”Whicker’s World” which is held in the archives of the BBC and ITV. SHUTTERSTOCK ADDS MID EAST COLLECTION May 3, 2016 Independent Beirut-based stock footage company Firehorse ARC and footage marketplace Shutterstock have agreed to a five-year licensing deal for up to 45, 000 HD and SD clips from ARC’s archive of Arab and Middle East video content. Brokered through Paul Maidment, founder of Kite Media Consultancy, the deal makes available through Shutterstock many of the clips of places that are no longer accessible because of the trouble in the Middle East, or have been destroyed, such as the heritage sites of Syria ADDS SCIENCE LIBRARY May 3, 2016 Industry portal has added preview clips from Science Photo Library, bringing to 26 the number of searchable motion content library databases from leading footage houses around the world searchable via its global search tool. Science Library, based in London, says it holds more than 40, 000 science-related clips. HISTORIC OFFERS NY “FIRST RESPONDER” FOOTAGE April 26, 2016 New York-based Historic Films has purchased the video archive of New York Daily News photographer Joseph DeMaria who operated the city's V&P News Service. Armed with high quality video cameras, former Daily News photographers and police radios and informants, the news service team became the first responders to many of the city's news stories from 1985 to 2003. The coverage includes drug arrests, murders, hostage situations, political rallies, bombings and acts of terror and includes extensive 9/11 footage. Historic is presently digitizing and logging the material. ITNSOURCE OFFERING DIGI FOOTAGE DELIVERY AS STANDARD April 26, 2016 As a sign of how technology continues to change the footage industry, London-headquartered ITN Source is no longer offering tape or DVD formats for standard delivery of ITN footage, rather it is providing a fully digital delivery service. ITN says tapes and DVDs remain available by special request, and some of its partner archives such as ITV are still offering DVD and master tapes as standard, although digital file delivery options for that material are also available. SHUTTERSTOCK ADDS MOVIETONE MOVING PICTURES April 15, 2016 The fast-growing Shutterstock video offering has added the British Movietone Moving Pictures collection, archive footage created from out-takes, back plates and second unit material from cinema features produced at Britain’s Denham, Shepherd's Bush and Pinewood Studios between 1930 and 1960. It includes scenes of landmarks and landscapes throughout the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Turkey, South America and the United States. Shutterstock’s deal is with the collection’s owner, Newsreel Archive Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, owner of the historic British Movietone Archive which includes the Newsreel Collection represented outside Australia by the AP Archive. FOCAL’S ARCHIVE ZONES GOES DIGITAL April 15, 2016 Archive Zones, the quarterly publication of trade body FOCAL International, is being scrapped as a 8, 000-run printed edition with the magazine going digital via the organisation’s website. The Spring 2016 edition, just published, will be the last that is produced as a hard copy and posted to members of the organisation. Archive Zones was first published 25 years ago, and this year’s Winter Edition will be its 100th. Also, FOCAL, The Federation of Commercial AudioVisual Libraries, is moving its London office from Wembley to Harrow next month. US MILITARY IMAGERY WEBSITE OPENS FOR VISITORS April 15, 2016 A non-commercial web portal is being launched next week by the United States Department of Defense allowing visitors to to discover, explore, and access the department’s visual media archive. The website is being launched by Wazee Digital, a Denver-based company that, as T3Media, was in December 2013 awarded a US government contract to provide digitization, metadata augmentation, curation, and storage services for film, video and still image formats dating back to the 1930’s. Images of Freedom will provide access to a library of more than three million images and video segments captured by the US military. It will be demonstrated at NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters event in Las Vegas ITN SOURCE TEAMS WITH VISUAL CHINA GROUP April 11, 2016 Footage licensing house ITN Source has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese image agency Visual China Group, which recently acquired the Corbis Images business. ITN Source says the move will enable it to “to build closer relationships with clients and the creative industries in the region and will enhance its distribution capability” in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. A selection of ITN’s stock footage clips are being uploaded onto Visual China Group’s two web sales platforms, with more content from the ITN Source archive collections accessible to Visual China Group via an interface into its on-line offering. As part of ITN Source’s ongoing digitisation programme, footage from across Asia has been prioritised for selection adding to the over 2. 8 million archive news clips, programmes and film titles dating back to 1896 that are available online. The archive is digitising over 20 hours of new content every day. CORBIS SOON OFF THE SCENE - MIGRATION TO GETTY EN-ROUTE April 8, 2016 Effective May 2, Bill Gates’ Corbis business and website will no longer be accessible as Getty Images takes over marketing the collection in a deal with Visual China Group which recently acquired Corbis Images. Not all Corbis content is to be migrated to Getty, instead what Getty describes as “the most popular content” from Corbis’ imagery, video and archive collections will be moved into Getty Images offering along with the material of many of Corbis’ image partners. HISTORIC & SCREENOCEAN IN REVERSE REP DEAL April 8, 2016 UK footage house Screenocean that manages clip sales for British television companies Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as offering material from Clips & Footage, Shed Media and other collections, has a reverse representation deal with New York-based Historic Films. Historic will newly represent all Screanocean material in North America, and Screenocean will handle Historic footage in Europe. Outside links:: the stock, archival and news footage network FOCAL International: London-based trade body (The Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries) ACSIL: Washington-based trade body (The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors) SHUTTERSTOCK REPORTS RECORD REVENUES & PREDICTS MORE GROWTH February 25, 2016 Photo, music and video marketplace Shutterstock reports full year revenues for 2015 of $425. 1 million, increased $97. 2 million or 30% as compared to the full year 2014, due mainly to a 17% increase in the number of paid downloads, many to new customers, as well as from a 10% increase in revenue per download driven by growth in both on-demand offerings and enterprise sales.  It predicts revenues growing to $495 - $510 million this year. Working with a growing community of over 100, 000 contributors, Shutterstock says it currently has more than 70 million images and nearly four million video clips available via on-demand and subscription licensing models. At year end it had a cash hoard of $228m.. POND5 UPS THE ANTI ON TAGGING AND RESEARCH February 25, 2016 Leading footage marketplace Pond5 is launching what it calls “the media-asset world’s most effective artificially intelligent visual search engine” — a facility that streamlines media discovery and search utilizing next-generation algorithms to view and analyze videos, photos, and sounds. For media owners, it automates the task of adding searchable keywords to media files, by recommending a list of hyper-specialized keyword tags generated by tool that generate the best possible keywords for media content; for licensees, it makes the process of finding the exact media file required faster and easier based on keywords, visual similarity, and trends from the collective community. Along with the launch, Pond5 is introducing two new tiers of subscription plans, offered at a 50% discount for a limited time. Buyers can purchase assets as they go, or sign up for a Pro Membership ­plan for $49 a month or $349 a year with­ five downloads per month, or a Premium Membership ­plan for $89 a month or $599 per year ­with tea downloads a month. SHUTTERSTOCK ADDS BFA's IMAGES & VIDEO February 10, 2016 Photo and video marketplace Shutterstock has an exclusive multi-year syndication deal with leading lifestyle, fashion, art and entertainment content creation agency BFA. The arrangement provides access to BFA photographic and video material from major events in fashion and entertainment to Shutterstock Premier customers, a group that includes global marketing communications companies and publishing houses. The offering includes an archive of more than 1. 7 million editorial assets. A privately owned company with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, BFA will continue to offer its content for purchase through its own website. Shutterstock claims a growing community of over 80, 000 contributors adding hundreds of thousands of images each week, and currently has more than 70 million images and three million video clips available. SHUTTERSTOCK TO MARKET AP ARCHIVE CLIPS March 10, 2016 A media release from photo and video marketplace Shutterstock says it will be offering nearly two million video clips from the AP Archive to its US clients later this year. The arrangement is part of a three-year deal that also involves AP’s daily global photo and packaged video output, and its photo archive. All images and footage will be available in the United States only and licensing will be restricted to editorial usage. THREE FOOTAGE HOUSES NOMINATED IN FOCAL AWARDS March 8, 2016 Short-listed nominees for the annual awards of FOCAL International, the Federation of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries, include three for the organisation’s Footage Library of the Year award. They are New York’s Historic Films Archive and two British companies, Huntley Film Archives and the Kinolibrary. Thirty three productions are nominated, three in each of the eleven “best use of” stock or archival footage categories, mainly produced in Europe or North America, but include one from New Zealand. Other categories include Best Footage Employee, Researcher of the Year and Best Restoration or Preservation Project or Title. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London in May. ITN SOURCE PART OF COMPANY RE-ORGANISATION March 8, 2016 In an internal re-organisation, UK tv news producer ITN is boosting its non-news client facing operations by creating a two-division structure, the commercial arm dividing itself into four entities. One of them, Digital Content Services will include the footage licensing and syndication operation ITN Source and will be run by Andy Williams, presently Managing Director of ITN Source. ITN CEO John Hardie is quoted as saying he wants to boost production revenues and reduce dependence on the broadcast news operation for which ITN is best known, with the USA being a main target for increased business. NBCUINVERSAL SEEKS NEWS ARCHIVE ACCOUNT MANAGER March 6, 2016 NBC News Archive Sales is advertising for a Account Manager, the primary business contact for NBC News Archive Sales clients who would be responsible for sales targets and briefed to grow assigned accounts while developing new customer relationships. The advertisement says the role requires knowledge of news and archival content and applicants should have a minimum fives years experience in footage licensing. An understanding of rights and clearances and a working knowledge of digital media asset systems and video formats is required. BRITISH PATHE EXCLUSIVELY BACK IN UK COMPANY’S HANDS March 2, 2016 One of the most important newsreel collections of the last century, British Pathé, is back into British hands for footage licensing purposes worldwide. For more than 25  years, WPA Film Library of Chicago has held rights to market the collection in North America, having spent over a million dollars in the 1990s in transferring to digital video the 90, 000 individual items held in the 3, 500 hours of 35mm film that make up the collection. It was part of a deal struck with the British corporation Parkfield Entertainment in 1991. In the UK, from 2003 to 2009 the archive was represented in non-NTSC territories by ITN Source. In 2008, British Pathé Ltd became an independent archive marketing its own footage, initially in non-North America terrirories. Earlier this year it announced that the North American rights held by WPA Film Library had become non-exclusive and it would be offering material for licensing in North America. It has now taken back exclusive rights. Richard Goldthorpe, 34, who was appointed to oversee British Pathé’s fledgling North American licensing service in 2014 is now responsible for the entire North American market. WPA has removed all British Pathé material from its on-line offering, omits the British Pathé collection from archive sources identified on its web portal, and sent a note to licensees to in future communicate directly with British Pathe in London. HISTORIC TAKES SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO ON BOARD February 10, 2016 Footage house Historic Films has added material from the syndicated music television show It’s Showtime at the Apollo that was filmed on the stage of the legendary Apollo Theater in New York between 1987 and 2006. The 360 weekly episodes presented live performances by some of the most popular black musicians, singers and comedians of the day as well as emerging talent. All of the programs have been restored, digitized and logged for research on the Historic Films website. SHUTTERSTOCK TRENDS SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS LONG-FORM VIDEOS February 9, 2016 The first of 16 on-line marketing trends reported in an assessment of trends by photo and footage marketplace Shutterstock reports “moves to social media have caused some brands to shorten video assets into lightweight chunks that can be viewed in a tween-sized attention span. ” It adds: “However, it’s already becoming clear that brands that invest in extended-length videos, or even short films, enjoy added rewards for the extra production value. Moët & Chandon, JetBlue, Johnnie Walker, Canada Goose, American Girl, and Lagavulin all released long-form video content in Q4 of last year, aiming to provide audiences with quality content that could captivate even fickle online viewers. ” The report also spotlights payments to celebrities “upwards of $230k” for single social media posts promoting brands or products. The full report of the 16 trends that the company says “will shape the digital marketing scene in 2016” is available on the Shutterstock website. Shutterstock offers over 70 Million stock photos, vectors, videos and music tracks via its on-line portal. ADOBE ADDS 4K TO STOCK OFFERING February 6, 2016 Software giant Adobe, licensor of the popular professional desktop video editing program Premiere Pro, which extended its image licensing add-on into video in January, has added 100, 000 native 4K assets to its video offering, saying Ultra High Definition is “increasingly becoming the new standard for video production. ” The collection already included over one million video assets and over 45 million images and graphics. Adobe software, Premier Pro CC and motion graphics and visual effects toolset After Effects CC, were recently upgraded to include native format support for editing 4K-to-8k footage. ITN LAUNCHES SHORT FILM COMPETITION FOR SHEFFIELD DOC FESTIVAL February 6, 2016 British footage licensor ITN Source is opening its footage library to filmmakers worldwide, offering free access to content for those taking part in the ITN Source Short Film Competition 2016, being organised in association with UK documentary festival Sheffield Doc/Fest and Audio Network. The entrants are asked to produce a one-minute short film using footage from ITN Source and music from Audio Network. The top three films, selected by a judging panel, will be screened at Sheffield Doc/Fest in June and the winner, voted for by the festival’s attendees, will be presented with a cheque for one thousand UK pounds at the festival awards evening. FOCAL AWARDS LINE-UP & LIFETIME AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT February 1, 2016 Footage trade organisation FOCAL International says it has received 191 submissions from 17 countries for its 2016 Awards that celebrate the use and preservation of archive footage. Included are archive-heavy productions such as those featuring Amy Winehouse, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Kurt Cobain, all vying for a place in the final nominations. FOCAL received “an unprecedented” 12 nominations for the Jane Mercer Footage Researcher of the Year Award. A team of over 50 international jurors are already viewing their respective submissions and FOCAL will be announcing a final shortlist in the 16 categories in the second week of March. FOCAL also received “an unprecedented” 12 nominations for the Jane Mercer Footage Researcher of the Year Award. FOCAL has announced the winner of its annual Lifetime Achievement Ward, this year going to film preservationist Robert Gitt who served as Preservation Officer at the UCLA Film and Television Archive from 1977 to 2005 where he was actively involved in the preservation and restoration of hundreds of classic Hollywood films, both silent and sound. FOCAL, the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Archives International, holds its annual awards presentation ceremony in London in May FOOTAGE HOUSES UPGRADE WEB PRESENCE January 28, 2016 Several footage houses have upgraded their web presence for 2016. ABC Library Sales, part of the commercial arm of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has an improved web presence offering licensing access to the Corporation’s footage, audio and stills and to programme sales. The licensing division of France's National Audiovisual Institute, INA, has a redesigned web portal with new graphic design and ergonomics, and what it calls “more intuitive navigation” and access. INA, founded in 1975, with a remit to collect, preserve and share France's audiovisual heritage, offers licensing from more than a million hours of motion content. Boston-based WGBH Stock Sales has an updated and redesigned stock footage and licensing website with footage search, the browsing of selected digitized interviews, access to educational content and a search facility covering the entire catalog of WGBH programs. London-headquartered Bridgeman Images, which specialises in fine art cultural and historical material, has a new website feature allowing researchers to download preview clips. Web:,, and HUNTLEY TAKES CLIPS & FOOTAGE’S FILM ON BOARD January 28, 2016 London’s Clips and Footage that last year appointed Screenocean to represent its digitised and video holdings in the market place, has further appointed Huntley Film Archives to handle its 16mm film collection. With more than 80, 000 titles in its catalogue, Huntley is one of the largest independent film libraries in the UK. Clips and Footage has closed its London office, with all enquiries being channelled through Screenocean, which markets UK’s Channel 4 TV programme archive and other collections from Channel 4’s London headquarters. AP ARCHIVE NETS TWO MAJOR REP DEALS December 10, 2015 The AP Archive has new representation deals with CCTV, the video news agency of China Central Television, and with NewSource Globo, the news and broadcasting services agency of Brazilian TV network Globo. Founded in 2010, CCTV+ releases around 80 news stories a day producing more than 3, 000 hours of journalistic content each year while Globo’s archive goes back 50 years and is the largest audiovisual library in South America. REELIN’ PARTNERS WITH WGBH FOR MUSIC FOOTAGE January 27, 2016 The most prolific producer of content for public television in the US, Boston-based WGBH is partnering with archive music footage leader Reelin’ In The Years Productions for the exclusive licensing representation of WGBH’s music footage and recordings. The deal involves more than four decades of music and music-related material produced by WGBH between 1968 and 1995, much of it not seen since the original broadcast. Since its first television broadcast in 1955, WGBH has produced many programs featuring popular music. Perhaps best known is the James Brown concert at the Boston Garden in 1968, the day after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. Many other unique performances and interviews that litter the the WGBH Media Library and Archives are included in the deal. In addition to 20, 000 hours of music footage, the Reelin' archive houses over 6, 000 hours of in-depth interviews with 20th century icons of film and television, and of politics, music, comedy, literature, art, science, fashion and sports. CORBIS GIVES UP ON IMAGE & VIDEO LICENSING January 22, 2016 Bill Gates-owned Corbis, for more than two decades the biggest competitor to Getty Images in the photo licensing business, has sold up to a Chinese company, which is making all Corbis’ imagery and motion content available to Getty for licensing outside China.  Corbis announced the sale of its content licensing business and assets to Unity Glory International, an affiliate of VCG, a leading Chinese visual communications and new media business. Shortly afterwards Getty said it is deepening its “long-standing partnership with Visual China Group” to take on the exclusive distribution of Corbis content outside of China. Corbis imagery, video, and historic archival content will shortly be available alongside the existing Getty Images collections of almost 200 million creative and editorial images and videos. Under the terms of the agreement, Unity Glory will own and manage the Corbis Images, Corbis Motion, and Veer licensing brands and all their associated content. The sale does not include the Branded Entertainment Network, Splash, or Greenlight, Corbis’ rights clearance and representation business. Over the coming months, Corbis Images and Corbis Motion content will be migrated to where it will become available alongside existing content. Corbis says the sale of Corbis Images accelerates the company's transformation into an entertainment advertising business with a particular focus on product integration, providing global brands and media agencies with end-to-end access to film, TV, digital and celebrity product placement opportunities. Bill Gates founded Seattle-based Corbis in 1989. Quoted in the Financial Times, Gary Shenk, Corbis’ chief executive, said the company’s image business was profitable but facing “secular challenges”. The price paid by UGI, incorporated in September last year, has not been made public. Following the sale of its image assets, Corbis Entertainment will be rebranded in the coming months, and its other businesses within the division will operate under the new brand name. ITN SOURCE ADDS TO NEWSREEL OFFERING January 7, 2016 ITN Source, which already represents material from the US-originated Fox Movietone newsreels, has added the British Movietone collection to its offering for North American footage licensees. The British Movietone library has been estimated at around 80 million feet of film and includes silent film from the Henderson collection (1895-1929), British Movietone cinema newsreels (1929-1984) and footage from the United Press film library (1960-1963). Early material is black and white, but the collection includes colour news footage from the days of black and white television. The collection was shot in 35mm, is fully digitized and is offered in standard definition with a high def transfer option. With the acquisition of the British Movietone rights, ITN Source now has the largest multi-newsreel footage offering in the business including the collections of Gaumont Graphic, one of the first cinema newsreels (1910-1932), Empire News (1926-1930), Gaumont British (1929-1959), Universal News (1930-1956), British Paramount (1931-1957) as well as Fox Movietone (1928-1963). The British Movietone collection is also marketed by the AP Archive and ABCNews VideoSource and from Australia by Newsreel Archive Pty Ltd. Web:.

ABC News Close-up! Vietnam requiem for a dream. Man released from detention as High Court rules Aboriginal people cannot be deported After considering the cases of two men facing deportation, the judges have found Aboriginal people cannot be "alien" to Australia, with one man telling the ABC he has been released from detention after the ruling. The flu has killed millions. Here's what makes coronavirus a different kind of threat Nine weeks after the disease was first discovered, experts say incomplete data from China is limiting their ability to understand it — but they are seeing some differences between coronavirus and other infectious diseases. KordaMentha keen to offload George Calombaris's restaurants by end of the week The restaurant group's administrators are holding the door open for someone to swoop in and revive the businesses — but they say any potential buyers will have to be quick. Barnaby Joyce backers accused of seeking 'revenge' in joining with Labor for shock vote Internal tensions within the federal Nationals continue to bubble over, amid accusations those who failed to topple the party's leadership are now out for revenge. 'Neighbours and relatives don't speak to each other anymore': Town split widens over gas plan When Scott Morrison announced a $2 billion energy deal with the NSW Government to get more gas into the east coast market, it reignited a division that has split residents in the town of Narrabri. Letters lay bare 'toxic' relationship as billionaire siblings battle for iron ore fortune The "toxic" relationship between the children of late mining magnate Peter Wright is laid bare in WA's Supreme Court as Julian Wright sues his siblings over a claim he was cheated out of his stake in the family's iron ore company. 'I murdered them': Accused toolbox killer's initial confession played to court A man who has pleaded not guilty to murdering two people found locked in a toolbox that was dumped in a dam initially told police "I murdered them" in a taped interview, a Brisbane court hears. 'She was distraught, she was crying': 101yo witness tells court she spotted 'missing' Lynette Dawson in Sydney A witness says she saw alleged murder victim Lynette Dawson at a royal parade for Prince Charles and Princess Diana a year after she vanished from her Sydney home. Watch this helicopter save a houseboat caught in NSW floods It's like something out of a James Bond film — a helicopter landing on a boat, its crew leaping out to help at the 11th hour, as floodwaters surge around them. Except this wasn't Hollywood, but the Hawkesbury River. Pond murder victim's son describes impact of father's 'heinous' crime The son of a woman murdered by her husband when he pushed her wheelchair into a pond tells an Adelaide court of his ongoing pain following her death. Prince William and Catherine expected to confirm trip to Australia The Federal Government has been in talks with Kensington Place about the trip, with PM Scott Morrison expected to formally invite the couple later this week. NBN 'near completion and on budget', but figures show $2b loss in six months The $51 billion National Broadband Network will be completed on time and on budget by June this year, the infrastructure project's chief executive Stephen Rue confirms, as the company's half-year loss soars past $2 billion. Here's how those quarantined on Christmas Island will finally make their way back home Most of the Australian evacuees sent to Christmas Island's detention centre from Wuhan are past the halfway mark of their coronavirus quarantine period and are due to be allowed to fly home on Monday. As Bernie Sanders surges, some Democrats fear they could pick a man who can't beat Trump The Democrats started off the 2020 campaign season on a note of optimism about beating Donald Trump. That's largely been replaced by anxiety over the party's stark ideological divide. Swim teacher brings in high-profile barrister to fight child sex abuse charges A high-profile criminal barrister brought on board by a swim teacher accused of dozens of child sex charges tells a Sydney court prosecutors are potentially delaying the trial. Chinstrap penguin colonies in Antarctica suffer '77pc decline since last survey' The number of chinstrap penguins in some colonies in Western Antarctica has fallen by as much as 77 per cent since they were last surveyed in the 1970s, scientists say. No plans to rename the league AFLM, after radio silence from AFLW boss Three seconds of silence after a hypothetical about a name change for the men's league prompts a discussion in AFL circles, with the powers that be eventually putting speculation to bed. Netball Australia cuts World Cup-winning Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander loose The World Cup-winning coach says she wanted to continue in the role past the 2020 expiry of her contract, and is "disappointed" not to have her contract renewed. Suzie 'rage-quit' three years after joining an MLM. Here's why For this single mum, selling a product she already used seemed like a no-brainer. But in reality, it took a lot more out of her than she could have anticipated. White Island victim receives heartbreaking news after coming out of coma Adelaide mother Lisa Dallow, who was critically injured in the White Island volcanic eruption in December, is now out of her coma and has been informed of the loss of her loved ones. Analysis: Warner had a 'horrendous' Ashes, but everything else he touched in 2019 turned to gold The decision to give David Warner the Allan Border Medal for 2019 has not been universally praised, but the controversial star has produced a huge year — aside from an infamous Ashes series. Mirella Freni, 'the last prima donna', dies at 84 The Italian soprano, who grew up and collaborated with Luciano Pavarotti, became an international opera superstar during a five-decade career. Mairi Nicolson reflects on her life and legacy. Ben Smith's scarred body stands as a warning to anyone who plays with fire Ben Smith burnt more than half of his body in a fire he purposely lit as a child. Now, he is a visual reminder of the grave consequences of fire to hundreds of children fascinated by flames. Home of leading cane toad eradication program inundated with cane toads A Queensland university that runs a major cane toad control program has seen an explosion in numbers of the pest, with hundreds of thousands of tadpoles taking up residence campus. 'We're half a pay away from being homeless': Rent chews up 65 per cent of Kate's income One in four Australians now live in a privately rented home and that number is expected to rise until wages growth picks up. 'I have never seen a downturn like this': Twin disasters hit Australia's tourism sector From empty buses in the fire-hit Blue Mountains to mass cancellations from tour groups banned from leaving China, the tourism sector is dealing with twin disasters this summer. 28-year-old found dead on popular beach was drinking before night swim, police say Police say a man whose body was found on North Wollongong Beach this morning was drinking before he went for a night swim in what they've described as "hazardous conditions". Beach erosion leaves Newcastle cabins at risk Severe coastal erosion prompts calls for the New South Wales Government to declare Newcastle's Stockton Beach a natural disaster. Drug lord Tony Mokbel had 'redeeming features', Lawyer X royal commission hears Nicola Gobbo defends her version of events under intense cross-examination during her fifth and final day of evidence at the Lawyer X royal commission. See how the day unfolded on our blog. Lorraine Nicholson carries four small cards in her purse — one for each woman she's accused of killing Lorraine Nicholson, 66, carries four small cards with her everywhere she goes — one for each of the women who died at a rural intersection in Navarre in May 2018. Couple swept from campsite on blow-up mattress as flash flooding hits parts of South East Queensland Emergency services conduct multiple swiftwater rescues overnight as South East Queensland storms cause flash flooding with one couple swept from their campsite on a blow-up mattress. 'Nonsense': Renewables sector, stakeholders reject Canavan's 'dole bludger' label An industry group says renewable energy operators in Queensland have been sidelined again amid a Federal Government push for new coal projects. 'We need to hide our keys': Surging youth crime in Townsville prompts police warning A spate of break-ins and car thefts in Townsville prompts a senior policeman to warn locals in the north Queensland city to hide their car keys. 'Music is his only escape': Heavy metal muso among 80 detained in Brisbane hotel A Brisbane-based musician says a refugee he befriended over social media is deteriorating after nine months inside a Brisbane hotel where he's being held with dozens of other men. Analysis: Feel like you're a mosquito magnet? You could be right It's always you, isn't it? The person always nursing an arm full of itchy red lumps after a weekend camping trip. You're not imagining it — mosquitoes really are attracted to some people more than others, writes Cameron Webb. WA's Pilbara region rattled by earthquake amid cyclone recovery An earthquake has rattled the Pilbara region of Western Australia, less than 48 hours after Tropical Cyclone Damien swept through the region. Teen accused of knocking out girl's teeth at McDonald's refused bail A 15-year-old accused of assaulting a younger schoolgirl at an Adelaide fast food outlet last week was also involved in another attack on a boy last year, a court is told. The 'best site in mainland Australia' can't support a windfarm — why not? South Australia's drive to be the national leader in renewable energy is being hampered by infrastructure unable to support the future growth potential, according to economist Ross Garnaut. Mother jailed over fatal outback crash that flung toddler son from car A mother who was under the influence of cannabis, fatigued and speeding when she crashed in the SA outback, killing her 18-month-old son, is jailed for at least 20 months. Westerdam cruise ship refused entry to Thailand amid coronavirus fears Passengers on board Holland America's Westerdam cruise ship will remain stuck at sea, after Thailand's health minister refuses permission for them to land in his country. Three men charged over alleged fight which left victim with serious head injuries Police charge three men over an attack that left a man with serious head injuries at a storage centre in Adelaide's western suburbs early this morning. Plan to control carp with herpes virus criticised for lack of transparency Industry groups say they are being kept in the dark about the final report that could see herpes released into the waterways. Surfboard evolution on display as former champion tells the story of the malibu A 1960s South Australian champion exhibits a collection of early surfboards that show the evolution of the sport since it arrived in Australia with the Olympics in 1956. High Court wades in to luxury cruise 'disaster' that saw passengers take long bus trips instead Torrential rains seven years ago turned an expensive European holiday into despair. The High Court will now rule on the price of passengers' disappointment. Family of missing man 'devastated' after police divers find body Police believe they have found the body of 27-year-old Jarrod Davies from Victoria, who went missing after a night out in Hobart. Tasmania Now: Angry meeting over seasonal worker conditions DAILY BRIEFING: Furious residents criticise Latrobe Council over the substandard accommodation provided to seasonal workers in the north-west. Bagdad Valley farmers struggling with drought call for irrigation scheme Farmers in southern Tasmania hope the heavy rain on the east coast of Australia will continue down across Bass Strait as the dry gets desperate. 'Who is Minister XXX? ': The struggle inside Michael Gunner's office to find minister to announce turf club grant Which Government minister was responsible for the fraught $12 million Darwin Turf Club grant? An ABC Freedom of Information request shows the Government emails attempting to grapple with this very question. Australian family reunited after securing seats on coronavirus evacuation flight to Darwin When a Melbourne family boarded Australia's second evacuation plane, it brought relief in more ways than one. 'It's pretty devastating': Territory family's plea for surrogacy laws Tara and Luke Kaspar have spent four years and nearly $80, 000 trying to have a baby. They've been through 29 embryo transfers and four miscarriages. If they lived in any other Australian jurisdiction, surrogacy would be their next step — but the NT has no surrogacy laws. 'Bring it on': Minerals Council NT backs world's biggest solar farm in the Barkly Plans to build the world's largest solar farm in the Northern Territory receive support from what seems an unlikely ally. One in four Australians now live in a privately rented home and that number is expected to rise until wages growth picks up.

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